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JANUARY 26, 2013 1:05PM

Sarah We Hardly Knew Thee (Not)

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Sarah Palin, the bear shooting mama grizzly from Alaska who lived in Vladimir Putin's backyard, is now his problem. The woman that the mouth of the senate, republican Senator John McCain, thought was capable of running this country and therefore the world, is leaving Fox News, supposedly on good terms.
This is a woman who so captivated a nation of teaparty conservatives, that Fox News built a TV studio in her home in Wasilla, Alaska so she would not have to leave her home.  At the height of her popularity, the former Mayor of Wasilla's face seemed to be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine in the world. When she spoke in public, she drew thousands while McCain couldn't draw flies to a picnic. 
Say what you will about this woman, and believe me, I've said it all, she came from being the mayor of a small town to governor of the largest state in the union to being only steps away from living in the White House. Although, I give you, those are some big steps, look at the big steps she made to be in this position anyway. She also made a fortune from television and giving interviews, and her family were almost as famous as she was. It was one of the strangest elections in our countries history. 
I have never, nor will I ever, Google this moronic soul, but the last I heard she was building a million dollar home in Colorado or Nevada, I know not where. She did all this with her looks and guts, because she is rather light in the brain department. I hate saying this, but give the Devil his due. There were probably not ten thousand people who ever heard of this woman outside of Alaska, and I'm one of them. 
I can't say I'm sorry to see her go, although she may rise up from the ashes, stranger things have happened. I also wish her or her family no ill will. No more than I do the millions of people who voted for and even loved this woman. I save my venom for a man who has never seen a camera he didn't like. If they would have had ultra-sound cameras for pregnant women when his mother was carrying him, I'm sure we would have seen film of John McCain waving at the doctor, with a scowl on his face, of course. 
If not for the popularity of a black man from Hawaii, himself a man who came out of nowhere to take this country by storm, President Barack Obama, McCain and Palin may have well won the White House from a democrat that was not as popular as Obama. It's only pure luck, or maybe behind the scene skill that stopped this from happening. So Sarah, I wish you  no ill will and hope you and your family have wonderful lives. You gave the comedian's of this country enough ammunition that they should all send you a large check. WWJS. (What Would Jesus Shoot)
When I think of how this nation has grown and prospered faster than any other dynasty in history, I wonder why. It cannot be by design. Not when people like Palin are that close to the presidency. It has to be luck. Looking at our history, from Washington to Lincoln to Kennedy, we have had some great leaders in the White House. We have also had our Jackson's, Grant's and Nixon's. But somehow, someway, we always manage to overcome. 
Divine Wonder? Are we pre-ordained to be the world's policeman and bring our Rubik's Cube Democracy to the rest of the world? Maybe, just maybe, we were pre-ordained to destroy this earth, we're sure as hell giving Mother Earth all she can stand for now and maybe forever, I have no idea. I haven't got a religious bone in my body. But I am a poker player, and every now and again I bet on an inside straight, and sometime, not very often, but sometimes, I hit. It's gotta' be luck, baby, luck, that's all it could be. (I think)

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People tend as politicians age to remember the good, since we're all mortal. If Hillary has her functions as a hero, so to does Mrs. Palin. I still owe PJ here a beer about that, but that was a nice piece, as to knowing that partisanship has its place, and limits. And wasn't it interesting to see more of Alaska, like that wonderful show Northern Exposure?
We all dodged a bullet when Palin misfired. R
the worst part of the internet is all the hasbeens that stay in the news for the rest of their lives.

thanks for this, kenny. even her wink is revolting to me.
Don, I used to love that show, and i don't watch a lot of TV. Thanks
Gerald, if Obama doesn't kill at the convention for Kerry (I think), it may have happened. I wonder sometimes, how Obama did what he did. It was an amazing feat.
I'm so glad to see a wonderful post from you Scanner. You and I go way back. Palin is maybe the reason that America is so great. We tolerate all ilks and try to work together without shooting each other. I am just so thankful we keep civil here in America even tho I had several revenge fantasies for what she reflected on the state of Alaska too. That was my first EP in Open. I talked about how Sarah was not the Alaska I knew when I lived there 25 years. It was quiet and now maybe she will be quiet too.
Smittee, she's like a bad penny. She'll show up again, just when you think she's dead.
Z, we do go back and I consider you a friend. I have a friend who lives in Alaska and goes out in those boats that will kill you. Great money, but the benefits are a bitch.
Yup, I watched Northern Exposure, before whatzizname went on to star in Numbers as an FBI agent. Still remember that bass riff from the beginning of the show, with the moose walking past.

Yes, we dodged a bullet. She'd have been a disaster.

As camera hungry as you think McCain might be, I've seen worse. I was once in the Capitol for some function or other and saw Strom Thurmond - now that was a pro at making a beeline for a camera. Also, these guys are very different before they run for President. It's amazing how much integrity that race takes out of them. I watched it happen with George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, then John McCain. The last two were solid, sensible legislators at one point. When the Dole/Kemp ticket ran against Clinton/Gore, it was the first time in years that I felt that the country wouldn't have lost with either outcome, until Dole tacked right for the election. Kemp was more racially egalitarian than any conservative Republican I ever saw because of the stuff he saw travelling for the NFL with his teammates. McCain was so reasonable that Gore came very close to offering him a position on the ticket in the 2000 election. W Bush burned him bad in South Carolina in that election and it taught him essentially to turn into a prick.
Kosh, at one time I had the highest of respect for McCain, even as a republican. A true patriot and POW. But he sold his soul to the Devil and now I am beginning to think he is in the first stages of dementia. He used to compromise on issues, but his hate for Obama knows no bounds. I actually feel sorry that he has to carry that much hate, after being tortured for many years physically..
I think if she had not left Fox would have fired her -much like Britney Spears has done on the X factor. You have to do that to save face.
Yes she attracted more than McCain but she became a joke and I never respected her. I doubt she will fade graciously into the woodwork but will definitely make more money than us sad to say.
she is her own best hype
some thought her a MILF
others a donut minus the dough
If you see the SNL Palin special, she was very gracious, and did a hilarious bit with Alec Baldwin. I will say that I never got why people both loved her or hated her quite so much, but, maybe that says more about me. She represents of course an opinion in the minority on OS.
When I read this drivel about "we dodged a bullet over Palin" what the hell are you bunch of sandbaggers talking about? Obama is a war criminal whose actions killed our ambassador in Libya, he handed Libya to Al Qaeda, he signed Agenda 21, NDAA laws that will have the US Army detaining civilians, now he will be taking the property of gun owners, you bunch of brainless lemmings, I don't even feel sorry you. Obama has a concocted past and prove a damn thing about himself legally outside of fake documents! When are you idiots going to wake up and smell the coffee. The federal government is destroying this nation and you can't even see it! You have been so thoroughly indoctrinated it's tragic!
Linda, I wonder how "Lil' Trig's" doing, the autistic child they would hold up at events. I felt so sorry for that child.
Chuck, she's her own worse enema!:-)
Don, See below~
Doc (if that is your real name) you are obviously middle of the road in your political leanings. I say to you, take a side. Don't let anyone tell you how to think or vote. Thanks for coming by and I salute you my good man~
Only in America, my friend; Lord have mercy on us all. R
What Gerald and Daisy said. Fine post, sir.
I had heard of her- a magazine article on her and her reinstatement of the law allowing wolf hunting from airplanes. Not a great introduction, by any means, and she lived up to it.
The end of an era. I guess we'll all remember where we were when we heard the news.

It was a weird world when someone so ignorant came so close. I wonder if she'll ever surface politically again.
It's not that one "bullet" that you dodged - actually, you didn't, it was of such poor quality that it just fell short - it's all the other bullets that are being randomly sprayed around the political scene with most of the supporters of each party being prepared to destroy America on the principle of that being the lesser of two evils if the option is to have 'them others' in the White House.

There are tens of millions of Sarahs out there. A good many of them - of both genders - already in government. And all this just when the economy is in serious trouble, unemployment is getting worse, and government cut-backs are going to get people out in the streets if there is even a smidgeon of the spirit of your ancestors still left in the American population.

Palin is a fart in a hurricane; she stinks but has no real importance.

Thoth, it seems we get another "Barney Fife" every 4 years or so. Thankfully they never make sheriff.
fernsy, you're making me blush**Runs, hides in bushes** I think I just Tinked you.
P, I don't remember reading about her, or her wild and wacky family. It must be in the water.
Sky, don't you ever tire of putting down the U.S. We get it, you think we are the Devil and will destroy the Earth, even Canada. Give it a break, point made. Pick on somebody your own size, like Grenada.
Oh Kenny,

You know very well that I've been trying to encourage the US to act like an adult nation instead of a teenage gang from a bad '60's Hollywood movie.

Heck, if I wanted to pick on 'Merika, I'd certainly not go after a silly twit like Palin. That's just shooting fish in a barrel. It's bad enough to go after the Tea Party who have a collective IQ of 40; apparently twice that of Sarah.

Granada? Best y'all don't go there; literally or figuratively.....

It is quite scary that people of limited mental capacity can achieve any positions of power. In the long run, logic normally prevails.
I believe that even Faux News couldn't stomach Sarah Palin's lightweight intellect and asked her to resign. Of course, I wouldn't really know because I never watch Faux News. I have limited patience with their brand of "news."

As do I L, as do I. I don't think I've ever turned on Fox News.
Fortunately I don't watch TV anymore, so I'll hafta take your word for it, Kenny, and to that (Palin's departure) I say good riddance.
I think a little celebration is in order...

So well-written. Thanks for this!
Having given this great thought,all I can say is,I'd shag it but only when she's lost her voice. I'd expect payment in advance though.

"Lick the button FRed(tm) then post the comment. Yep that'll do it Boy."
I think it was partly down to Palin, that our Presidential elections turned into a boring form of American Idol. All glamor and glitz and no substance.