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MAY 31, 2012 2:06PM

Chewing a Man's Face Off~

I wrote this article on February 16, 2011 and never posted it. I didn't like how it turned out, but more than that, I really didn't think these "cocaine bath salts" were all that bad. Law enforcement has a way scaring the public into "not" worryingRead full post »
MAY 29, 2012 1:48PM

My Yacht Has a Hole in It~


My yacht has a hole in it
the damn Limo just won't crank
the maids are all going on strike
and I just got  call from the bank

banker-man says my funds are low
I tell him that can't be so
I'm a certified writer with
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MAY 26, 2012 12:51PM

The War Whistler

               In Memory of my Father, a Whistling Man
My Dad 1 
My daddy was a whistler
he whistled all the time
he whistled as the bombs fell

and the bullets flew overheadRead full post »
MAY 25, 2012 8:22AM

Only You Can Stop "Going Rogue"


Sarah Palin was on the Fair and Balanced Fox Blues show with host Sean "the truth shall set you… Read full post »
MAY 22, 2012 7:54AM

I'm Out of Air~



                                                                 Last Year

I'm out of air. I'm out of ideas. I'm ou… Read full post »

MAY 16, 2012 11:46AM

Life Is Fair?



 Got a hurtin'  feelin' in my legs today

don't feel like doing a'lot of walking 

got a hangover headache from hell, I tell ya'

and I damn sure don't feel like talkin'

My back hurts when I bend over

so there won't be none of that

I hurt so… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2012 9:14AM

A Few Dimes for the Devil

                                                                Please Play 
 We need to face… Read full post »

Mom, today, on your special day, as we sit and tell old stories and you sit there looking only as beautiful as you can look, I want you to know how sorry I am for putting in a lot of those white hairs you dye-out of your… Read full post »
MAY 11, 2012 4:24PM

You Keep Me Alive~

it's either all true
or all a big lie
so I'm going to
believe you
one more time
as usual
I'd rather
believe you
than not be by
your side
I'd rather believe
all the lies
that you tell me… Read full post »
MAY 10, 2012 6:00AM

My Letter From Barack

I haven't told a lot of people this, (just Tink) but I'm a personal friend of of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. We were both potheads for awhile and both made a living from it for awhile, if you get my… Read full post »
MAY 8, 2012 10:39AM

Pavlov's Other Dog~

                                The real dog, stuffed, in a museum in Moscow

Ivan Pavlov's teacher's pet, Nitszy, was not far from his master's feet. He was the top dog in Pavlov's laboratory and never fai… Read full post »
MAY 7, 2012 11:53AM

The Pain in Spain is Insane

 Pain Pill Man

As some of you know, I took a little time off recently to try and get my life and body in sync. Both were falling apart and I could do nothing but stand back and watch and hurt. I've been in physical pain for over 20 years… Read full post »
MAY 6, 2012 9:45AM

Francine's Magic Last Days


Francine lived a very boring life. The kind of life where you wish you were dead but were afraid that as soon as you jumped off the bridge your lotto ticket would hit.  So you're afraid to kill yourself in case you miss-out on something and you… Read full post »
APRIL 18, 2012 4:14PM

Stepping into the Unknown

 Old Woman

I sit and watch the old woman breathing hard and sometimes grunting and wonder what she is dreaming about. After all, at 82 she has seen many things and I can only imagine the changes she has seen and the hardships she has faced. Raised on a… Read full post »
    How does it feel to sell Instagram for one billion dollars?
APRIL 16, 2012 8:48AM

Mrs Geico Finally Speaks Out~



Now that the divorce is final


she can tell all the tales 


of the cheatin' ugly little Gecko Geico 


with the phony English accent 


who is nothing but a dead-beat dad


who was both mentally


and physically abusiRead full post »

APRIL 14, 2012 3:59PM

Conversation with an Invisible Mind~


"Kenny, I got to tell you something."  "Yes Mam, what ya' need?" "You know my gray car?" I didn't know her gray car because she doesn't own a gray car, but I wanted to keep here calm. "Yes Mam. What about it?"

"There was some boy who wanted to rent… Read full post »

APRIL 12, 2012 12:20PM

The Blog From Hell~


Jackie sat on the balcony of his beach home staring at a trillion stars and a billion waves. He was sure of the count, he had been counting them for weeks while sitting with a cold beer and staring into the unknown. Counting stars and waves. It
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 Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Florida Marlin's and from Venezuela, who calls it like he thinks it is, was suspended for 5-days by the idiots that own the team. How do I know they are idiots? Because the last time I looked, this was still America, not fucking Cuba and… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2012 7:54AM

Cheney's Change of Heart~

Bloddy HeartII

He was now three months from away from his heart transplant and even though he tired easily, he felt good. Besides having to go through a grueling rehab with Nurse Hatchet from Cuckoo's Nest, he mostly sat and talked to friends on the phone and was finishing
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APRIL 6, 2012 3:38PM

"A Killer of Angels" is Out~

The people foim CreatSpace have told me my book is ready to be sold. It's amazing how fast this turned out. Two years of writing it and they can now publish it in  a matter of hours. Anyway, if anyone is interested, the two places to get… Read full post »
I have a book coming out Monday to a universe already filled with millions and millions of books already. Why someone would want to go through the headaches, the hard work and humility to add to the pile is beyond me, but I now know why writers write and… Read full post »


The above song used to come on once a week, every week for ten years I'm guessing. Archie Bunker and his wife Edith singing about the 'Good Ole Days'. Truthfully, I never missed the early shows because it took bigotry and stood… Read full post »

MARCH 29, 2012 10:13AM

Dollars and Diamonds~



 Another day passes

in a world of Bullshit & Lies

one person dies from hunger

while another gets a new watch  

it's always been this way

we love living in a world

where GREED is KING

and Bullets & Bombs a QUEEN

where a fuckin' dollar

can buy andRead full post »

MARCH 27, 2012 8:33PM

Tink~vs-Chicken in Dance Off~Vote

 Tink vs the Boogie Chicken for bragging rights. My money is on Tink~

Cat Dancing in motion