Scared and Pregnant

Scared and Pregnant
December 31
I'm not as pregnant (or as rotund) as I look -- the photo took some effort on my part. You can find me at:


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Several years ago, one of my young cousins accused her father of hitting her. More specifically, this cousin disclosed to my mother that her father had been hitting her, on the regular, with force and gusto and aplomb.

The trouble is, the hitting never actually happened. My cousin had engaged in… Read full post »

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APRIL 13, 2011 4:25PM

Scared and Pregnant

Everyone has a story about some cousin, a friend of a friend, or maybe a woman their mother went to high school with who suffered--or you might say, experienced--an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy.

They said she was infertile, that she'd never conceive, and look at her now!

His mother had aRead full post »