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MAY 22, 2011 12:42AM

Weather With You

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Surviving seven days and nights on water isn’t so difficult on board a glorious liner like the Queen Mary 2. Sadly, most of our days were accompanied by fog and most nights interrupted by foghorns, but otherwise it was a smooth crossing. I think a few photos speak far more than words.



We are Sailing.




The Grand Lobby




The Britannia Restaurant




Who could resist?




Two Silly Sailors.




Docked in New York.



Weather conditions were very mixed as they have been in New Jersey. Rain, cloud, fog, wind and mist seem to have dominated so far, but I’m hoping to find some sunshine before too long. But who knows what a day holds with the crazy conditions in the U.S.A right now?

Everywhere you go

Always take the weather with you.


Weather With You - Crowded House

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Take the weather with you but do not worry - hope you get lots of sunshine and whatever it is your warm heart seeks. Good day and good life to you, Linda. I see that you have made a new addition to your reading list, he writes well, but is not such a good person when you deny him right to tell you what to do :)
Rated. And proud to be here first.
Yeah, lots of cloud and rain in the north east at least.

My daughter and her husband went the other direction on that ship recently and they enjoyed it.

Have a great time - keep us up to date, and with photos!
Looks marvelous! Thanks for checking in Linda. I suppose the weather should make you feel more at home, right? Have a blast! BTW - you look beautiful, you silly sailor you!
Most enviable.
Have a great time.
"Press send please FRed(tm)"