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Scott K
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
October 09
Scott K is a gay man living in sin with his partner of over twelve years whom he still cannot legally marry. Scott says he's politically active not because he wants to be, but rather feels he has to be. He takes very seriously Thomas Jefferson's famous quote "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" which, strangely enough, he thinks he first heard on an episode of The Simpsons. Scott has one cat, two dogs, and a lot of opinions.

APRIL 23, 2009 2:08PM

Weathering the Storm: A Response to NOM's Gathering Storm Ad

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Another great response to NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad:

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video, gay marriage, gay/lesbian

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Great ad!

This is rational, calm and to the point. Extreme shit will only hurt the movement . . ads like this need to become more common.

There will always be poeple who don't agree and both sides of this need to just accept that, but ads like this one will help people understand the issue (and understand where the GLBT community is coming from) and that is the first step to bringing change.
I'm so glad "we" finally have a comeback to NOM's ridiculousness, and I thought this one was good. It didn't rely on fear, and it was factual, optimistic, sweet, and credible (no audition tape scandals here!).

But it seemed really disorganized. I mean, first they're talking about rights, and then doctors, and then pastors/rabbis give their two cents. All of those points are true and important; including religious folks, and a snippet rebutting the California doctor bit in the NOM ad, were important inclusions. But to the casual viewer--which is who we're trying to get to, anyway--it seems so disorganized, and the bit about doctors which then jumps to a priest seems like a total non sequitir unless you've already seen the other ad.

Overall, though, I'm glad we're not taking this lying down. Thanks for posting it. Peace.
Wow, this is a wonderful ad. I honestly like it better than Stephen Colbert's take on the same thing. I hope this helps people realize that bigotry is not a moral option. Decent people - even religious people - can support same sex marriage because it is a civil rights issue.

Thank you for sharing this.
I just posted a funny response to the storm video. I thought at first that we had posted the same vid but no mine has different famous gays in it. Who knew there were so many to go around. Anyway glad to see this serious response here. Stop by and have a laugh if you get a chance.