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February 17
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JULY 23, 2009 8:55PM

Why we put up with all the crap!

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I just had to share this... 
It reminds me of why we love kids so much and why we put up with all the crap!
So now I'll shut up and resume my post as summer boarding for kids.
Me shutting up. Can you imagine?? LOL

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Quite a cast and crew you've got there SM - beautiful people! And the vid - exactly.
oh thank you for this. i had a blast last night at the pool rocking out with some kids who wanted to hang out with me, the old lady who swears. i miss being around kids. what you do kicks ass, girl!!!! love love love and lovely children.
Thanks Owl & Theodora. Kids are great, aren't they? Just got to stay focused on what's important, the rest will work itself out. I'm just so glad OS is here so I can rant and vent!!!!! Now, it's off to bed I go. Tomorrow is another day! :0 LOL xoxoxo
yr not as fierce as yr icon
Don't be giving my secrets away BenSen! LOL hehehehehe
FUN, FUN, FUN!!! And rated for kids!
so glad I came back.

When I came before the video could not not be seen.

Thanks for this
This is delightful! And please don't shut up about your love of children! They have very few advocators these days...xox
hehehe, Highly rated for innocent beauty. You are one lucky Momma, Mama!
Very sweet, Mama! The only thing missing is you singing with them :)
adorable alert! Thanks for sharing this.
Thank you all! I'm in heaven today. My daughter goes to her aunts today for a week!!!! Yippee!!! And my son is going fishing and kayaking today and tomorrow. It's the small things in life... heheheheheh.... Oh, I'm a happy camper!!!! Glad you all enjoyed. I b*tch enough... it was only fair to show how beautiful they all really are... friends and all. :)
What a beautiful video - you have captured the energy and joy of your precious children so marvelously. (Jealous of your treehouse!) Thanks for sharing this.
Awww... so great! I see you in them. Thanks for sharing. Such a great tune, too.

Thanks Diva and Lonnie. It's a few years old already, God, they grow so fast, don't they? I thought it only fair to show their sweet side after all the complaining I do!!! hehehehe I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for watching. LOL
Sorry so late. I watched this on your other blog and think it is great. Great kids!

Thanks for visiting Monte. I know you've been busy! Your blog looks great on blogspot, BTW! I got a comment in there, but I'll be back for more...
Graceful, elegant, charming, fun! Congratulations on having such talented and endearing children and friends.

Thanks for sharing.

Paws up.