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February 17
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AUGUST 21, 2009 10:47AM

Politics, Healthcare and LOL's aside...

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Okay, all matters of politics and serious issues aside for a moment, there is a matter that I must give attention to on this long-awatied day before freedom... the kids go back to school on Monday! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Now, I know down south the starting dates are different, but not to worry for those with a different starting time. It just means mine will be out sooner than yours :(. However, I cannot help but celebrate this much awaited emancipation!!!! I will finally get my house back and my mind!!!!!! There is a God for sure and He is loving me today! So, anyone else feeling my glory, let us seize the moment!!! I dare not use LOL, JB, so there you have it. I love reading all your posts, and especially enjoyed the Barney Frank bits. Hopefully, once the kids get going on Monday, I can get back here on OS and indulge with you all again. I miss you!!!!!


champagne toast


Have a GREAT day!!!


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you too. and enjoy Monday's solitude
Thank you, Chuck! I've got BIG plans for Monday!!!! And all of next week!!!! hehehehehehe
Staples back to school commerical with "it's the most wonderful time of the year" music has to be one of the best of all time. Congratulations.
Hahaha! So true OEsheep, so true!! Thanks for the visit.
School's in and we get mama back! whoopie! I'll be waiting for your stories....! And congrats for making through another summer!
Fab, you are too kind! I am reeling with delight! Next summer, we'll be doing things a bit differently around here! hehehehe... I've got plans, damnit! Thanks for your kind words. :)
Oh, how I remember those days when "Back to School" was something I anticipated with the same enthusiasm that I looked forward to Christmas as a kid. So congratulations! You've made it through another summer! Way to go! Rated. D
Thank you Yarn! Yes, I do feel the joy of Christmas! hehehe
I can't say I share your glee, not having kids and all, but I am happy for YOU! I know it's been a long summer this time. We'll have to sneak off to the beach someday soon whilst they are in school ;-)
Absolutely Kellylark! Thanks for visiting. :)
Stellaa, HUSH!!!!! Don't burst my bubble today!!! hehehehehehehe... Umbrella... better days are ahead!!! :)
Hate to cite a commercial, but have you seen the one with the two long-faced kids shopping with Dad for school supplies? (He's rolling thru the store on the shopping cart hauling materials into the thing while the kids watch in silence) Priceless!
Ghost, that is too funny. Is that the Staples commercial OEsheepdog is referring to? I can't remember. I can't remember much of anything this summer except for madness!!!! hehehehehe
Hip, hip, hooray!!!!
Oh, Owl! even now there are 5 kids in the house and the phone won't stop ringing! I leave in 45 minutes to get my daughter's schedule. Monday can't come soon enough! I ave two sides... the side that adores kids (especially when they're NOT mine) and the side that can't wait to get them out of the house!!!! Hip hip hooray for sure!!!!
I gotta tell you, when my daughters were little I hated it when they had to go back to school. Couldn't see them for a whole day. Now that they're adults (21 & 23) I really miss the days when they were young and driving me nuts.

But I see your point. Rated
Thanks for visisting, JB. I know in the long run I will miss them when they're not around. But right now, at this moment, I can't wait for them to get out of the house! And I dare NOT use LOL. hehehehe :)
Hey, and yay. Except for reminding me about winter. Except that that reminds me to stop complaining about how hot it is. So yay.
How's your week of celebrating going? ;)