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February 17
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AUGUST 26, 2009 6:03PM

The Webs We Weave!

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I'm in my yard walking to the shed to get the lawnmower. Lo and behold and walk smack into this thing!



 Ugh! After I brush myself off and experience a spine-tingling chill I came face to face with the motherlode!




 Double Ugh! The thing looked like it had fangs!

I'm still shivering. Yeeks.



But after being thoroughly grossed out, I couldn't help but look closely at that web. The sun was just beating down on it so I could see each circle. Imagine being caught in that thing... how hard to get out... being stuck in that web... with the queen waiting to suck your blood!

 Funny how life can imitate the simplest of creatures - weaving webs so big, we can't get out. 

And the motherlode is just waiting to suck the life right out of us.

Where's Ripley when you need her????

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Given that you're in Florida, it probably did have fangs . . . reason number 857 why I used to be very scared of spiders - and still occasionally have nightmares where they have starring roles.
Fangs and claws, Owl!!! Sheesh!!!!
"Weaving webs so big we can't get out. And the motherlode waiting to suck the life out of us." Life really does intimated the simplest of creatures.
UGH!! I have them everywhere also. Can hardly walk in my front door without stepping right into one.
Loved the photos- you captured the beauty of the web itself. Thank you for this great post.
Someday I'll tell you about the spider mafia . . .
hehehehehe... we better make sure we have a full pot of coffee first... or a bottle of wine... :)

Thank you Fireyes!
Creepy spider story!!! But that web does have its own beauty. A spider, unbeknownst to me, once bit my toe and it started turning black. A mother lode of antiobiotics for 3 days intravenously got me out of that mess. I can appreciate your disdain!
Jeez, Mary. That happened to my sister on her leg. Took two weeks and 2 bottles of antibiotics to get it back to normal!These things ain't natural I tell ya... there aliens!!!!
Or, you could think of her as Charlotte, just weaving her web...

Stay safe...Those Florida bugs will carry you away and suck out all your juices!
I have no problem with spiders. It´s COCROACHES that freak me out... ugh!!! My nightmares always include those hideous ubiquitous dirty bugs...
Ralph, I love it! Though I don't remember Charlotte having fangs! hehehehe....
Marcela, spiders usually don't bother me... but this one is just really creepy looking and I really hate getting caught in the webs! Cockroaches are really by far the worst!
Hey, Mama! Great pics. Yeah, I'm scared of spiders too.
Hello...I added you as a favorite for the umpteenth wonder I don't see your posts...

I love this...beautiful photos and insight...xox