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February 17
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NOVEMBER 3, 2009 6:13AM

Regurgitation or Sarah Palin?

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I know I might get beat up here,  but everytime I hear the above-mentioned name, I seem to get a little vomit in my mouth.  Is it just me?

Please. Share.

I really do need a cure.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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help, palin, politics, yuck, ugh, bla

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oh lord, you are far from the only one!!! great visual, sweetheart. that name sickens me completely. you need to watch Letterman or YouTube because he has an ongoing bit that is "what would you rather do that read Sarah Palin's book" or something like that. prettyf reaking high-larious. love love lvoe
and then there are the robocalls - ugh! Okay, no more. I'm done. TV off. No more news! hehehehehehe
Thanks Kyle. I really try not to go the political route here, but sometimes it's cleansing!!!! I'm not a big Pelosi fan either. Thank you for visiting. :)
I'm not even American and I want to hork when I hear her name.
Madcelt, thanks for adding a new word to my vocab - hork - love it!
I had the same problem of having diarrhea when I heard her name. I finally had to blow my brains out. This may work for you, but don't miss and become a vegetable!
Hahahahahahahahahahaha-- thank you Scanner --- hahahahahahahaha -- that is a knee slapper... oh jeez, I have to wipe the tears from my eyes... I just hope I don't start running from both ends... :0
Acid reflux every night. I'm hoping the Dem kills the Palin=backed nimrod in that Congressional electional today. That might shut her up for awhile, like maybe a nanoseconds.
Try Pepto Bismol.
JLee, from your lips to my ears... thank you for the comfort :)
JB, I don't think anything will shut her up, and I have to say, it's annoying as hell - but I do find a good dose of humor always settles my stomach - even if it's just momentary. Thanks for the visit. :)
It's not just you Screamin. The woman is a walking emetic.
Another great word - emetic. Thanks Nanatehay. But really, why doesn't she just go away??? I hear her name like every 5 minutes lately. What gives? An emetic for sure... I don't know whether to laugh or cry...
i love her. if she had a tv show, i'd watch it every day. it's like watching a train wreck that makes the victims retarded. they come running out of the wreckage thinking obama's a kenyan time traveler.
For a while I was worried about my mental health.

Every time I saw her I felt this movement in my pants and I thought "no that can't be happening! that is just sick!"

Then I realized it was my testicles trying to burrow their way back into my abdomen, and as painful as that has become, still I'm relieved.
Thank you all for venting with me. I feel much better and can now safely return to everyday life. hehehehehe xoxoxo