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February 17
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MAY 19, 2010 9:25AM

Hacked & Hijacked...

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Hello OSers!

Quick word of caution - my email address has been hacked and all my contacts have been deleted and spammed. Apologies to anyone who gets an email from me stating I am in Wales, broken down, with no money and please transfer money to help. Can you believe these bastards?

They also stole my facebook page.  I see many of you from here over there but you won't find me anymore because I've been hijacked!

I believe the culprit could be a That address was attached to both my email accounts and I have no idea who they are and neither do my kids. If anyone knows this person, please let me know.

 Also, if anyone knows who I can report this to, please let me know. I have alerted several authorities already, but not sure if I am going in the right direction.

 Be careful people!!! Cyberspace is malicious!

Lots of love to you all...


 Also, if anyone here on facebook can post this on their page so people know, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you & stay safe!!!!

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Good to know . . . and good luck out there!
GAHHH! The affrontery! This is terrible! What will you do? xox
Well this is a tecnological nightmare. Thanks for the warning. The email scam mentions Wales hmmm? That's kind of out of left field. I wonder if your hacker is there. Hope you've been well otherwise!
Oh, Mama, I'm so sorry to hear this! Did you tell facebook? That's where I'd start first since facebook is from where this particular scam is originating.
Facebook is notorious for this. I had a problem a few months ago where a virus resulted in messages apparently being sent in my name. Embarrassing as the messages were most inappropriate.

Do report this to the authorities on facebook, but in the meanwhile get your computer checked out by someone.
That doesn't sound good at all. I would have no idea where to start, but there are many here that know about all that computery stuff. Best wishes for a positive outcome, Mama. That sucks so bad.
Okay, so I alerted facebook, they removed my account. I also changed all passwords and checked my email account info and mail options. Be sure to check these everyone! Check your filters, spam and accounts. I found 3 emails linked to my personal info that do not belong to me or anyone in my family. I reported those emails to yahoo security and I also sent an email to state politicans. They advised alerting local police authorities, which I have done as well put an alert on my name through the credit bureaus. Hope this helps anyone else who may come across this trouble. What bastards!!!!!!

Love you guys !!!! xoxoxo

I don't know if it works, but this might help! I do a system restore, sometimes to day one. A friend is getting ready to help me to reload the operating system from the start. He says that that is the only way to get rid of all of the sneaky code that they load into our computers to get our passwords.
yikes! this stuff always freaks me out. Hope you resolve it quickly and with minimal hassle.

(yet another reason I'm glad not to be on FB!)
I found the person who is attached to my photo. I have forwarded it and will keep you all posted on the results. Thanks everyone... xoxoxo
Bummer! I hate it when this happens. And I always worry about it!!!