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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 7:31AM

Honey, You're Gorgeous! Now Show Me Your Breasts!

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A local radio station is hosting a "Carats for Cleavage" contest, pretty much what it sounds like - anyone who thinks they have fabulous cleavage goes in and has a picture taken which gets posted and voted on. The winner gets a one carat diamond mounted in the setting of their choice. All anonymous - no names, faces, or bodies, just cleavage.

But this is not what my post is about.

A listener emailed the show and said he and his wife were having some marital issues, some stemming from her low self esteem even though to him she is gorgeous, and he was wondering if suggesting that she enter this contest might boost it up a few notches.


Female radio show host thinks it would.

Male radio show host thinks it wouldn't.

Female radio host reason:  even though her husband tells her she's beautiful and has it all and he loves, loves, loves her it isn't always enough. Sometimes it's a good feeling to hear it from another male*. Hmm.

Male radio host reason: support should come from him. Marriage is in trouble and he should be telling her that to him she is the eight wonder of the world and he loves her madly and there is and never will be anyone else for him but her, and go on to list the reasons why he loves her*, blah, blah, blah.


My opinion (coming from a woman who is divorced from a man who was married on paper only) is that if he really loves her and she really loves him and there are no mistrust issues on her part and they really want their 50th anniversay picture in the local newspaper, he should offer an overnight, or weekend, in a happening town where he can parade her on his arm and resist the urge to sneer when men stare, wink, flirt, or otherwise compliment her beauty.

Of course, this also means a trip - together - to Victoria's Secret, where she can pick out some sexy, an appointment at her favorite salon for a new do and mani-pedi, then some time at a classy boutique so she can pick out a clingy, sparkly dress and black stilettos to wear to dinner before that show, casino, or nightclub, followed by a stay in a five-star hotel with bubble tub and room service.

Showing off his beautiful wife in public, clothed, with her loyal husband accepting of the attention from men and women, would be more a boost to her self-image then having her anonymous breasts voted on by unknowns on a website. It would be a memory, something that she would always remember and a feeling she would never forget.

Of course if her breasts are that luscious she would have to forfeit a one carat diamond.

But ... what if she doesn't win?

* paraphrased and summarized, of course.

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I agree. Personally, whenever my ol' lady flashes me, anywhere, anytime, it's a tremendous turn on, but yet, I know that she does it not for the small charge it gives her [which she doesn't need] but for the big charge it gives me. I also realize that her self-esteem levels are perfectly fine; perfectly normal, because we spend at least three hours a day talking to each other, and so, I know her very, very well.
Why can't you do both? They both sound like fun to me and winning isn't the thing. It is fun. I miss fun.
I see zanelle showed up to brag about her boys (or do you call 'em "girls", zanelle?)
Showing "cleavage" would be much more acceptable. Showing (tits), boobs, or breasts should be reserved for the spouse. The [sic] "open internet" of pornography makes viewing millions of breasts trivial. Just pick your favorite size and nipple color and there are hundreds naked online.

I have sued the FCC, Google Inc, and Microsoft Corporation for displaying nakedness to unauthenticated viewers. I DEMAND the [sic] "open internet" be slammed closed! I will NOT STOP until nakedness viewing is returned to a pleasure limited to authenticated viewers with browser or device histories made permanent so these can be checked.