Alpheus Williams

Wind and Whispers from Down Under
DECEMBER 10, 2011 2:40AM

Unique, Beat and Bohemian Chic`--City Lights, San Francisco

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There are hand painted signs in each of the four windows on the second story--Open Door--Open Books--Open Mind--Open Hearts.  City Lights Book Sellers & Publishers, 261 Columbus Street, San Francisco...the Left Coast.

It's a walk into history.  Laurence Ferlinghetti, Alan Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Richard Brautigan, et al.  Three levels redolent with the smell of exposed timber and  paper.  Steep stairs with narrow passages.  Posters, photographs,  generous amounts of wit, wisdom and a smidgeon of silliness.  


 Atmospheric, charming, irreverent, funny. Buy a book. Go next door to the Vesuvio Cafe or cross the street to Spec's Twelve Adler Museum and Cafe.  Order a drink, sit at a table, read, imbibe, immerse.



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hey great stuff - iread there - to the clothes on the line out the window - i also photograged the hat man there - at a women of the beat reading - my ego! huge - those bras loved my work!