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Sean Fenley
May 04
Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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OCTOBER 5, 2011 2:50PM

Romney: Wall Street Protest = Class Warfare

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The rest of us — like little children — are just supposed to be seen and not heard. Asset strippers and third worldizers like Mittens, just want to do their dirty deeds, with Murdoch rags like the Wall Street Journal holding them up as geniuses (or deities) — as if they are curing cancer!

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Anyone who doesn't grok that "class warfare" is being fought on a huge scale already is simply not ready for the WWII sized battles to come.

We've turned a corner. Just months ago I would have bet big bucks we would not turn this corner without economic catastrophe hitting us, but it has begun.

Good for the people who started it. May the wind be at their back. Romney and his ilk have got to wake up and smell the coffee.
But we all know you think those pesky OWS activists should all just get behind Obama, cuz that's the way to achieve the change needed in this world.

After all, he's got no connection with the financial class, does he? He's the one to apply the corrective measures to "Asset strippers and third worldizers," ain't he.? He'll never install Wall St insiders and then expect us to not notice who he's really beholden to, now would he?

That's what you think, isn't Frankie? You're secretly for the status quo, so why don't you quit fakin' it. DADT is over baby!
frank wishes everyone would get off obama's ass, Lance - they're hogging his dinner table. If I could rate Your comment I would, for seeing through the subterfuge of apisa's chronically misfiring neurons.

The guy's a masochist - after the pummeling he got yesterday and today he's back for more!

Hey, moron GFY, and I don't mean Good For You.

Obambi was handed the mess by the Right Wingnuts. Who then stripped out the useful parts of the stimulus and turned them into tax breaks for the Recession Creators. Obambi was stupid to accept responsibility, sure. But he didn't cause the problem, ya know. And the Right Wingnuts continue to reward and protect those that did. It ain't the 19th century any more. There isn't a continent's worth of resources to steal from red folks. Welcome to the world of limits.
Oh, and just so ya know; Warren Buffett called the class war, and took credit for rich folks starting it and winning it.
Yawn, same old crap from Romney and Cain; I've been hearing variations of this argument for years and of course they're partly right. However it of course needs to be put in perspective; People like Romney and Cain have been supporting the corrupt corporations that have been waging class warfare by rigging the system then they cry "Class Warfare," trying to imply they're the victims!