Sean Fenley

Sean Fenley
May 04
Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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JULY 4, 2012 12:01AM

Dissent American Style

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The people who hate America are running it. So, just as the robber barons — nor the Pinkerton Thugs — aren’t thought of very kindly in the history books. Then if the arc of history truly bends towards justice, then the political and business elites in America today, will likely be viewed in very much the same manner.

At least the robber barons became philanthropists. Today’s plutocrats are buying off our political system, and making things even all the more corporatist, unpalatable, totally non-participatory and disgusting. Some of them are even plotting, and planning to move offshore to lawless, tax-free, wholly deregulated, and precariously floating micro-islas! For that effort, I should think, then we shall all say, “Good riddance!”

Today’s politicians — of every stripe — are passing legislation such as H.R. 347 and the NDAA. And not only that, but they have — still fairly recently, made it illicit for them to engage in insider trading. Bill Gates is ostensibly doing something good, I don’t really follow any of his work; I’m not too familiar with any of the work that he does. Perhaps he’s a lone uber-wealthy soul out there doing yeoman’s labor.

Anyways anyhow, those of us — who are not now, nor have ever been — malefactors of great wealth should think of our own activities and activism against the MSM consensus/the Borg hive mind, or the so-called bourgeois political center, as a practice of impeccable citizenship/civic participation. And moreover, to also think of ourselves; in fact, as better denizens than whatever the insane (and unintelligible) gasbags, and blockheads of AM hate radio would slander us and libel us as — with their inane, venomous, noxious and puerile banter.

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Given his strong support for Monsanto and genetic modification and geoengineering (spraying the air with toxic chemicals like aluminum and barium to modify the weather), and privatization of public education, I think it's safe to say that Bill Gates is on the side of the 1%, not the 99%.
I'm not a fan of Bill Gates. He is pro: Monsanto, GMO, patented seeds, and bio engineered food, thinks global warming can be solved with technological innovation and he's in favor of charter schools at the expense of public education. He also had poor labor practices at Microsoft and was monopolistic.
I thought I might get hit on the Bill Gates thing, I was grasping at straws for a modern day robber baron who might be contributing (positively) to something.
You do have to acknowledge that Bill Gates has given a lot of his huge fortune to supporting healthcare in the poor countries for which righwingers want to cut off official aid. BTW, what is Apple doing with the mega-billions in cash they are hoarding?
I remember learning about the Robber Barons at school, namely that despite his ruthlessness Carnegie founded hundreds of libraries (including the one in my hometown), to cite just one example. Aside from Bill Gates and his AIDS foundation, where are the great philanthropists of today? Are they doing anything that matches the noblesse oblige of their predecessors? Or are the Koch Bros. the norm these days?
There is no doubt the hugely rich are making contributions. Ask any member of a legislative body. The problem is not with the rich, its with the ignorant and not particularly bright voters who place in office the legislators who are not particularly interested in benefiting the voting public. That's known as Koch 22