Sean Fenley

Sean Fenley
May 04
Sean Fenley is an independent progressive, who would like to see some sanity brought to the creation and implementation of current and future, US military, economic, foreign and domestic policies. He has been published by a number of websites, and publications throughout the alternative media.


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NOVEMBER 8, 2012 3:55PM

Dead-Enders for Obama, Celebrate a Second Term

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The exuberant jubilation that was there for Obama’s first ascendancy, is noticeably removed for the “grand orator’s” second term. Though his sycophants, rose-colored onlookers, and enablers of all sorts — are still singing their darling’s praises. A darling they should, certainly, not be trusting so unguardedly, and who may; in fact, cleave them with a dagger — should they not be looking for it — in their much vaunted “gentleman caller’s” second term.

Obama has failed on civil liberties, failed on guaranteeing health care, failed on labeling genetically modified ingredients, failed on vigorously defending union rights, and increased military spending each year whilst he was in office. Though many in the hinterlands, and those deluded by right-wing media and AM acerbic hate radio broadcasters, are weeping into their blankets; there’s frankly not much else to celebrate in an Obama second term. Unless Obama “comes to Jesus”, or severely reassesses his corporatist and anti-populist (instinctual) leanings, including sacking a number of the rapacious advisers around him; continuity with the US plutocrats’ agenda is definitely what is being “called for” in his ensuing second term.

Obama’s correlate Bibi is now probably crying — along with the neo-Confederate dittoheads — but that will not change; certainly, Obama’s fealty, and lack of spine toward the stalwart Likudnik lobby. And all along the campaign trail Obama spoke of eagerness to work with an ever-increasingly kooky, and indeed obscurantist Reich-wing American Republican Party. He even told the Des Moines Register recently that he wanted to work on the Social Security, and rest of the safety net degrading/eviscerating “grand bargain” should he; in fact, be able to procure himself a second term.

The fight should be on, the anti-war protests should be on, and nothing should really be appreciably different — than if the financial archdevil/fiend Mitt Romney had handily won the election. The axe is out; undeniably, against the 99% by the Barack Obama clique/regime. A meat cleaver that he’s, unequivocally, assiduously sharpening, so as to do the bidding of Goldman Sachs, Penny Pritzker, Peter G. Peterson, and all sorts of other Wall Street .001% avaricious jackals, fiends, austerity ghouls and vampires; who aided and abetted his campaign efforts, in securing himself another (secondary) term.

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Well Sean here we are again another four years of the Bush the Black. I can’t even talk about politics anymore with my friends on OS, their level of naivety is astounding except for a very few like yourself and RW005. Until Americans learn that the price of freedom is to be ready to die on a moments notice whenever and wherever it is threatened they will remain the slaves they are. And that is just as it should be. Helots don’t need to be free they just need to be treated ethically. We are ruled by the one percent but the one percent's only qualification to rule is their talent for dickering over the price of cabbages in the market place. That talent could very easily be defined as a complete lack of ethics. There is another percent out there. They are the five percent who were born to rule the helots. I told everybody that Obama would win by a landslide and now I will make one more prediction. From out of the ash's of this Republics funeral pyre a new Sparta shall arise. A brand new race who have no fear of death and no compunction about killing their enemy's. They shall burn the church's, temples , and mosques, of the slave religions and they will make themselves their own Gods. And as Gods I am willing to bet that they will have far more ethics than the cabbage merchants.
Thanks for the comments Jack, your thoughts are pretty spot on.

Always remember though, pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the will!