AUGUST 3, 2011 9:52AM

Terrorism. Tea Party. Hobbits.

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It seems that the conflation of the Tea Party with terrorism is a meme that is everywhere this week among our political leadership and certain media commentators -- some of whom at least I would hope -- ought to know better. Herewith, a guide for the perplexed.

911- WTC

read the bill 

Tea Party.
pentagon bombing 
Terrorism. (Pentagon, 9-11)
we the people 
Tea Party.
9-11 - aftermath 
party like 1773 
 Tea Party.
embassy bombing, kenya 
Terrorism. (American Embassy, Kenya)
 tea party - protest signs
Tea Party.
bali nightclub aftermath 
Terrorism. (Bali night club bombing)
tea party -Boerne 
Tea Party.
 beslan aftermath 
Terrorism. (Beslan School #1 aftermath)
small protester  
Tea Party.
murrah building bomb aftermath  
banner bearers  
Tea Party.
bus bombing israel 
Terrorism. (Aftermath, bombing of Israeli bus)
tea party - Alamo plaza 
Tea Party. (Alamo Plaza, 4-15-09)
Terrorism. (USS Cole)

 balanced budget petition 

Tea Party.

election worker murder 

Terrorism. (Street execution-murder of Iraqi election worker.)

come and take it 2009 style 

Tea Party.

london bus bombing 

Terrorism. (Aftermath of bus bombing in London)

4th of july crowd  

Tea Party.

 marine corps HQ bombing

Terrorism. (USMC Barracks, Lebanon)


Tea Party. (With attitude)

oslo bombing aftermath

Terrorism. (Oslo bombing aftermath)



I hope this information proves informative. And by the way? I have heard so much #*&! about the Tea Party which I know is not true, that I am not in the mood to discuss any of either past accusations, or the current terrorism meme. I am just not. Sgt. Mom's temper is very close to going nuclear WRT to this terrorism/Tea Party thing ... and trust me... you will not want to be the one to push me on this. Consider the wording of any comments made on this post very carefully. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.



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The worst terrorists this country faces, are the Tea Party idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Comment by Kenny deleted. I meant what I said.
It's not just the Tea Party the media slanders ridiculously out of all semblance of goes both ways, it goes all ways.
Equally injurious on all sides-- especially injurious for the 'United' states concept....We the People and all.
Having been less than a quarter mile from the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, I know the face of terrorism apparently Mr. Biden and others do not!

G. Hugh Bodell
You seem quite a literal-minded person, so I'll point out that terrorism comes in various forms, among them the economic terrorism which we just witnessed from the American Right. There don't need to be explosions and blown up bodies for great harm to occur, and the people you feel are portrayed so unfairly were prepared to see their own country's economy ruined to accomplish their goals. Those goals, by the way, do a lot to further enrich corporations and the very wealthy while leaving regular working Americans out in the cold. Also, you left 0ut some classic Tea Party images, such as the banner saying "We Came Unarmed - This Time" and the signs which were nearly ubiquitous at Tea Party rallies which portrayed Obama in a racist manner, and the photos of the guys carrying AR15s to public events, and I could go on and on. Whether the Tea Party so-called "patriots" are economic terrorists or not I'll let history decide, but certainly they are the most delusional, ignorant, and corrosive force in modern politics, and they are definitely the nearest thing this country has yet produced to true fascism.
Tea party policies will kill as surely as bombs. They're not just sweet smiling faces as pictured...
I completely agree with you Sgt. Mom that the Tea Party so to speak has gotten an very, very unfair deal in many ways, although the "Hobbits" needed to see that to show zero willingness to move on taxes in the right context was a mistake. The media didn't help much either, by not once allowing a twenty minute presentation by Bowles-Simpson on a totally reasonable plan.
The Socialists Hobbits however were intransigent too on Entitlements. It is that divide that is the problem, of not willing to go the distance, which is why if the use of force came on the table in the sense of signalling beofre a national security situation went live, it would be bipartisan one would imagine. "We are about to be attacked, unless there is the right domestic political signal. Therefore one Hobbit and one Socialist have to have a little bump on the head," like Pippin from Gandalf and for an socialist elf whose recalcitrance is endangering the country, if of course one thought that such things were really done, which of course, they aren't done. But no, you are completely right that the Tea Party are not terrorists, because they are not using force.
However, if the foreign perception went live, as in an ultimatum game visibly coming on the table with nuclear weapons or a Great Power contingency in which the partisan division was the rationale, then one would probably wonder if some Gandolphs would say,"The Tea Party on taxes and the Socialists on spending needed a little more head knocking so to speak." Bipartisan problems require bipartisan solutions? But it is clearly, clearly hardly the Hobbits fault, since they just got there, although they make a convenient target because the political class knew for years that the budget had bad problems built into it, like a wise man named Perot said, who we didn't listen too. I really, really wish that he had said more in this debate, because he would have said that we had to do a deal with tax reform that had more revenue, and that there had to be much more realism on Entitilements, but that people didn't have to be so scared, because the changes would come gradually, gradually, like you don't really notice some massive change.
Sigh. My folks are Republicans. I hear you. We scream and yell at each other, but I love them more than all the liberals I know.
They are WRONG :D but to them so am I.
Keep your chin up.
Very effective, as always.
Sorry, Sgt. Mom. I appreciate the distinction you're trying to make, but my one personal interaction with the Tea Party left me spitting mad. I was attending a local school board meeting to protest cuts to orchestra, libraries, and special ed. All of which are dear to my heart.

About fifty local Tea Party members, and a local Fox affiliate news crew also showed up, in order to hijack the meeting and get air time for a completely unrelated non-budget issue.

Sure, a school board meeting is open to the public, and it's a free country. But it's incredibly bad manners to hijack a public budget meeting (pre-planned and advertised as a budget meeting) in order to talk about something else--a local teacher who had written unflattering things about the Tea Party, on his private blog, outside school hours.

Terrorism, no. Incredibly bad manners and their own news crew to follow them around? Yes. Those of us parents who showed up to talk about music education, the value of libraries, and special ed teachers couldn't get a word in edgewise. Instead, I got an entire evening of bad behavior, and the pre-rehearsed sound bite, "This is the face of the Tea Party." Fine. Their faces are indelibly etched in my memory as some of the most boorish people I've ever met.

The Fox news crew made a surface effort to look unbiased (they did interview some of us there to protest orchestra cuts) but most of those landed on the cutting room floor. The bulk of their news report was about the Tea Party protesting the teacher.

Color me not impressed.
and I am one of the uninsured (yes, even as a nurse- it wasn't offered at my last job and I have MDD as a diagnosis, so cannot self insure because everyone denies me right off the bat)
The job I have now will insure me (finally!), but it will cost me about 6k a year- for a simple HMO, and that is before figuring in co-pays and out of pocket cost. It cuts my salary by a good chunk, as you can imagine, but I'm grateful to finally have it. Most people I know don't have insurance. There is a good portion of the upper lower class working at smaller companies (or on their own) that simply cannot afford what is out there.
Excellent Post


By Paul Bentley

"The economy is threatening collapse despite the emergency debt legislation he signed off yesterday.

So, with hindsight, President Obama rushing off for a lavish 50th birthday party in his honour - starring Dreamgirls singer Jennifer Hudson - was probably not the most sensitive idea.

There has been speculation for days as to whether the President was going to make it to his own fundraising 50th birthday party - a plush affair at a $40,000 a night ballroom in Chicago.

But with the President signing off the debt deal yesterday after the bill went through the Senate at the last minute, it finally appears as if the party is back on.

The party comes as fears intensified that the debt deal will not stave off a credit rating disaster.

As an official downgrade of the country's crucial AAA rating inches closer, the leading Chinese credit agency announced a slide from A+ to A, citing doubts over Washington's ability to pay off its debts.

Meanwhile, yesterday's debt deal triggered gloom in Wall Street where the stock market is on its longest losing streak since the financial meltdown of 2008."

Yep, we are "terrorists" alright, for demanding actual fiscal responsibility, instead of the political BS we've just seen our "Fearless Leaders" congratulating themselves about:

also commented at:

Mr Binder can't contain his Glee that the T-Party has been screwed again.

"(Reuters) - Investors fear the United States may be headed for a credit ratings downgrade even if the Senate approves a $2.1 trillion package of spending cuts later on Tuesday.

Though the bill removes the threat of imminent default by raising the national debt limit enough to last until 2013, its cuts are only about half the $4 trillion in savings that ratings agencies Standard & Poor's and Moody's have said would be enough to confirm the country's triple-A rating with a stable outlook.

Adding a sense of immediacy to downgrade anxieties, S&P said in mid-July there was a 50-50 chance it would cut U.S. ratings in the next three months if lawmakers failed to craft a meaningful plan to cut the nation's deficit."

Congratulations on "Punking" the T-Party--
I think you better get busy on "Punking" Moody's and Standard and Poor- They aren't so easily fooled.

And I might remind Nanatehay about both his Glee at the beating of a handicapped Black T-Partier,
(See the his post on "Union Thugs" the band- ) and his subsequent "Shock" at the tone of T-Party rhetoric after the shooting in Arizona.

Terrorism may come in many forms, but it is disingenuous to say "OH, I wasn't implying that you advocate violence, I just meant you are obstructively stupid"
When you speak of the beating of a handicapped Black T-Partier are you referring to Kenneth Gladney?
Andrew Breitbart -8/10/2009

"Last week, a black gentleman named Kenneth Gladney went to a town-hall meeting hosted by Rep. Russ Carnahan, Missouri Democrat. While passing out "Don't Tread on Me" flags, he was viciously attacked by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members. One called him a "nigger."
These union thugs were directed by the White House to go to the protests and "punch back twice as hard." And they did.
While the attack was captured on video and is available on YouTube, Mr. Gladney's horrifying story is absent from MSNBC's 24/7 media cycle. Mr. Krugman has yet to write about it. And Mr. Cooper has yet to condemn the attack."

Of course the union thugs tell a different story- all depends on who you think is a reliable source, so spare me the breathless "Debunking". I imagine you believe OJ is innocent too.
Kenneth Gladney video:
I've seen the video Elston McCowan, who's shoulder was separated as a result of the incident, is down when the video starts. Seconds later Kenneth Gladney is pulled or knocked down during the filming and springs back to his feet. You may find that to be compelling evidence that Mr. Gladney was savagely beaten I do not.
I am also aware of something you seem to want to avoid, Mr. McCowan and Perry Molens have been tried and found not guilty of this crime. Certainly juries deliver incorrect verdicts, but it is the forum we have in the US to determine guilt or innocence. Whine all you like, you and Mr. Gladney are really good at it, but the official verdict indicates you are wrong and there really isn't much else you can do about that.

"Whine?" Please

You've simply taken an opportunity to renew your "Faith" in what you are told to believe by being argumentative with someone who really could not care less about "Your" opinion.-- as usual for those who follow the "Beer and Butt" boys of Obama's SA (SIEU). I haven't ever given a thought to opinions that are passed out as marching orders- Why should I bother to care about yours? I'm certainly not going to debate your nonsense on Sgt. Mom's blog.
If I made fact free assertions and was called on them, as has happened to you here, I would probably bluster and run away with my tail between my legs, as you have in this case.

I'm going to call on Sgt. Mom to enforce her "No Idiocy" rule. You are obviously a member of PJ's OS Circle Jerk. I could trade insults with you, but you are obviously an example of what Lord Juss meant when he said "What, because a dog bite me upon the arse, must I turn then and do likewise to him? Go back to your circle jerk.
If a no idiocy rule is invoked it should be you who would disappear in a fact free puff of smoke. That said it is not my call and I wouldn't request that someone else eject someone I am debating, even if I had been reduced to mere bluster.
For the benefit of anyone who cares, the evidence of Mr Duvals membership in the OS circle jerk, is his utter disregard for the point made, in his lust to find something to to be disagreeably aggressive about.

The point I made regarding nanatehay's post was that it was cheerfully supportive of the union thugs supposed actions, regardless of whether they had or had not performed the attack. as for whether "not Guilty" means "Innocent", well "Casey Anthony" is all that needs to be said.

That Mr Duval chooses to try to "debate" me over the incident, utterly misses the point, or willfully disregards it. There is no debate, only Mr Duval barking like a pit bull.--typical of those enlightened souls who characterize anyone who disagrees with them as a "Terrorist"
For the benefit of anyone who cares, the evidence of Mr Duvals membership in the OS circle jerk, is his utter disregard for the point made, in his lust to find something to to be disagreeably aggressive about.

The point I made regarding nanatehay's post was that it was cheerfully supportive of the union thugs supposed actions, regardless of whether they had or had not performed the attack. as for whether "not Guilty" means "Innocent", well "Casey Anthony" is all that needs to be said.

That Mr Duval chooses to try to "debate" me over the incident, utterly misses the point, or willfully disregards it. There is no debate, only Mr Duval barking like a pit bull.--typical of those enlightened souls who characterize anyone who disagrees with them as a "Terrorist"
Thank you, Miguela, Just Thinking, G. Hugh, Don Rich, and Bad Scot – you are indeed thinking, observing, and have grasped my point.

Nanatahey – I AM a literal-minded person. When someone is accused of something, I’d actually like to see some proof . . . of actual, literal, no-S**t Sherlock terrorism, physical terrorism, blood and blown-up stuff and all. That was the point under discussion. Now, if you want to go discussing crony-capitalism, and the extent to which various big-money donors are contributing – to their gain – to this current administration, I know a couple of economics blogs I can refer you to. No, don’t thank me – I live to serve.

Same to Myriad, with the addition: Yeah, I photographed all of those sweet-smiling faces. They are real people, real participants in local Tea Party events. They are of all backgrounds, colors, incomes and experience, who are deeply concerned in matters political and economic, and deserve better than to be insulted and demeaned by the current administration, their lickspittle mainstream press organs . . . and OS commenters. You wanna frame the narrative? I had twenty years of framing the narrative in the good-old USAF. I know how the media game is played, and thank you, posting this little bit of compare-contrast gave me no end of pleasure.

Janie – you cannot go out and get a new lot of relatives. You probably can try out another Tea Party. You’d be amazed. You might even start using capital letters again. Most of them are not raging, spitting maniacs . . . but are you aware of how the TV media will pull the exact the nastiest and most unflattering fifteen seconds of footage to . . . again, frame the decided-upon-narrative? The Tea Party – let me tell you one more time: Fiscal Conservatives. That means, you can’t spend more than you take in, and borrow to make up the deficit. A federal government can only scale up that fiscal plan for so long . . . before a whole lotta nasty things begin happening. As the old joke about Weimar Germany approximately went, “I took a bag full of money to the market and came back with what I bought in my wallet.” And to address your final non-sequitur, yes Tea Partiers do fear – they fear what happens in an economic collapse – just not the way you are thinking.

Neil-Paul –Occam’s Razor; a wonderful thing, when it comes to logic. Also – remember the standard about innocent until actually being proven guilty of whatever the meme du jour is?

Hyblaean-Julie. Thanks, sweetie: chin up, but I am angry enough about this, even having slept on it, to let go with both barrels. Make note – this is the first time I have seriously lost my temper since 1993. The people present on that occasion, I believe their ears are still ringing. Regarding health insurance? I do sincerely wish that the current administration had A) Fixed Medicare, and B)Extended it to cover the unemployed and those who for one reason or other were without coverage. In other words, to incrementally address the real but relatively minor problem. But no . . .

Froggy – No, I’m not impressed either – but it was a budget meeting, and not knowing any of the particulars, I decline to judge the situation. Funny thing, though – people do get pissy when they’ve been insulted. Even on blogs – who would have thought it?

Token and Duval . . . I would suggest that this discussion continue on your own blogs. I am about to lower the Mallet of Loving Correction.

Finally – and this is going out to everyone who has been all to happy to go along with the smear-du-jour by accusing Tea Partiers of being stupid, poor, redneck, racist, astro-turfed, rich, angry, tea-bagging, terrorists who have halitosis and pull the tags of mattresses: how does it feel, participating in a 21st Century version of the “Big Lie”? You know, the one where an accusation, no matter how baseless or even contradictory, is perpetuated, again and again and again, over and over, until it becomes conventional wisdom? Got that nice warm feeling of affirmation, launching a verbal handful of slime at the Approved Party Target, in company with all your like-minded pals? Feeling all refreshed and virtuous after the daily two-minute hate session? Good – but I would caution you, as I have once or twice before on this blog – it is a perilous business, going about casually demonizing the “other,” – especially with an insult this incendiary. This latest has managed to anger and insult responsible and patriotic fiscal conservatives to a practically nuclear degree. I promise -- those who are deliberately perpetuating this slander are going to wind up regretting that it ever crossed their lips.
Sgt. Mom

Thank you, I get tired of feeling called upon to respond to people like Duval--- I know I should just ignore them, but if you do, they get to think you have no answer to their "debate"

Feel free to, and I would appreciate it if you would delete my and Duval's entire exchange, including this. There is no glory in Biting a dog on his behind just because he has bitten you on yours, but it is an effective way of keeping them from doing it again.

Thanks for adding to the backlash against the intemperance of the left and all this post-Tucson talk of hostage-taking, suicide bombing, and extortion (Schumer's latest). After this rebuff by thinking people, the zealots may see if they can wring any more juice out of the charges of racism on which they have apparently given up.

Rumor has it that Obama has informed Media Matters and other organs that organize these smears that "blackmailers" is not to be used.