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FEBRUARY 11, 2010 10:56AM

Pitching College to the High School Musical/Glee Generation

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Kids these days, with their sexting and their Axe body spray and their Lady Gaga, amirite?  I've long known that there's what the kids are into these days and there's what I am into these days and ne'er the twain shall meet, but this recruitment video, produced by the Yale admissions office, makes me feel particularly long in the tooth.

Really? I mean, it's a fun concept, but if a kid's in a position to pick between Yale and other top-tier schools, is it really singing and dancing that's going to push them into the Yale column?

I bet Harvard and Princeton are loving this.

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This is funny. My daughter and I attended the question and answer recruitment session for Princeton. No singing or dancing, but all the shrimp you could eat. _r
I think it's cute. But I can't imagine any high school junior or senior sitting through the whole thing. Also? It cracks me up that they feel like they need to "sell" themselves. Most everyone who does look at this already wants to get in but doesn't stand a chance.
Shaggy... I think that like surley's Valentine love poem, this had better be a spoof. If it's not I think they're trying to recruit the next members of the Mickey Mouse Club.
*Lainey, I hear you. I guess my daughter and I were surprised they were "recruiting" so vigorously. I'm betting 99% of the kids eating the shrimp didn't apply or didn't get in. My daughter was one of the 99%.
Are they really serious.....it owes a great deal to SNL!
Holy SHIT. That was like watching Grease on Valium ... or maybe it would be better on acid? I dunno but don't make me watch it again.

Oh and it would have been better if everyone was wearing a bodysuit like Beyonce in Put A Ring On It.

ps - clicked MJ in Atlanta WalMart yesterday - just to be contrary
It went from "so bad it's good" to just plain bad again. But wait! It has a cameo by Brian Williams who I lurve. Bad? Good? Confusing.
Please tell me that you DO NOT have a Lady GaGa poster in your office.
My friend's son sings at Yale, so I guess it works for him!
Academia gone commercial? Yale gone Fame?
There is a fine line between parody and tribute. This video trips over that line. I have no idea which this is supposed to be. It's not funny enough to be parody. And too sappy not to be. Plus, the song sucks. And really, almost 17 minutes of this? Ouch.
Hmm. I thought this was going to be funny... or uplifting.... Instead, it's just lame. Great substitute for valium.

And Yeah, some Beyonce + Lady Gaga would have been nice.
The rest of my comment was, both my twin sons and daughter have interviewed locally for Yale. The boys did not get in, but we do have our fingers crossed for our daughter....that being said, she has several back ups, seeing how she doesn't sing.. it might be good...
I think what's really impressive is that it was created, produced, and performed by Yale students and alumni. THAT would make me want to go there.
This. Is. Awesome.

I love the video and have already watched it twice. (I got a little misty both times. ) The happiest years of my life were spent at Yale (1981-85). The video is vintage Yale: intentionally cheesy, clever, light-hearted, and fun. The kids remind me of countless people I knew there (and virtually no one I know in Oklahoma.)

Joie de vivre is the central message. The notion of Ivy League stuffiness is decimated and the spirit of friendship and community emphasized. Everything else is fluff.

Yale is profoundly musical; every other person is a musician. There are two major orchestras, a huge glee club, countless a cappella groups, a Russian choir, a Slavic chorus, and scores of other groups. The theatre department, of which Meryl Streep is a product, is renowned.

"Is it really singing and dancing that's going to push them into the Yale column?" Often, yes: music and theatre are huge draws. Advanced musicians can take lessons for credit (unlike Harvard).

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. This post is a blast. It makes me want to jump on the next flight to New Haven.

My husband has a master's from Yale - our eldest son wants to attend not because of this video, but because he believes it is where Indiana Jones teaches. I should add - he's 8.
I wanna go to YALE!!!!