JULY 10, 2011 1:31AM

Hi everyone. Remember me?

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Probably not. I haven't been anywhere in the neighborhood of Open Salon in months.  Years, really. And I'm sure by now the neighborhood has changed.  New people have moved into some of my favorite cover spots. The Squirrels and Wonderhorses have been replaced by... well... I don't know.  Other absurd animals, I guess. I'd probably know if I were still around here.

But the point is: you probably don't know who I am.  Most of the folks who do are probably long gone.  But I used to hang around this joint a lot.  The editors seemed to like me, and were quite generous in promoting my tip-tap-typings. I got to be on the cover from time to time.  But now, coming back to the old neighborhood, I'm a nobody. Just another face in the crowd.

 And that's A-OK by me. The old have to die to make room for the new.  That's the way it's always been and that's the way it always will be.  Only fools try to fight it, and not the good kind of fool that does a lot of kissing and dancing and rushing in. 

So that's why I thought it was odd to get two messages in my OS inbox about my hair in the past week. Two, in one week.  I get a ton of spam in my OS inbox--I never even checked it when I blogged here regularly--but I recieved email alerts about these two messages, so I knew they were legit.  And they were legit.  They both referenced this old blog post from March of 2009.  Twenty-eight months ago.  My old blog posts are still getting traffic? I decided to check it out.  And sure enough, my old blog posts are still getting traffic: 

Enduring OS Popularity 

I can understand the Michael Jackson post getting 300 hits in the past month, since that post was built on a series of images comparing MJ to Elvis and always got a lot of traffic through Google image searches.   But 200 hits this past month for a post about my outlandishly curly hair? Really? 140 hits for my open letter to the full frontal nudists at my gym? What are you people putting into your google searches?

So even though I'm gone, it looks like my old storefront on the corner is still here, waiting for me.  Someone's been paying the utility bills.  I few people are still trickling into my shop, and the AdSense pennies are still slowly piling up.  But now I'm an antiques dealer.  Can I interest you in a humorous Nancy Drew book review? It's vintage! Or how about a clever sonnet about malfunctioning technology? It's a classic, and if you like it, it's the first of a series! So step right up! Just leave your pennies on the counter.

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WElcome back. I agree that it's insanity.
It's also magnificent. We buy Mercedes.
We earn money and get a Peace PU car.
Mercedes has a Peace sign on the auto.
Some go to church on Sunday. Prey.
After mass they go for the gluttony .
Folks have brunch and get drunk.
Welcome back. Ya get some hits?
Carry a little league oak ball bat.
I actually DO remember you!
Yeah. I do remember you dear. Some of the old crowd still rattles around here. Glad to see your curly head sticking up in these parts of the cyber world again.
I remember you. Your hair. Your cover posts.

Very nice to see you again.
I remember you. You find the crazy videos like the funny future dance. Yes, and I remember we both like Nancy Drew.
Hey, I remember you and missed your humor. I hope you are going to write here again.
Hey SL, good timing, leaving when you did.
The place is barely treading water these days.
Cool that you still get hits tho.
I have this one about wolves in Idaho with images that
had over 20,000 hits last I looked a year or so ago.
Like 20 ratings but 20,000 looks.

Blog us up something
If there's an OS orientation for new kid on the block, you'll be the right mentor.
what waking and rita and trig said. me, four.
Nice neighborhood that you can go away for so long, leave the door unlocked, find nothing stolen and something left behind.
I certainly remember you and your hilarious posts. Some of the "old-timers" are still here. Except now we use our elbows as we jostle for space among the throngs of the new.
Of course your remembered here... I check in to OS sporadically these days. Still great writing on this site.....
Ironically I was thinking about you just a few weeks ago. Well I was thinking about the drawn avatars people use to have and how you were one of them. Maybe it was a psychic vibe. Spooky.
I'll admit to not being a follower of yours (there are so many people, and I myself have not been on much in the past year), but being basically in your same shoes ("anyone remember me?"), I wanted to let you know that I remember your name and when I clicked onto your blog, I definitely remembered your avatar.

Welcome back (even if only briefly to check out your new hits)!
Nice to see you here again SL...and congrats on the Harvard deal (yeah, inside info). Nice that you're still getting hits...any income from Adsense from all that? Yeah some oldtimes still here, and that plagiarizer is still being lionized...oh well.
Always a classic...
"you probably don't know who I am."

In my case, not probably, but definitely. Of course, it might help if you used your real name, but most OSers, who have every reason to be sensitive about the quality of their views and the expressions thereof, choose to follow your path.
I remember you...and Myra.
see, SL? some things haven't changed at all. :)
What candv said: I definitely remember Myra--that was a great series of stories!

Take care, Shags.
Hi, nice to meet you. I still can't get Ad Sense. Any tips?
Howdy. Have you seen Freaky anywhere?
Yeah, it's funny, the old posts sit there, still getting hits!! EEK!! :D
Hey, welcome back, I guess! I'm brand new here as of yesterday and am still finding my way around. I seem to have joined at an awkward time when "technical difficulties" have been going on for so long that lots of folks are discouraged. I've posted a little piece about helping my aged parents in their Dementia Years, and hardly anyone has read it yet, so I'm trying to figure out ways to give it some attention without annoying the OS world too much. See you around!
I assumed you were out shaving Blevin's back.