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Shannon McKenzie

Shannon McKenzie
Apeldoorn, Netherlands
December 28
I am a poet and an athlete. A devoted mother. A fine lover. A baker and an excellent cook. I am in awe of life and can't wait to see what it has in store next.


FEBRUARY 22, 2011 4:44AM

Young Composers Meeting Apeldoorn 2011

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With Valentine's Day safely behind us, it's time for True Love: love of the arts, or more specifically... love of modern music.


For years now the Young Composers Meeting has been held in our fair city. And for the last ten years, I have had the pleasure of playing host to these talented young people who stay as guests in my hotel.

The week starts off with an Opening Concert on Sunday and all week long the composers rehearse with the wonderful orchestra, De Ereprijs, and their mentors,  prepairing their piece for the Final Concert on Friday. Last Friday was the Big Night and was a lot of fun and a great success. I found this year to be particulary inspiring and here are the results of that inspiration so far. I hope it can in some way express the graditude I feel for all of the artists/musicians who participate in this unique event. Best of luck to you all!

De Ereprijs ( ereprijs is the latin name of the flowering plant" Veronica")

Veronica! Veronica!

The whole world


At your feet.

The new

And the brave

The untried tested


Veronica! Veronica!

Breathe in their intentions

And exhale the music

Through your limbs

Push out the rhythm

Strike up the beats

And the

_ off-beats.


Veronica! Veronica!

Give life to the page

With the air

In your lungs

Give birth to the



Or not.


Veronica! Veronica!

Dive in and delve

Our ears are sharpened

And our breath bated

Take us down the path


And let freedom flower


Shannon K. McKenzie, Impressions of YCM 2011


Ear Wax

Cling to the sense of before now.


The ancient ground

Bears new fruit

It’s wax traced back


Eaten by the new.

the now is nourished/grows/morphs

It’s audible scratches the Earth


Spits the seed,

Sowing renewal.


under the cover of static

and the eschewal of the modern,

Cannot deny the New

And merge forth.


Shannon K. McKenzie, 2011

Impressions of The Sound of Wax, by Renske Vrolijk.

Openings Concert Young Composers Meeting 2011


Ryan Rotten


Airtime for pop stars!

Tripping over the absurdity

  wearing Sarcasm Boots

Stomp on the shards of glass

Will you

Swallow and sing?

I’ll shove bits in my ear

while I

Listen to your

Rendition of:

    Televised Justice


Cause you‘re the pop star now,




Of dissonance

That are perfectly



Listen how the notes clash

Who needs a drummer

When you can orchestrate

A slam dance?


This is what happens

When Johnny Rotten

Receives a formal education:

He wins first prize.


Shannon K. McKenzie, 2011

Impressions of the Young Composers Meeting 2011

music by: Ryan Latimer, ROTTEN MUSIC


The Nature of Change

Perceptions are

What the eye

Takes in.

Not what it is,

But just as it seems…

Truth is a concept.


Everything is complete.

Even a speck of

Dirt is


It is nothing under my shoe.

It is the bed from which life bursts.


Close your eyes to

The barren landscape


Wake to the New Day

Lush and



Trust the bounty

Of the Earth

Even when she is

Unable to give.

Or you unable

To receive.


Shannon K. McKenzie 2011

Impressions of the Young Composers Meeting 2011

music by: Peter McNamarra, Cross Modifications


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Shannon, I can't imagine how thrilled the composers must be. What a gathering. And what a thrill it must be for you, to witness it so close-up and personal.

I have to wonder if any of this will get to YouTube, or anywhere that you can link to it? I have this incredible need to hear Johnny Rotten with a formal education.

The final verse to your "The Nature of Change" is very powerful.
Thank you Divorce Bard...yes, there are audios available! Due to the fact that the site is written in Dutch, it could be a bit daunting, but if you are prepared to follow my instructions, you shall hear for yourself what "Johnny" sounds like. All of the pieces are available for listening, so also Peter McNamarra's piece and don't miss Andy Ingamell's "Punk Rock You're My Big Cry Baby"...lovely ode to the Ginsberg poem!
So here's what you must do:
click on the YCM button and you will get a dropdown menu. Click on the first choice: "opnames slotconcert YCM 2011" you will see a list of all of the pieces. click onto the music of your choice and enjoy!
You can also youtube: Young Composers Meeting 2011 and see and hear Renske Vrolijk's Sound of Wax and also Trevor Grahl's "Hussy" which is just great. I hope you are successful! Rock on!