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December 31
I am a librarian, teacher, writer, philosopher, mother, daughter, granddaughter, perpetual student, recluse and lover of literature and music. What else is there? Really. I can be found here:


JANUARY 28, 2012 11:40PM


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The enemy is not the person pleading, with their hand out, starving for some truth that isn’t there; the enemy is the person denying that person their human rights. It’s not about what is mine or yours, but about what is ours. We cannot steal from each other, within stealing from ourselves. I am not the enemy. I am not truth. We are everything.



A great many people are discussing what is in their opinion, the great idea of drug test welfare recipients.  Great idea.  Further isolate and harass those that are most burdened.  Because you know what, being born poor is a crime. . .surviving a horrible education is a crime. . .having no options is a crime.  


Occupy people's minds. 


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