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Shannon Rosa
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October 12
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APRIL 22, 2012 2:58AM

Autism Apps: Comic Strip - CS

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And so sometimes your son's home program supervisor says, "but isn't there an even simpler app for  making social stories and scripts, you know, like a comic strip?"

A ten-second iTunes search and voila: Comic Strip - CS! For only 99 cents, even!

The ice cream story above took less than five minutes to make on the iPad once we'd taken the pictures, as the interface is extremely simple and straightforward. The options aren't extensive, and I wish some of them were more flexible (scaling thought bubble and font size, flipping speech balloons), but hey -- the app cost 99 cents.

Mali was impressed as well. Here's her first effort:

Recommended, as long as your expectations are realistic, and especially if you have kids who can create and who might enjoy creating their own one-page comic strips.

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