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JANUARY 12, 2011 4:04PM

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught - UPDATED with more links

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Blood Libel??? Does Sarah Palin have a clue what that means? Or is it her plan to spread further hatred and prejudice against Jews. By using this term Blood Libel, she brings forward an ancient accusation which was used against the Jews. This accusation was used as an excuse to murder Jews. Here is the definition of Blood Libel: 
Blood libel (also blood accusation[1][2]) refers to a false accusation or claim[3][4][5] that religious minorities, in European contexts almost always Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays.[1][2][6] Historically, these claims have–alongside those ofwell poisoning and host desecration–been a major theme in European persecution of Jews.[4]
If you read further in the discussion about this term, you will see how it was language that was manipulated and used against a certain group, to ostracize it, to punish it, to kill it, etc. Is that what Sarah Palin is saying we are doing by saying her rhetoric is violent and may lead to people acting violently as a way of supporting her and her agenda or the agenda of the Tea Party? Wow, Sarah, Really? You have no responsibility for your violent framing of your rhetoric, you didn't think someone, of little intelligence or diminished mental capacity might take some of your words literally? Now, they might in some way equate this to Jew Hating by using the word Blood Libel? You don't think some of  your learned members aren't looking that up right now and seeing the real meaning of it and learning or refreshing their hatred of the Jewish people? Words, words, words, yes they can be dangerous and with them  you can unleash the wrath of many ignorant and angry people. 
The thing is does she want us to believe that the Tea Party or herself are being persecuted unjustly by using this term? I hardly think that equating her violent rhetoric to murdering the 9 year old child attending the event in Tuscon is the same thing, nor was it so implied until she did it. She suggests that she in fact had this kind of power by using the term blood libel in this way. No one said Sarah Palin or the Tea Party murdered this child. They said and continue to say that they are afraid of the violent rhetoric and what it can lead to and they directly relate that the mentally unbalanced shooter was in some way influenced by their violent rhetoric.
That is the accusation and that is what some using their standards is the fact. I believe I also heard that the accused did have a paper mentioning Giffords in his belongings. So perhaps there is a direct connection that she was specifically a target. If so, then why? Who made her the target for this deranged person? Who put her in his cross hairs?
 Now, Sarah, you think that your words and efforts have no effect? Well, just keep spreading your fear and poison, soon there might not be any more of those pesky Republicans to get in your way, the ones who are moderate, or just not conservative enough to suit you. That sheriff the other day spoke from the heart when he said that the violent rhetoric led to the massacre at Tuscon, and here is further proof of just how much of a "leader in hate" you really are:

After Giffords Shooting, Several AZ Republicans Resign Amid Fears of Tea Party Violence

What the Arizona Republic calls a "nasty little battle" has broken out among Republican members of Arizona's Legislative District 20 in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting. Several Republicans have resigned, citing fears that local Tea Party supporters will harm them or their families for not being conservative enough.

Now-former Chairman Anthony Miller was among those to resign. A former campaign worker for Sen. John McCain, Miller sent an email to state Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen just hours after Saturday's shooting, saying, "Today my wife of 20 yrs ask (sic) me do I think that my PCs (Precinct Committee members) will shoot at our home? So with this being said I am stepping down from LD20GOP Chairman...I will make a full statement on Monday."

Miller said he faced "constant verbal attacks" from the Tea Party after being elected to his second term last month. Many of those attacks centered around Miller's involvement with McCain's bid last year against Tea Party darling J.D. Hayworth. 


The first and only African-American to hold the party's precinct chairmanship, Miller said he has been called "McCain's boy," and during the campaign saw a critic form his hand in the shape of a gun and point it at him.

"I wasn't going to resign but decided to quit after what happened Saturday," Miller said. "I love the Republican Party but I don't want to take a bullet for anyone." 


After Miller's announcement, three other District 20 Republicans quit: newly-elected secretary Sophia Johnson, first vice chairman Roger Dickinson and former district spokesman Jeff Kolb, who said in an email, "This singular focus on 'getting' Anthony [Miller] was one of the main reasons I chose to resign."

By Lauren Kelley | Sourced from AlterNet 

Posted at January 12, 2011, 9:26 am

 Someone on a Face Book comment on a Joan Walsh thread about Palin and her Blood Libel rant, gave this link. I think it suits. 
Just a reminder to all the readers out there. For the last 10 years since Bush was elected to office as President, there have been many correlations drawn to the pre WW II Germany and the rise to power of fantascism.  I am a watcher. I looked at what Palin said today and thought of how the Brown shirts came to power and the various infighting amongst the rise to power of Hitler. Never before today, when I see this about the Arizona Republicans resigning has this seemed such a correlation before. We need to be diligent. We are at the beginning of a very dangerous path. We must all be very aware of our steps. I know what it is like to be in campaign and have your life threatened and that of  your staff. I know what the angry rhetoric can do, I have lived it. I tell  you all now, there is something that you need to be aware of. You cannot sit back. You must stand up. Oh, I was vindicated on most accounts, but the damage is dangerous enough. And that is all she wrote.
Copyright 2011 by SheilaTGTG55 unless otherwise attributed.
Check out this link too from Philip DeFranco on Sarah Palin. 
This NYT article points out that other have used the same phrase in reference to the event in Arizona. However, Palin is the most prominent figure to have used it and also they mention that it is particularly of note since Rep. Giffords is Jewish. So, you may draw your own conclusions, was this an anti Semitic slam on Giffords by Palin or not? Well, I don't think we will ever really know that.   

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After seeing some of this come up in email and on face book today, I just wanted to weigh in, especially on how people are taught to hate. Sarah, if she has done anything, has done just that, in spades.
Sheila, I find Mrs Palin's use of the term especially poignant since Congresswoman Giffords is Jewish.
And it is said that her speech was written by Bill Kristol, also Jewish. No, no, no, no. This. outrageous. rhetoric. has. got. to. stop.
Her use of the blood libel is typically disgusting and ignorant, of course.

It struck me reading this, especially, "I love the Republican Party but I don't want to take a bullet for anyone" that these people have such a strong element of wanting everything to go exactly their way at no cost to them -- the quitters, the stayers, all of them.
I cannot speak her name without anger now.
rated with hugs
She was reading off a teleprompter and I doubt she wrote any of this. But, she said it and is trying to run away from her statements and her target maps. She really turns my stomach!
I don't think she was "taught." I think she is simply a narcissist who is ignorant. Someone on her staff wrote that for her. She read it off the teleprompter.

As a Jewish woman, like Gabby Giffords, I am especially disgusted.
Sheila this is an extraordinary post. The video is absolutely chilling. I only regret that I cannot rate you twice.
Too bad when she was referring to "monstrous," she couldn't recognize herself.

Her branding machine and PR people are obviously as ignorant as her.
Catherine: This is something that was extremely offensive to me. My son just visited Neuengamme Concentration Camp yesterday, and I will leave you with this, her brand of hatred is a most dangerous kind. Most dangerous.

Dolly: If this is true, how crushed I am that he would inject this kind of hatred, which has such potential to explode, into this moment.

nerd cred: Yes, it is all okay unless the fire they are playing with drops a few glowing embers on them. They let some kind of hate genie out of the bottle and now they cannot contain it, even against themselves.

Linda: I tried not to get involved with this, but I will not stand in Mauthausen CC again, and remember what was done there, and forget it now. I will not sit by and say nothing when she says Blood Libel.

pastvoices, thanks.

scanner: You know, I wrote my own speeches, and wrote stuff for other people to say too. I was always careful to be clear on what I was saying. I coined a few phrases in my time. That is the danger. If you say something you don't really understand, it can enter the language and carry a meaning that you did not even intend. SHAME on her for being so STUPID.

Lea: I am angered and fearful when things like this get introduced. I would like to call NCJW to make a statement about this use of Blood Libel, at the very least if we speak up, then we are on the record with our disdain. I will be sending an email. I have already requested them to make a statement in reaction to her use of the words. I want immediate condemnation of her for this. It is nothing but hate. She cannot justify its use in her statement, not to me anyway.
Fay: Thank you for saying that. I am outraged and this helped me vent.

Scarlett: Yes, I believe she is a kind of monster. It amazes me how much power she has garnered for herself.
Good for you. This was truly appalling and needed to be answered. Rated.
Steven: Thanks, I am glad you agree. Thanks for stopping by.
I cannot believe she stepped in that one. That's what she gets for trotting out a sound bite that wasn't approved by Sound Bite Central--but then again, she's a maverick isn't she?
Steve: I really understand that at least two other entities used this same phrase with respect to this event. However, she is the most prominent and dare I say, the least bright.
such a high price to pay for "freedom" of speech, it seems to me we forget speech has consequences
I'd just like to add that I happen to be reading a retelling today of the story of the Prague Ghetto and the golem Josef which, of course, is a story of an Easter pogrom. Did it take me this long to make the connection because I'm an idiot or because Palin's use of the just that ridiculous? I prefer to think the latter.

If Kristol really did write her speech, and it wouldn't surprise me because he's at least as stupid and narcissistic as she is, and not that I think he's actually capable of shame, but if he did then shame on him.
because Palin's use of the just that ridiculous?

because Palin's use of the term is just that ridiculous?

nothing deflates a perfectly good comment quite like leaving out a word or two ...
These sick, amoral people seem to forget that with "liberty" comes responsibility. Words AND deeds have consequences. Too bad they cry like babies whenever things don't go their way -- deny, attack, deny is the only behavior they know.
Not that I agree with Palin, but isn't she accusing her critics of making the same overwrought charges against her that the persecutors of the Jews used against them?

That's how it reads to me and while I don't agree with the analogy, how is casting herself in the role of the persecuted Jews an attack on Jews? Maybe I've missed something.

Of course, to make today's statement about HER, well, let's see how that contrasts with Obama's.

And just to be clear, I fully agree that she was palling around with assassination language.
Vanessa: I completely agree.

nerd cred: What her speechwriter put together was essentially very twisted in the context of Rep. Giffords faith. I think it was almost by design, on some dark level. Sarah the parrot did what she always does, did not have an original thought about it, except to try and protect herself.

emma peel: Yes, there is responsibility with language. I want to say that some speech is not free. It can get you jailed, sued or beat up. Responsible people use language responsibly.
Abrawang: My thoughts ran down a similar path as yours. I discuss that confusion in my statements. My point is, is that she has no understanding of that kind of persecution and it had no relevance to her experience. It is an insult for her to use in a speech, especially one that she tries to defend her behavior in that may well have in fact incited the incident which critically injured a woman, who just happens to be of that faith. She was not the only person to have used the remark regarding this incident, but in no case does it portray, in my opinion their part in what has happened. The fact that other Republicans in the area are being intimidated by the Tea Party and are in fear because they are "not conservative enough", supports my analysis. I hope that there is enough backlash from her use of this term that she is finally shown to be the narcissist, ignorant, voice that she is. I tried to believe better of her, but just too much was rolled into this for me to absolve her of wrong doing. Her speech was offensive and it reminds me of a child who does something terribly wrong and chooses to deflect her part by handily pointing out the sins of another child so the wrath is at best divided. The problem is too many people are prejudiced against Jews, blacks, gays, you name it and these people, aren't too eager to fact check. They are lead by passionate speech, and the more hate tinged it is, the more riled up they get. There is a connection. Thank you for your comment, and yes, I do understand your point, it occurred to me too, but then upon my own reflection and the more I read, I simply did not see it that way.
I don´t understand why is this woman actually getting any attention at all... stupidity should not have any media coverage at all... there.. if media targets some one as STUPID then they would know who NOT to cover and NOT to enterview ... she just need to be cut off the media frame... that is what I think
Great topic
I love you
Sheila, I've written a few political speeches and while I don't claim it as a forte, at least I had enough of an antenna to know that you don't use an unusual phrase without knowing its connotations. Palin's statement just seemed to me to be more insensitive, egocentric and tone-deaf than anti-Semetic. That's all I meant to say.

On your other point, I never realized that things had gotten to the state where regular Repubs were now fearing for their safety due to the militancy of the TPs. Per Obama's speech, I appreciate that we're supposed to be more civil with our discourse but I'd like to know where's the starting point with that crowd.
OMG just when you thought it was safe to celebrate full multiculturalism this happens...
One sad thing about Ms. Palin is that we have always presumed that she was more than she demonstrates that she is once she opens her mouth. Back when she had her interview with Katie Couric, if she had said, The Anchorage Gazette, and USA Today, she would have received some criticism, and it would be forgotten by now. Instead, she had to grab it and try to BS it into something that it wasn't. It failed. When Charlie Gibson asked her about Bush's "worldview", she tried to BS it. It failed. When she claimed that the press was out to get her, while she goes to work for FOX and builds a studio in her house, she BS'd it. It failed. Now she says that her persecution is analogous to Jews in the middle ages. Wow!
Sarah Palin is a major destructive force in American society. Her views must be denounced loudly and clearly by both parties.
I think Palin doesn't know what she is saying 95% of the time, she just loves hearing her own voice. If her memory fails she makes up words.

Great post, Sheila.
Bonnie: Thanks for stopping and the link.

Mauricio:I agree with you. I thought you had to be intelligent and responsible to be the leader of the people, I thought that people realized that the puppets of the past were not successful and an embarrassment. But, it seems some can still be fooled and ignorant. We will live with their choices however, if they continue to vote and we don't.

John: I agree with you John. Thanks for stopping.

Padraig: Exactly. Inciting the masses to hatred and eventually killing. We have seen it before, long ago and not so long ago.

Algis: Yes, there are those still wandering with their hatred still on their sleeves and putting words into the puppet's mouths. Ah, Algis, maybe a dark film for you to make.

Bill: Yes, WOW. How to shut her up? Take the puppetmasters on. So far this has been extremely unsuccessfully.

Steve: We need someone bold, a spokesperson to really denounce her. We need someone with some notoriety, who is beloved. I wish someone would come forward and knock her socks off verbally and denounce Fox and all those puppetmasters too.
Scary stuff...and I thank you for defining that term, Sheila, because I didn't have a clue...and Palin didn't either, of course...
Keka: There was a time when people understood the words that came out of their own mouths. They took care to be civilized, to understand the implication of their words. We listened to people with that in mind. Now mindless people speak and mindless people listen.Those of us who have a mind who speak with well chosen words, who understand there meaning, must be the leaders, must present in competition with those who are mindless. Only then can those who do not think, cannot understand be led with truth and civility. Our voices must be stronger and our leaders in the forefront. Otherwise, we might as well throw in the towel now. At the root of all this unbalance is money. Those who fund the people who speak but do not think are trying to rule those who do not think and those that do. IT is all about what they want, and their greed. There is no morality involved for them.