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FEBRUARY 22, 2011 2:22PM

Rachel Maddow Takes Down Governor Walker Round 1

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Walker and the Wakenhut Connection, yes that is a real is a private security company.


What 70,000 people are in the streets about is about union busting, voting rights, imperial power and the domino effect. Will  you be ready when the Republican union busting comes to your legislature in the form of budget propaganda?

The Governor is going to make it harder to register to vote, using public policy for partisan ends. He actually has passed part of this. Jeff Simpson has said that "By the way Rachel got one thing wrong, they did not just make it hard by passing a voter id bill, they passed the MOST restrictive voter ID bill in the country. Student IDs are not a legitimate form of ID here in Wisconsin." 

 Special thanks to facebook friend John Fugelsang who brought this to my attention a couple of hours ago today."This takes about 10 minutes to watch & is the best take I've seen on what's actually going on in Wisconsin. Essential viewing - especially for anyone on the fence about the situation."
While you may live in a state far, far away, if Republicans get their way, your state will not be safe either.  Remember the Wisconsin 14, the brave Democratic legislators who are literally evading state police capture to be able to delay the vote in Wisconsin. They have in most cases fled the state. Why? The governor needs a quorum which includes them to take the vote, which he has enough Republican support to pass. If the Democrats stay away, the vote cannot be taken. As we saw with the county board, when Walker was a part of that, he bulldozes his way through relying on his power and fearlessness to take charge and even make change when he does not have the authority, the people of Wisconsin are paying for some of his mistakes then, now, and here is a another huge one in the making. 
Post this to  your FB and lets get it going viral. Walker needs to be exposed and so does the "Republican" or should I say corporate strategy to bust unions and disect the middle class strategy too. Coming to a state near you.

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I think I'm girl crushing on Rachel Maddow.

Look out for Republicans with "Walker" anywhwere in their names! I've never seen anyone I wanted to see tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail more than this jerk. right now. I mean, I want him pelted with stinky rotten cheese too, while they're at it. ("Cheese boarding" maybe?) Support the Wisconsin 14.
Update on the Dominoes:

Indiana Dems have left the state to block and anti union bill.....
Ohio is now in the game.....
Tennessee is fighting now......
Michigan is gearing up......
Florida in the fight.....

I tried to post all the links from Joe Ferraro On FB, and the people's comments too discussing the other states and their actions, but comments won't take the links, so suffice to say, there is a lot popping right now.

Thank you all for your comments.
I'm thrilled to see those Wisconsin/Americans out on the streets, filling up the Capital....
Indiana? Ohio? Tennessee? Michigan? Florida? Next??
I'd love to see more Americans away from their homes, showing up in public, at their states' capitals, in their outrage at this gone-too-far approach to... "budget balancing"...
Go Ms. Maddow!!
Govenor Walker cannot be re-called until January 2012, according to Wisconsin law he must be in office one year before he can b re-called. However these Republicans have served at least one year and can now be re-called. These eight of Scott Walker’s Republican allies in the state senate have served at least one year of their current term which makes them eligible for a recall petition right now. And Democrats will only need to win 3 out of these 8 seats to regain the majority in the senate.

The eight Republicans who can be recalled right now are:
Robert Cowles
Alberta Darling
Sheila Harsdorf
Luther Olsen
Randy Hopper
Glenn Grothman
Mary Lazich
Dan Kapanke

Where there is a will there is a way. Wisconsin people should set these wheels in motion now...that might be there only hope of fighting off the disaster of Gov. Walker. If he does somehow succeed in doing his damage, just like with the county board layoffs there will be ramifications that run into millions of dollars for the people of the state. Mark my words, it will be a huge mess, and if the state was not on the verge of bankruptcy now technically, it will be when he is done with his attempt at destroying his state and all its gains, along with the rest of the country. It is not the people in any of these states doing this, rising up, it is the elected Republican mouthpieces for business. In the end some of those union workers who voted for the Republicans will be eating their hats. That is the only thing they will be able to afford.
- well done, Sheila. The Maddow video is a succinct summary.
More on the little dicktater

I also think we women need to get out and march against this ridiculous Planned Parenthood cut.
rated with hugs
I just don't understand it!! You try to do this and you fill up your state house with hundreds of thousands of people protesting the action, with like maybe 2 or 3 hundred 'Tea Party' folks out in agreement with your actions and you still don't understand that your plan of action is a bad plan of action.

Step back from the Tea and look, is this really a good idea? Really? Or is it just an attempt to hurt the little people? The voters!

2012 --- Throw his ass out!!!
Thanks for your comments everyone, lets keep posting to facebook and let this video go viral. It does need to be seen.
rated because you are so right that we need to make more noise on the happenings in Wisconsin because it will hit home and undermine the efforts of all of us on the left.

i want to rate it twice seeing as how you own the vodka butt drinking tag.
Excellent post. Legislators in Indiana left the state today and if people think it will not effect them, they are sadly mistaken. There is a concerted effort by conservative governors and the lobbyists behind them to do away with all unions and to make voting a hardship so many democrats, who are more unlikely to have the right identification, can vote. This is a travesty!
this video seems to be making its rounds on the Internet. Good. Butt vodka has soooooooo many "campaign possibilites" and just give gives credence to conservatives talking (and now drinking) out of their asses!
We must stand in solidarity. I genuinely hope that people realize what they have done in supporting and voting for this ridiculous excuse of a libertarian.