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MARCH 3, 2011 11:37AM

Republican Class Warfare

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I live in a blue state. It occurs to me that it is shocking that Republicans, whether they all agree or not, whether they all support the Tea Party agenda or not, whether they are conservative or moderate, are involved in this attack on the working class and women. Yesterday I told you about what was going on in Illinois, with sudden introduction of House Bills that have little to do with anything good for anyone, but yet are designed to be attacks on women's reproductive services. I suggested that perhaps the GOP is trying to eliminate women from the workforce by manipulating their reproductive rights, the very rights which allowed them to participate more evenly in the workforce and make headway in various careers, the ability to prevent pregnancy. Is that how the GOP creates jobs and helps the economy?


My neighbors to the north are on the battlefield now because with 2 of the country's longest wars, still in motion, it is apparently not enough fighting for the GOP. They are now fighting the middle class, the workers of this nation and it is in Wisconsin, but will come to a state near you very soon.


Recently the conservative stacked Supreme Court made a ruling that freedom of speech included screaming and insulting grieving families while they bury their war dead. It was protected free speech. I liken it more to hate speech and while there is no 'hate crime' taking place in their view, the speech is hateful enough to attack gays, in a situation that has little to do with gays, but is being used as an attention getting mechanism. It is shameful. It is hateful; can it be considered a hate crime?


Louis Farrakhan is back on his anti Jew rant and has written a book, which will make headway in the anti Semitic world, just as the current Pope lays out his new book absolving the Jews of being wholely responsible for the killing of Jesus. 


So if Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam in this country, but reaches out world wide, can in Hitleresque fashion bring forward his case for Anti-Semitism, does that bring him in direct conflict with the Pope and his new expose on the long held Christian tradition that the Jews killed Jesus?


The Supremes will stand by and tell us that it is all freedom of speech, so when the bullets start flying and the bombs start falling and the shoes start getting thrown, who is responsible? The people with the freedom of hate speech?


Currently the press is as bold as brass with their interpretation of the truth and whose 'truths' they like better. Does that mean we visit them for the 'real truth' even as the truth itself, the facts themselves play out before us?


How is our freedom of speech being used to perpetuate old hatreds and misunderstandings, with no checks or balances, no one to referee the truth? So now we have a new television ad by the bold progressives regarding what Governor Walker in Wisconsin is really doing. Is this freedom of speech, is it the truth? If it is, then why do we not impeach him for lying? Why do we let him have the power to destroy a long fought for system of protecting American workers in his state, why do we allow him to kill off the middle class in favor of big business?


Where is the recourse for the man whose son has served our nation, died for it and his parents must endure shouting and hate speech at the very moment when he is supposed to be laid to rest? How does freedom of speech attack those who are so vulnerable? How does it happen that Governor Walker can upset the lives of thousands of people with his willful lies and tirades, forcing a whole segment of our society to its knees for the sake of lies and greed?


I am perplexed, as I am sure you are. It simply does not compute with me. I therefore rest my case, a case for continued confusion regarding the American Experiment in Democracy. Oh, that's right some say Republic....
Oh, and this is a RANT, if you got worked up, so be it. We should all be worked up right about now. 
Copyright 2011 by SheilaTGTG55
I-Team Report Louis Farrakhan Rising Hostilities 
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CBS reporting on the Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Westboro Baptist Church  protests.
 My post on Planned Parenthood and HB in Illinois designed to slip through and undermine a woman's right to choice and reproductive services, not just abortion.
You Tube:  Republican War on Working Families; Bold Progressives 

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Okay, a nice political rant for all of you today, tomorrow more Intrigue and the Grossglockner. Best to all of you and especially our friends in Wisconsin who are fighting the good fight for us all.
As you know it boggles my mind too.
There needs to be some classification.
rated with hugs
I keep banging on your rating button.. Let me know if I did not succeed.
Linda: Got it, and thank you, I was really seeing the rule as hate speech or more dangerous than free speech. I find it hard to believe that it is protected. You know I was thinking, if someone, like a group of adults, went to a pre-school and ranted condemning and accusatory remarks, hate speech at the children on the playground, would that be freedom of speech? What if they said G-d told them it was so? Is that religious freedom? What if the children were frightened? What if they said the very same things in their angry voices to the children? Is that really freedom of speech?
It's all quite obvious. The thick hatred flying, shutting down the government, destroying the middle class, enriching the Wall st. crooks and the bankers, destroying women's rights, enticing young Americans to get killed in foreign wars of no purpose except to enrage the Arab world, shipping all the best jobs overseas - what do you think is behind it? The Republican Party has become a very powerful arm of Al Qaeda and is thoroughly destroying the USA.
Jan: It is very interesting, the Republican leadership under Bush has very solid ties with the Saudi's so who knows what is what. The idea is somewhat hard to take, I think it is all about greed and money and power and I think that the corporate heads, like the Koch brothers think they are empire builders and that they would like this little piece of turf for their own purposes. It is all a sorry mess. A sorry mess. All the religious subterfuge is a way to grab more power. I have very sincere doubts about any religion that strives to build hatred and divisiveness, at best it is a complete corruption of perhaps a well intended faith.
My daughter and her husband, teachers both, have been joining the demonstrators in Madison. The whole thing makes me sick. I wonder if Scott Walker's tactics will drive college students away from the teaching profession. We could end up with a teacher shortage in a few years.
Over and over we have to fight the same battles. It is hard not to be discouraged but I beseech all women to remain steadfast once again to protect our health and dignity in a world gone mad (again). rated
It does seem as though we are moving back in time at the speed of light. I spent some time recently reading all about Alice Paul and the resistance tactics of the suffragists while in prison, and while it may have seemed far away a few years ago, it seems very near again today.
Sarah: Well, I wish your daughter and husband strength for the fight. It is terrible, but someone has to stand up and make this die. I hope that Walker gets recalled, or impeached. At any rate I understand that if we want immediate results, we can start recalling those Republicans who have been in office for at least a year and who are supporting this madness. If enough people get the instructions on how to do this, then we might see some heads rolling soon. Walker will fall when they do and hopefully the next time it comes time to vote, this all will change again.

I think that people would be driven away from the teaching profession. It is being devalued and maligned, not just through this action either. I think there will be a shortage and we will experience some devastating effects as seasoned teachers no longer participate.

Rosy: I am with you, I feel like we fight the same battles in a cycle over and over again. It is like a very bad script that we must all follow or die. We never seem to be able to squelch the greed, power and hate mongers permanently, it must be genetic.
Sophieh: I could not agree with you more. It seems I no sooner feel that there cannot be more to come, that it is not possible, and there it is, championed by some woman hater or fed by some greedy monolith. I am destined to keep fighting, I have a daughter and I will not go quietly into the night.
i've said this again and again: the problem the repugs have is their own rapaciousness and pretense. they are the party of reaction and prejudice, yet they are loyal, while the dems or those who would have the chance to be represented if they voted dem are not. what greater example is there at present than the public employees who voted GOP in the midterms?
Ben: Exactly, I just wrote this on Scanners post,"This is driving me completely nuts. I just want to do something about it and at every turn it seems our hands are tied. I bet every person who did not vote in the midterms is regretting they sat back on their asses now. I suppose they were really punishing us all weren't they, they were so angry at the Dems for not getting enough done, not doing it right, well, now look. UGH."

Oh, and I voted, and I took offense with every OS person, who got on the cover with their bs on why they were not going to bother to vote. I hope they feel a lot of guilt and remorse. I wrote so many times about why they needed to vote as a result of that, I risked pissing myself off.
And a nice rant it is. Unions in Ohio are as good as dead and many more are on the chopping block. What can we do to stop it. We voted the bastards in, we can vote them out.
Scanner: Let's hope we can vote them out.

Bonnie: Right on with all the distraction strategy.
Toritto!!!! Okie Dokie!!!! Had a business in Skokie, know all about Hate Speech and want it Stopped!!!
Instead of considering this type of insulting a legal matter, perhaps these people should be viewed as mentally unbalanced and they should be placed under medical quarantine for the sake of their mental health.
I voted, honest! And I definitely did not vote Republican.

And luckily for us, Meg Whitman was emphatically NOT elected Governor of California. I speak only for myself, but among my many reasons NOT to vote for Whitman was that she luxuriantly vilified public sector employees of which I am one during her campaign. I, the public sector employee, with the small rented apartment in Mountain View, earning a decent but by no means lavish salary, and benefits for which I must pay half as a half-time employee, was getting a finger wagged in my face for the immodesty of my lifestyle. By a billionaire with an estate in Atherton who couldn't be bothered to figure out if her household help was legal and who could afford to spend $140 million clams on her own campaign for governor. And evidently hardly even feel the loss. This sat really, really badly with me.

She could lose enough money in a 12 month period that was more than any ten working families would ever see in their lifetimes, yet begrudged us a modest, but decent standard of living. FEH!

Shiral: Thank you for your comment. Really, we are all trying and all continue to be shocked by people like Meg Whitman and Walker, the Koch brothers and all the greedy, greedy, power hungry people out there. I wish I had the answers.
You're right, we've entered a shameful period. New Jersey's governor gets the prize: this lackey of the billionaire class has accused schoolteachers of being "greedy." His fatcat pals, by contrast, are altruists.
Leon: Their realities collide like a large Hadron Collider, and we will all be in the big bang, I am afraid.