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FEBRUARY 18, 2012 1:27PM

Scott Walker, the man who gives sound to his nightmares

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I never really do music reviews, although in my youth, you might find me singing here and there. Music was actually a big part of my life at one time. 

Scott Walker is a person who I believe has created the music of the futuristic generation, the one that sees beyond normal and jumps into the unknown. If you had asked me yesterday anything about him, I would not have been able to give you anything of depth. Somehow today we connected, connected on some metaphor of politics and how the world is spinning.

I would have told you his recent music struck strange and yet melodic junctures in a straight line that continued to infinity. The stuff of dreams. Not pleasant Peter Pan dreams, but fearful, unsettling ones. It is almost like death set to some kind of strange floating memory, that has sound. Some sound.

I would say that he must have had some influence, some piece of his past that has stuck with him. Something that sizzled and burned underneath his creative layer, the early one that was popular, acceptable. I would say he is different. He did have many nightmares in his youth and life. He remembers them and they touch his work now. He is searching to share something that is so completely different, he is without match or measure. Many do not know what they are hearing, but they are hearing and if affects their very being.

As a  youth he went to the movies with his aunt, and frequently enough, early enough, that he saw the newsreels before hand. He remembers Mussolini hanging in the piazza. He remembers his mistress hanging upside down, six feet from the ground. He remembers trying to understand it and asking about it and receiving no answers. He does not forget it and it becomes a part and parcel of some of his work.

He is deliberate, creative, he knows what he wants to hear, and he is patient while it comes forward in his work. Untimely, he is timely and he can stop and correct and recreate until his passionate embrace of the macabe lends itself to the unschooled listeners ear.

You cannot be happy listening to most of this discordent crystal hanging and beautiful; and cracking and piercing your skin before your ears, your eyes.

The thing is, do we need to? Do we need to be happy or can we live in this moment of extreme discomfort long enough to walk away from it and wonder and exclaim, what was that? How does it suit me, how is it a part of my life? He is a poet and a musician. He is a reflection of our times which is the past and the future. He is not the pacifier of the message makers, he is the nightmare in the room, deep into the night, that we see in day.

Wickedness, no, fear, no, just unsettled art, reflection of the unsettled, the wisdom of it all gone wrong. 

Beauty, like beauty in death, when it ends it is peace.


 Scott Walker 30th Century Man.
Scott Walker Interview
Music for musicians maybe not music for concert.... 
No glorius arrangements , noises and big blocks of sound.... 
Time, he uses time differently..."he wants to move on himself, he cannot listen to this anymore....... "
 Walker began recording his next album in 2011, and is also composing the score for another opera to be performed in 2012.
paul cox
Paul Cox Image of Scott Walker 
Copyright 2012 by SheilaTGTG55 

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Something for all you music fans out there. Yes, he did some great early work, but take a look at this later stuff. It is pretty great too. Different, not what you expect, but he is still growing it, exploring it, doing it and it still resonates and, let's face it, he is a kind of master. A master of poetry and music.
Sheila ~ I was familiar with his story re: '60s popular recording artist--however, I was not up to speed on what he's doing these days and thank you for the update! (It's unfortunate he shares the same name with the Gov. of Wisconsin.)
designator: I wondered if I should make a better title...his current work makes me think of the political scene now or maybe the political scene is invading my consciousness in an odd way...
I must be getting forgetful. I can't remember the guy. I hope he does well on his album.
scanner: He was big in the pop sounds of the sixties. My brother had a band then so I remember a lot of those songs. This is from wiki:

The Walker Brothers' next release, "Make It Easy on Yourself", a Bacharach/David ballad, swept to No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart (#16 on the U.S. charts) on release in August 1965. After hitting again with "My Ship Is Coming In" (#3 UK), their second No. 1 (#13 U.S.), "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", shot to the top in early 1966 and shortly thereafter their fanclub grew to contain more members than the official fan club of The Beatles[3], though this is no indication that the Walker Brothers' actual fan base was ever larger. In any case, the Walker Brothers, especially lead singer Scott, attained pop star status.
Learned a lot here. Thank you! rated.
Jon: Thanks for visiting. I had no idea the depth his work had morphed into till recently. He was in a monastery for part of the time learning Georgian chant. The thing is I liked applying this discordant sound to some music when I used to sing. I like the aligning of the pitch and the sense of something being hit wrong. It was attention moving.
I particularly enjoyed his rendition of Jacques Brel's, Jacquie in the trailer. Haven't heard anyone sing that song in over twenty years. Thanks,
Old Man on the Mountain
jmac: Thanks for the visit!
I hadn't thought about the Walkers in a geologic age! Thanks for the update.
WOW! Thanks so much for this. At first I thought you were writing about the Governor of Wisconsin and I was going to question which century we should be discussing.
rated with love
cc: I know, made me feel old at first, then I realized he was older...hahahahahha!

Romantic: One could have been the inspiration of the never know.
I have just gotten home and I sat here and watched all these videos.
I dont think he has been low key as he says.. definitely a recluse.
We are going to investigate this film.
Who knew?
Well done Sheila.

Linda: Thanks for visiting. Just something different...
I'm not familiar with Scott Walker but I certainly like what I heard. Thanks for the intro.
Fay: He is close to 70 now, but he has evolved from pop star of the 60's to someone very experimental but relevant.
I remember the "Sun Ain't Going to Shine anymore". Great song!
scanner: Thanks for reading. I do remember those early works and it is like he was another person, but his evolution comes in very dark.
Thanks for the reminder about SW. he is really good and I congratulate you for this insightful post.
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Have a beautiful new week with love and happiness❤¸.•*¨✫
Algis: Thank you for your visit! I enjoyed writing about something I normally wouldn't.