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MARCH 29, 2012 11:35AM

Dear Laura Bush

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Dear Laura:

I have never written to you before, but you know, today is the day for something new. I am in the midst of a war you see. I am wondering how it got started and what we could have done to prevent it and I confess, I thought of you.

Oh, I am not going to blame you for the war that I am in. I am not even going to hint that it is all your fault, but I think there is a lesson here for all of us, including you. I think it is something that you might want to pass on to your daughters and any other young woman that you know, who might respect you.

When your husband was the Republican nominee, myself and the president of our non partisan pro choice community had a conference call with Ann Stone,  who was the founder of Republicans for Choice in 1989.  The lengthy call was in part a discussion of the path of the party on this issue and your beliefs. Yes, Laura, your beliefs. We were assured that you were pro-choice and we would have no need to be concerned regarding choice if your husband was elected. We challenged that and of course, Ann suggested that your influence would be felt by your husband. 

She was wrong. You were silent and we were disgusted. Another Bush woman sat back while women and their reproductive rights were thrown to the conservative,  religious, R party wolves. I often have thought of that moment, how your silence for 8 years devasted women's issues. I have thought of how you stuck to the safe and narrow path of what a women could be interested in, reading wasn't it? Also you were someone who helped advance the Susan B. Komen non profit. We all now know what that means now, don't we? Was that through your women's health and well being initivative, health omitting reproductive aspects, the very thing which distinquishes us from men?

I wonder how that felt to be silent for the sake of your husband's politics, to be a different first lady than Hillary Clinton, to show nothing which was not approved, to be restrained.

I got a sardonic smile when after your husband was out of office and you reaffirmed you pro choice stand, and also your thoughts on gay marriage. What a difference those 8 years made for all of us! You must see that now. Your silence, your acting the "good wife", what did that really get the American woman?

Perhaps, you are in part responsible for the successful attacks on women. Maybe, you helped stage this war. Perhaps you helped with your silence, offering a kind of collusion. Well at least no one got upset with you the way they did with Hillary, no name calling for you!

So many women like little time to remind them all, they had a hand in this war.

Before I sign off, I do hope all is well with the family, the girls especially. Hope they have access to every single aspect of good reproductive health, that they never want for anything. I expect that with you as their mother, all will be well. I just wonder about the rest of us, you know, the ones in the war. Thanks for eveything you did as First Lady, everything. I just hope that it was all worth it. No regrets right?

Best to you,




Copyright 2012 by SheilaTGTG55 

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We all do what we can... here's hoping Laura B will answer your letter.
If Laura would have put her big girl pants on, just like Hillary, I don't think we would be in the War on Women, such as it is, in quite the same way now. No one has to blame Laura, but Laura represents all the women who have deferred to the party, the Republican party, which now turns out to be to their own demise. Many women have left the party because the party is not their party anymore. It is an out of control old boys club, no women allowed, it is definitely the party of the 1%, of the stupid who don't know how to think, only follow, you know, the 1%. Cutting their noses to spite their faces, abandoning this country to corporate interests that goes well beyond most Americans and how they visualized and believed their country to be. We are in a War on Women and a War on Intelligence. IT is greed for the sake of greed, misogyny for the sake of hate and power and well, something that is well beyond the plans and thoughts of the founding fathers. I wonder if Laura has a pair of big girl pants now?
Well done my friend. She was one of the worst first ladies ever. Look at Michelle, taking on the big chains of food distribution and even the farmers to get our kids healthy. Like any public figures, ie. George Clooney and Sean Penn, do something with your power to persuade people to do right and make this country and the world a better place! Great post, EP stuff EMILY~~
And don't forget that she killed a man in a car accident when she was 17--not that it was deliberate. She always reminded me of an evil Betty Crocker.
Great post. Thank you/r
scanner: I hope this is an EP too, however unlikely that might be. I hope it gets read widely as I am sure some women might get it.
jmac: I don't think that Laura could answer me anything that I cannot already assume. Noting how she met and married Bush, I think I understand her situation, but if she had been stronger, smarter and such, things might have been different.

Erica: Yes, I never forget that either, regardless of her innocence, traumatic events do beat people down, make the malleable even at times.

Christine: Thank you for reading. It came to me last night that I should let Laura know and others, we all have a hand in what today has brought women.
Right in the kisser! Good for you Shelia. Not to mention the obvious war as well.
Yap: Thanks, that just how I felt!
I so hope she replies to this wonderful letter, Sheila. r.
Jon: Ha, I doubt it. No balls.
I agree. Laura Bush is pretty smart and semi-enlightened, so you have to wonder what incredible lapse of judgment caused her to marry her idiot husband.
John: I have wondered that more than once, but then I would not be alone, I am pretty sure she has too....
It is always good to vent. I hope that you get an answer. Most likely Laura is tired of the "dance" and glad to be away from it all. It must be very difficult to disagree with one's husband, particularly when he is President. Undoubtedly she was told to keep a low profile on choice issues. This is such a volatile subject. I understand your anger and frustration.
How will we ever know if she implored him privately. She is a reader. She seems intelligent. Maybe it fell on deaf ears. In any case, we have a first lady now who speaks her mind.
Ande: A friend, not on OS read this and gave me this response:
THANK YOU!! I just watched a Free Speech TV (I think) program that went through the life of HWBush who was nicknamed "Rubbers" by his colleagues when he was in the House of Representatives because he was so pro-choice and pro Planned Parenthood. He ditched it ALL and became pro-life when he was tapped as a possible candidate for VP with Reagan. Same with Barbara. They were so hungry for the power and ambition to get in line for the Presidency they didn't give a sh%$ about all the women in this country that they were ditching. That strata of wealthy people just don't get how vital these issues are to the "common" women in this country. Same with Romney.

I think that just about says it all, don't you?
Lea: I leave that to her conscious and his. Maybe she really challenged him, but somehow all the ridicule that Hillary has endured and how she has presented herself through it all, make her stand out as the women to admire, not this woman, in my opinion. I share Hillary's voice, I do not lay down and take it when I know it is wrong. Perhaps that was not an option for the Bush women, but perhaps they made their own way into the family and did not know how to make their way out....
God, I know. How many times have I thought this? She only has these positions when it's convenient for her party. "What about Betty Ford?" is what I want to scream to these women. That was a *real* Republican woman!
Razzle: I hear you!!!!!!!
Right on, Sheila. Right on! While I don't want to scream, clap my hands over my ears and run out of the room when I hear her voice the way I do her husbands' I get infuriated by all the pictures of that demure little first lady smile, of hers. She married that nitwit, and she kept her mouth shut for eight long years and let the idiot lay waste to peace, propsperity and progress.

Her daughters aren't much of a credit to her, either.

An excellent letter.
Shiral: Thank you. If it sounds like I am attacking her, well, not just her, all the other women who demurely said nothing while all this war talk on women got started and by their silence affirmed it, against their own good judgement, their own beliefs and their own lives. I want a fire lit under those women now and I want them screaming out, not speaking out, screaming it out. Republican women, WAKE UP!
Standing and clapping, giving applause for this strong piece of writing Sheila.
Excellent post...
She turned into the ultimate Stepford Wife.
Mission: Thank you, look for a few more in the future. In between my other fluff and fiction, you will see the raw stuff, I am fighting for my daughter's freedoms.

Reflections: Yes. I have heard that before. Can you imagine how much of herself she ultimately has compromised to be his "wife"? It is mind boggling.