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APRIL 10, 2009 9:48AM

Sheldon's Face: Revealed

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One of the great/annoying things about OS is the use of avitars. I've remained hidden, due mainly to my disfigurement from an ugly run-in with a couple of Hasidic plumbers several years ago. As a result, I took on the persona of Sheldon the Wonderhorse. A few of you have asked to see the man behind the horse, and I have always politely refused.  

However, Verbal's post yesterday on Virtual Model's, prompted me to rethink this. Perhaps it was time to come out of the proverbial avitar closet and show you, my OS friends, my actual face. I ask that you not judge too harshly.





Sheldon Horse: Wonderstar 

As you can see, I really like Casual Fridays.

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Oh. My. God. Was this taken in the Alps?
Damn! Now I'll never be able to read your posts without salivating over your physique.
You deserve a nice , big carrot!
Cartouche - Actually it was in Aspen. I dropped by Mary Kelly's place in Boulder for some Chilli and cornbread first. I asked if she wanted to come with me, but for some reason turned me down. Something about my manpart-hugging shorts.
Hawt!! sizzle - That's the way we all dress in Maine on sunny winter days.
I see a third leg, but where is your fourth?
Hello hottie! I love a horse in boots! Yummy!
Suit jacket sans shirt with shorts. You're a style maven to boot.
that sports coat makes you look so type-A
Sheldon! You are certainly a....CLOTHES HORSE!

[slapping my own knee, whinnying in amusement]
I am tempted to use an old goth pickup line..

"Nice boots. Wanna Fuck?"........but I won't.
Thanks, Peresephone. I would hate to have to answer "Fuck, yeah".
Gary - it looks to me like he's already got a nice, big carrot!
Hey! So you're the one who took my Speedo! Damnit! I knew I should have not left them on the pool deck when I went skinny dipping with SirenitaLake.
Photoshopping is a bitch with hooves isn't it.
Oh, Sheldon, your so dashing! (squeaks like a fangirl at a Ricky Martin concert)


"I'm so excited....
and I just can't hide it...
I'm about to loose control,
and I think I like it !!!"
Pointer sisters song that is terribly appropriate....
You look like the unholy union of Don Johnson and Trigger. In boots. And yet I can't look away.
I smell like:
A). Obsession
B). Polo
C). Aramis
D). All of the above
I'm guessing D plus a pungent whiff of body odor. "D" stands for Delicious!
Oh Sheldon - As you may know, Anythyme and I are in a virtual
mud wrestle over you. With this photo, you have just raised the
stakes. Have you no shame, sir?
I thought it was hot oil?
OK. As long as it's not too hot.
Can't.....concentrate.....Dakini.....and.....Anni....mudwrestling...........losing consciousnes......
Oil, Sheldon, oil. (Mud gets stuck under fingernails too easily. And if you're a biter, like me, it tastes icky.)
I always assumed your man scent was l'eau d'manure.
I have no answer after reading Lea's. Totally outdone.
Um, you seem to be missing your gold chain.
Now I know where the old expression "hung like a Sheldon" came from.
Who said horses can't laugh?!
Willlburrr! I will have some kind of dream about this, I know.
Thanks in advance for the nightmares I going to have.
you loke like bush get a new photo
How did I miss this...especially when there was such a distorted representation of me. It had nothing to do with the manpart-hugging shorts. Nothing at all. It was the constant drool that was running down your face onto the floor that did it for me.