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JUNE 29, 2009 11:13PM

Squirrel & Wife-a-saurus' Boobs Redux

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 As we all know, our pal Squirrel had some problems with a fella who was a bit too interested in Wife-a-saurus' boobs. Reports show Squirrel has taken matters into his own hands, and pity the man who tries to get an eyeful next time:



Warren, Ohio - A Warren, Ohio Police Detective says he's seen a lot of squirrely events in his career but nothing prepared him for what happened last April when he questioned a woman about a murder.

At one point the woman, who was wearing a skimpy tank top, leaned over and out of her chest area crept a baby squirrel.

The surprised detective sat amazed as the woman continued her conversation while tucking the little squirrel back between her breasts.


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just to set the record straight, they're not THAT big ...

though you could hide a baby squirrel real easy. real easy.
I believe you might be able to hide a baby in there. Squirrel or otherwise.
I didn't know squirrels liked dark places.
Wait . . . what???!!??
Isn't one of our members really a squirrel?
Looks like a booby prize waiting to pop out.
Beaver on the bottom, squirrel on top: the drapes and carped don't match.
And lots of other musings...unprintable. Rated
Oh geez squirrel...look what you've started! I can only hope Sheldon's post isn't the first of many. Sheldon, where do you find the time?
Obviously a new species, neither tree- nor ground-dwelling.
This is just too weird, but yet so perfect.
(sigh). to be a baby squirrel.
Did said squirrel (obviously a suspect in the murder) say trust me baby? or did it mutter about the substandard asparagus at the buffet?

I smell a cover-up!
It looked more like a TV remote than a squirrel to me, but I don't see too good, sometimes.
This wouldn't be seen as unusual in southeast Oklahoma.
Was the squirrel charged as an accessory to the crime?
Reminds me of the woman who had what she thought was a scratchy underwire, and moreover, she sat and suffered it all day.

The "scratchy underwire" turned out to be a baby bat.

Glad to see the woman above knew she was carting a squirrel around. Could have been nasty otherwise.