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February 05
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DECEMBER 25, 2011 2:53PM

I Saw Three Ships...

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Sushi Boat Nativity 

I saw Three Ships Come Sailing in,

On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,

I saw Three Ships Come Sailing in,

On Christmas Day in the Morning!

Alysa gave me the challenge of doing something with those cute little boats that float plates of Sushi to customers at certain Sushi restaurants.  So here, in answer to her, is my Sushi Boat Nativity for Christmas.  Mary and Jesus are in the first ship, The Magi are in the second and the ox, the ass and the sheep are in the third. Apparently, the Shepherds missed the boat!



Christmas Clay House Card

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I tried to add some carols from Youtube. I've successfully embedded videos into my posts in the past, but I couldn't make it work with the HTML code thingie this time. People who have successfully embedded videos in your posts, what are you doing that I'm not? Any tips much appreciated! You can PM me if you want.

Merry Christmas, Open Salon!
Scroll down and click off use old embed form.. its way down now. When I put up my greetings yesterday I had a heck of a time on here because I had not blogged in a long time here. I finally found it.
OS hated the new code
A Sushi Boat Nativity! Really cool, Shiral! Hope you are having a happy day. ~r
Thank you, Melissa, a lovely creation with your usual humor.

I see dear Linda beat me to answering your embedding question. I hope you are successful this time.

Yes! Thank you Linda. That did the trick!

Joyeau Noel all, and now I'll go talk to my family. =o)
And I thought that Chinese was the restaurant choice of Christmas!
Best wishes, Shiral.
Clever, Shiral. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
I might want to live on a sushi boat! Or at least have one in my house. . . .
Very nostalgic photo and sentiment. Thank you! And a very merry to you and a terrific new year!
The boats are precious!! And I love the choir music...just beautiful and organic, like I'm sitting in the pew meditating...lovely. I wish I would have read this on Christmas Day - but it brings me back...thanks so much
I loved this, Shiral! Your "sushi boat nativity flotilla" is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And your tribute to Grandma Nita with that ethereal music - gorgeous. By the way, are those Christmas salt and pepper shakers in the video? Did she collect them? They're adorable. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too.
Lea, Even Chinese food is none the worse for a change. -=o) But this was just the boats, not the sushi. (I think the cute little boats are the BEST part of sushi--I'm not that interested in the sushi itself. =o)

Hi Joan, thanks for reading and commenting. I had a very nice Christmas, yes! I hope you had a good time, too.

Yes I was, Fusun, thanks!

And Best wishes for the New Year backatcha, OES. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Jonathan Wolfmann, thanks for reading and commenting and a =o) backatcha.

Hi Chicken Maan, I did, thank you. I hope you also had a good holiday!

Hi Roger. Well... they're CUTE, but they might be a little draughty in a Chicago Winter. =o)

Thanks, Cathy. I personally think that Sushi Boat Art is a medium whose time has come. =o)

Hi Heidi--I'm glad to have readers at any time, and Christmas is famously hectic. =o) Especially with small children involved. Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a Walkerless New Year!

Hi Margaret, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Now I'm a little embarrassed to admit I have no idea who Grandma Nita was. =o) (I'm sure she was loved, but she wasn't my grandma.) I chose that video simply because I love the way Chanticleer sings that carol. Sometimes I wonder if Grandma Nita needed to be on a low-sodium diet, though....

Happy New Year, OS, and stay tuned for my Virtual 1920's New Year's Eve Party.... Yes, one of THOSE parties....
I was away from OS when you posted this - I am delighted! I love how you tied in sushi boats with Christmas...never will I look at those boats the same way again!

I hope your Christmas was merry and bright and even more awesome than sushi!
Glad you're happy with the results of the Sushi boat challenge, Alysa! =o) It was a very nice Christmas--Santa brought me a new iPad!