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June 11
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JANUARY 21, 2012 10:18AM

S. O. P. A and P.I.P.A

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Wikipedia blacked out one day. I kept thinking why I felt so frustrated. Was the reason in some way related to my addiction with the convenience of one touch knowledge, which verges my lethargy? If it was, then I have to do some serious workouts in the library to make it up, to change myself from being lazy person to a competent one. Because if this goes on as they say, I would never again be able to rely on the convenience that I enjoy today. The convenience that I talk about is rather of the free information than the one-touch principle, of course the whole world is at your fingertips.

 Even though, the bill against piracy is intended against corrupt practices in the internet, it will adversely affect the goodies, the sites and encyclopedia which offer free information. The alarm bells that toll in the cloisters of all the so-called greatest democratic nations, suggest a poignant concern; how can we achieve the fitness at an age when the technology we so relied upon for being capable of survival itself is bound and chained. For people like me, that is from a small town south Indian state, internet is a special place, which offers a space to make my voice heard, a library where I can get free books, songs and movies, and a lot of other information. It is also home for some of my favorite games.

 The cheap service it offers is a major consideration for my attachment with the internet. If such a day comes when all the information gets costlier, I would better move back to libraries, not just to cure me from the indolence I mentioned in the beginning, but to survive. It is nothing but the call for natural selection, only the fittest survives. So my fellow being, whoever is reading this article, one thing is sure, terrorism had succeeded in uprooting what it intended, free speech, not in a direct way, but through the so-called protectors of democracy. I spit on those who invoked the Devil of terror.

 Paulo Coelho, the author of the Alchemist, truly calls this attempt to cripple the world of free information share as greed or ignorance. There is a story, which is told about Thomas Edison. Once he had an experiment with two cats, one cathouse for both. He made a small entrance and a large one nearby. One of the cats was small and was ‘supposed’ to use the small entrance. The other cat was bigger in size, and it would use the larger doorway. The experiment proved that both the cats used the larger entrance. Why does someone believe that the cats have no mind of theirs at all? Or who believes in it here?

 The bill, which envisages the arresting of anti-democratic and anti-humanitarian practices, including terrorism, but in actual practice, these moral veils can put governments in a position of uncontrollable power and they can perform upon their people what Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Osama did. The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act are not a solution, but a problem in disguise. I am The Indian Commentator. This is my commentary on S.O.P.A. This bill is what terrorism left behind, for all the future generations to be ashamed of.          

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