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Nelle Engoron

Nelle Engoron
May 01
You can email me at "nengoron@gmaildotcom" & follow @NelleEngoron on Twitter. My archived radio shows on last season's Mad Men are available (for free!) at: www.blogtalkradio.com/madmentalk **My "Mad Men" commentary for Season 5 is on Salon rather than here -- go to http://www.salon.com/writer/ nelle_engoron/ to find all my Salon articles. **My book, "Mad Men Unmasked: Decoding Season 4," is available on Amazon in both e-book and print versions.** I'm a writer/editor/consultant who lives in the SF Bay Area. I write about all kinds of things, but am particularly intrigued by movies, relationships, gender issues, belief systems and "Mad Men." (Scroll down left sidebar for links to a selection of my blog posts.) I'm working on a novel and a memoir, neither of which is about Mad Men!

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Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 23, 2010 2:49PM

Olympic Musings


snow ring

Being an utterly unathletic person who abhors watching sports, why do I absolutely love the Olympics?  Why have I spent countless hours avidly watching every single Olympics since the tragic 1972 Munich games that are the strongest memory of my 14th summer?

Well, first of all, the… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 12, 2010 12:22PM

The Most Romantic Thing

  TP with daisy


(I posted this last year for Valentine's Day, but it's still one of my favorite humorous stories of romance, so I'm re-posting it for the "My Funny Valentine" Open Call.)


I’ve had love letters, poems and even sonnets written for me, I’ve gotten bouquets of… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 10, 2010 10:17AM

Netflix’s Answer to the Universe: Annie Hall

 Annie Hall dialogue

Famous for offering a $1 million prize to anyone who could improve on its already successful (and secret) algorithm for giving movie suggestions to its users, Netflix has either wasted its money or engaged in an elaborate PR gimmick.  Because all they really need to know is…

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Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 2, 2010 3:14PM

Breaking the Celluloid Ceiling: Kathryn Bigelow's Triumph


Bigelow DGA

Kathryn Bigelow made cinematic history this week and is poised to make more.

On Saturday, Bigelow became the first woman ever to win the Directors Guild of America’s (DGA) most prestigious award, Best Directorial Achievement in Feature Film, for “The Hurt Locker.” And,…

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Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 27, 2010 2:52AM

Who Gets the Oscar in the Divorce?



On Saturday, January 30th, the Directors Guild of America will give out its annual awards, including the most prestigious:  Best Directorial Achievement in Feature Film, which generally reveals who will later win the Academy Award for Best Director (since the two awards share a n…

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Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 17, 2010 11:14PM

Crazy Heart: Don't Let Your Movies Grow Up to be Clichés

Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart


I’ve heard it said that the best time to see musical artists perform live is either when they’re on their way up or on their way down:  You get to see them in small, intimate venues, doing their best work, either before they get compromised by fame or… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 12, 2010 1:04AM

Miep Gies, Protector of Anne Frank, Has Died

Miep and diary

 (Photo by Steve North, Associated Press)

Miep Gies, one of several Dutch citizens who protected and sheltered Anne Frank, her family, the Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer in a canal house in Amsterdam for much of the Nazi occupation, has died at the age of 100.  She/… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 4, 2010 11:32AM

The Complicated Manifesto

The Thinker

Deep in thought at the Rodin Museum, Paris (Photo by me)


There’s a little Japanese restaurant I go to that has customers order their food at the cash register up front, then find a table and wait for their meal to be brought to them.  The staff must have
Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 10, 2009 1:22PM

You Might Be A Lesbian -- And Not Know It!



(Photo by me)


The answer to Freud’s famous question, “What do women want?” increasingly seems to be:  Not even women know.

Last week, actress Meredith Baxter, best known as über-mom Elyse Keaton on the 1980’s sitcom “Family Ties,&rdqu… Read full post »


sugared nuts


These are great to have around the house to munch on over the holidays, as a snack dish to put out at a holiday party or to give away (the least fattening option). When I worked in an office, I’d make a big batch and divide it up… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 29, 2009 5:40PM

The Feel-Bad Movie of the Year: The Road

The Road


NOTE:  While I allude to certain things that occur in the film, I think I've avoided explicit plot spoilers.  But if you prefer not to know anything about a film before seeing it, you may not want to read this.


Let me make this clear:  I’m someone whoRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 25, 2009 1:45AM

A Turkey Tale: Seven in the City


Turkey at mailbox


I hate to put anyone off their feed for Thanksgiving, but it seems the right time to share the heartwarming tale of a wild turkey family of seven that lives in our neighborhood.  Warning:  Baby turkey videos ahead that may melt your heart!

We live in a… Read full post »


Blog radio, that is.

I’ve been getting some interesting offers because of my Mad Men commentaries that Kerry and Thomas have so graciously featured on the cover.  The latest was from Shelley Ackerman, an astrologer with a blog radio show cleverly called “Karmic Relief” (a… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 9, 2009 6:06AM

Shut the Door, Have a Seat: Mad Men Season 3 Finale

 hotel lunch

Do you want to do this, or not?  ~ Bert to Don

Nothing ends without something else beginning.  In perhaps the most action-packed show of the entire series, the Sterling Cooper agency we’ve known comes to an end in the Season 3 finale of Mad Men, “Shut… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 5, 2009 2:03PM

Internet Not Socially Isolating, Study Finds


computer bc


We can all stop worrying about our OS addiction as well as our Facebook obsession and LinkedIn updating compulsion.  A study by the Pew Center, a prestigious nonprofit think tank in Wahington D.C., has concluded that users of the internet and mobile media are not losers, u… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
NOVEMBER 2, 2009 6:24AM

The Grown-Ups: Mad Men, Season 3, Episode 12


What the hell’s going on? ~ Don

I just want to see what’s going on. ~ Duck
What’s going on? ~ Peggy

My god, what happened?  ~ Peggy

What is going on? – Betty

Well, now we know where Marvin Gaye got the idea.

It’s a cliché that the 19…

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Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 26, 2009 6:07AM

The Hobo and The Gypsy: Mad Men, Season 3, Episode 11

 the drapers at halloween

What happened, did you get caught? ~ Suzanne

It’s more complicated than that. ~ Don

In Season 1’s brilliant episode of Mad Men, “The Hobo Code,” we learned about Dick Whitman’s childhood by focusing on a time that a hobo visited his father’s Depre… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 19, 2009 5:53AM

The Color Blue: Mad Men, Season 3, Episode 10

Betty and Don

The truth is…People may see things differently, but they don’t really want to. ~ Don

Not so fast there, Don.  

Last week people were speculating on how Don would negotiate the coming societal changes and statements like this from him aren’t reassuring.  In "
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Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 16, 2009 3:41PM

Quaking: Memories of Loma Prieta 20 Years Later


Cypress structure

 Portion of Cypress Freeway in Oakland, after collapse.  Photo by USGS


I was a minute away from being in the elevator.

On October 17th, 1989, that was approximately my third thought as the 7.1 Loma Prieta earthquake hit while I was walking to the elevators in my downto… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 12, 2009 6:33AM

Wee Small Hours: Mad Men, Season 3, Episode 9


Lee & Sal


When I say I want the moon, I expect the moon.  ~ Conrad  Hilton

I want what I want when I want...and you don’t care what it does to the rest of us.  Like someone else I know. 
~ Betty about baby Gene, ConradRead full post »
Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 5:42AM

Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency: Mad Men, S3 Episode 6




That’s life. One minute you’re on the top of the world, next minute some secretary is running you over with a lawnmower. ~ Joan to Don

Something’s afoot at Sterling-Cooper.

In the 6th episode of Season 3 of Mad Men, “Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 5:06PM

When College Kills


raymond clark mug shot


The death of Yale graduate student Annie Le and the subsequent arrest of Raymond Clark, a co-worker who has been labeled a “control freak” by acquaintances has gotten me thinking about the risk of violence for students at college.

On TV this week, a criminal profileRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 6:42AM

The Fog: Mad Men Season 3, Episode 5

 Don and Betty with baby

What time is it?  What time isn’t it?  ~ Ken Cosgrove

Well, the good news is …time has stopped.  ~ Don

Liminal states are fascinating.  We float between sleep and wakefulness, between dream and reality, and eventually between life and death.  Hove…

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Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 7, 2009 6:09AM

The Arrangements: Mad Men Season 3, Episode 4


Gene and Betty


You gotta really pay attention.  ~ Grandpa Gene to Sally

Indeed we do, Gene. These latest episodes are so packed with story, character development, symbolism, revealing dialogue, historical allusions and humor that it’s hard to keep up.   Poor Gene couldn… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 31, 2009 5:29AM

Different From The Inside (Mad Men Season 3, Episode 3)


Don and Pete


Just wait -- all hell’s going to break loose. ~ Grandpa Gene to Sally

Mad Men’s third episode of the third season, “My Old Kentucky Home,” is full of intimations of the changes that are to come, as well as the ones…

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