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JUNE 13, 2009 1:27PM

LATE OPEN CALL: Holiday Hats (and More) for Joan

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Joan Walsh in Four HatsI know, this is late, late, late.  But I have an excuse.  Right before I joined OS, Joan put out an open call asking for a new hat for her OS Avatar.  When I went to the OS Birthday Bash, there was mention of the hat contest.  So when I met Joan, I committed to proffering my own.  But it took me a while to find decent examples of the paintings and photos I was seeking, and then longer to complete the Photoshopping. 

Joan, I hope that I am not too late to participate.  And if I am, I hope that you will still enjoy them!  (P.S., sorry again for spilling your glass of wine at the OS Anniversary Party - typed with sheepish grin on face.)

For Patriotic Holidays
(Comment 1:  It just seemed fitting to me.
Comment 2: I couldn't stop at just a hat...)

Version 1: Joan as Abigail in EveryWoman Revolutionary Farm Garb

Joan Walsh as Abigail Adams 

Version 2: Joan as Laura Linney as Abigail Adams
(I apologize to HBO ahead of time as I suspect there are copyright issues, but what woman wouldn't enjoy seeing her head atop Laura Linney's amazing neck - and oh, I am counting the wig as a "headpiece".)

Joan, aka Laura Linney, aka Abigail Adams

Version 3: My Favorite - Joan in Classic Abigail Garb
(Note: clearly, there are no copyright issues with this one.)

Joan Walsh as Abigail Adams - From the Classic Painting

For Labor Day and May Day, perhaps?

  Joan Walsh as Rosie the Riveter

A Historical and Yet Down-Home, Everyday Sort of Look

Joan and Eleanor Roosevelt

(Joan, you asked for an Easter Bonnet, but it's clearly time
for something a little more summery!)

Joan Walsh in A Flowery Sun Hat

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Joan Walsh as rosie the riveter rocks!!
I'm in the Rosie camp, too. Joanie the Jackhammer...
I agree with Julie...Joan as Rosie...perfect!

I'm very impressed you photoshop. Rated
Rosie all the way. Very cute post, Shivaun.
I vote for the Rosie Riveter look
I'm with the crowd on this one: Rosie rules! (and nice photoshopping, BTW!)
Julie, Buffy, Emma, Roy and Owl, thank you for taking a peek and weighing in (and for the post/photoshop compliments). It looks like Rosie is the hands-down winner so far. If Joan stops by, it will be interesting to see if she agrees.

Lonnie, I love that - "Joanie the Jackhammer." Perfect for facing down the likes of O'Reilly!
Count my vote for Rosie. Yes she can
She actually does look a lot like Rosie anyway.
They're all great, Shivaun!

But, I have to agree that after Joan's appearance on O'Reilly's (whatever it is) that she is channeling Rosie.
Shivaun, God Job, I vote for the Rosie Riveter look as well......It works quite well.
Joan as Rosie, no questions asked! This is great work!
Wow. Which should I choose? Go with the crowd? I, too, love Rosie, but I have to say, the first portrait, with Joan as the revolutionary-era woman, is compelling.
So, I'm splitting my vote.
Those were great and nice job photoshopping.
Rosie The Riveter is first, Abagail Adams second. (I thought it was Aunt Jemima, until I got down to the poster...I'm so wrong on so many levels!)

These are hilarious! Hard not to vote for Rosie, but they're all good! I'm paralyzed, too many choices, and so I continue to wear Aretha's hat...
What about a hatrack displaying the many hats that Joan has to choose from?
Noah, Athena, Sirenita, KTM, Gary, Cartouche, Zuma, Delia, JK, thank you all for stopping by and indulging me in my silliness! And for the complements on my photoshopping. The total number of votes for Rosie now stands at 12!

FLW, Joan as the original revolutionary woman does have a certain appeal, doesn't it?

Zuma, I promise, never Aunt Jemimah.

Livemonster, Angela Davis is one of my heroes, hummm....

Joan, thank you for dropping in. I am glad you enjoyed them - they were fun to work on, too. Should you ever change your mind, even just for a day, they are, of course, here for the copy and pasting. It's clear what the popular vote is. :)
These are fantastic!!! I esp love the classic Abigail and Rosie.

Your photoshop skills are awesome!
I like the Abigail Adams look.
Rosie the Riveter for sure!
these hats are SO great!!
*said with a hoarse chant* ROSIE! ROSIE!
Thanks, all who came late. I am glad that you enjoyed viewing the hats as much as I enjoyed "making" them :) Perhaps we can still talk Joan into being "Rosie" for a day (although Abigail is till my fav, lol).