DECEMBER 27, 2009 8:24PM


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Welcome, sixtycandles! There are a LOT of us in the boat with you. I have a lot of questions about being "of a certain age": Will the shoulder I injured six months ago EVER stop hurting? Should I sell my house and move into something smaller? And why, after years of living with my silver hair, do I suddenly want to color it again?
"What, then, should one do with the gift of a well-lived life in an imperfect world?"
I say continue living your life. I am five years from 60 and I get younger every day. Welcome....
At 56 I understand but try hard not to think to deeply about being older. I don't feel older, I am thankful with luck I have a good job that will offer me a stable, fun retirement. I look forward to my grandbab(ies) going on long trips in the summer with me to visit the USA. I am old enough I may not see the end of the world as we know it AND I am thankful I was born in a time in history where children could still be children. SO I think we shouldn't think about it to very hard and just live what life we still have to the utmost limits we are capable! Oh yeah and HI glad to meet you...
Well, I'm 46, so 60 is still a decade away. But, the thing that has delighted me is how my life has gotten better the older I have gotten. Things that troubled me in my 20s seem irrelevant now. As my children get older (one in college, the other in middle school) I find myself focusing more and more on making sure that the work I do in this world is meaningful. So, I'm in the midst of contemplation, too. Perhaps that will link us. And, by reading what you're going through, I hope to learn, too. I also think that, by the time I'm 60, some of the things that seem so important now may not matter so much. We'll see. 2010 will be an interesting year. And I'm glad you're here.
53, here. I overheard a conversation on the elevator Monday between two women probably in their early 40's. One was complaining about having to take her uncle to NASA again. Because he wanted to get in the anti-gravity machine. She just laughed and said she wasn't about to let a 60-year old man do THAT.

It really pissed me off.

If I'd thought it was worth my time, I'd have told her my age and reminded her HE'S NOT DEAD YET!

Having an entire year to contemplate ANYTHING might get kinda boring but I'm certain you'll find some diversions -- especially around here.

I'm so looking forward to hearing stories from you -- HellsBells has already shared an Inuit story about talent.

Far as I'm concerned, this age offers me so much freedom -- no more pressure to be cute, or sexy or any of that social crap.
Thanks, skeletnwmn. I'd really like to take a whirl in that anti-gravity machine.

As for the Whole Year thing, I assume the immediate birthday dread will fade, and other topics will grow from it like those amazing live sea monkey things.
Welcome to OS and 60. In 7 months I will turn 65. Embracing my elderhood has been good for me. I admit that suddenly having 4 grandchildren in the last 2 and 1/2 years has been abundant compensation for my gray hair and arthritic knees.
Welcome. I'm another newly arrived community member. Hit the six oh mark in July. Either it was a breeze or I was so engrossed in paddling I didn't recognize the passing mile marker. Maybe I avoided taking a harder look? Truly, fifty left me near comatose for a month. Could not believe it. Where'd it go? Where was I headed? Sixty was only a nasty little bump.
I continue to find fulfillment in self understanding. I continue to reach after artistic expression and growth. I try to keep the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical forms limber and engaged in meaningful activity. I subscribe to the maxim of use it or lose it. I keep trying to make it better. I fret more than I ought and I try to up my joy quotient. They talk about being in the moment, I think that may be where it is. I've learned a few things, but there's so much more.
Welcome to OS, and enjoy the adventure of your 60th year. Not there yet, meself, but from what I've seen in others' lives, 60s and 70s can be fun, 80s can go either way, and 90s suck. That means you have at least 20 good years left!
Well, I'm close if that counts, and I am definitely pushing limits. They key to it all is sex. But it has to be really good sex. Welcome to the mad mansion and happy (early) birthday.
Thanks, all. Part of the issue is that I never thought much about being old/older because it seemed that life would be pretty much OVER by then, at least, all the fun, important, worthwhile parts. Yet here I am,
not yet willing to give up on fun, etc. - as long as I can still get to bed at a decent hour.
There are many rewards to a life well-lived. A sixtieth birthday is one of them. I plan to be around for mine in 2016.
I guess great minds think alike (or maybe that's old minds)
as I posted my first age related/turning 60 post today too. You know, I think we're gonna do just fine! Party on.
hi, candles! you're only four months older than i am; 1950 was a banner year, the way i see it. i had a horrible birthday at 30 -- actually, it was a horrible whole year -- but haven't cared since. i look forward to what you have to say; it's nice that there's another boomer here. ;-)
"What, then, should one do with the gift of a well-lived life in an imperfect world? " Give thanks and enjoy the rest of it! Welcome. From a '55 baby.
Welcome. In May I'll be 40-something... not being coy... just trying to remember. Oh! Eight! 48. Yep. I always forget how old I am, but don't really care what the number is. I'm finding joy is more accessible the older I get, so I imagine 60 will be great!