October 11
People who have gone through sorrow are more sympathetic than others, not so much because of what they know about sorrow, but because they know more about happiness. They appreciate its value and its fragility, and welcome it wherever it may be. The Puritan attitude which grudges happiness belongs only to those who have never entered very deeply into life. ----- Freya Stark, Beyond Euphrates


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AUGUST 18, 2010 1:10PM

Current Banner Photos - Revised

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starting from the left:  the sky from my backyard just before a storm




my brother's old pick-up truck.  He recently sold it -- long story short, he survived a brush with death and now -- thanks to the American Plan, is penniless, can't work and doesn't qualify for anything but the V.A. hospital (not to say they're not taking excellent care of him, but they can't pay his rent).





landscape along the way from Texas to Arizona (pretty sure this was in Arizona cause I-10 through New Mexico ain't pretty)





my daughter Emma and my two grandsons

boys 021  



what it looks like just before another abra (boat) hits yours on Deira Creek -- this is Dubai, where the two blondies above live 9 months out of the year.




a statue in the San Geronimo Cemetery in Seguin - I visited here last October, looking for the graves of William & Elizabeth Turner, my gr-gr-gr-gr-grandparents (I think that's enough greats). 




a baby owl in the tree in my backyard.  I enjoyed 3 baby owl's for about 6 weeks -- they would hang out on my back porch, or on my fence, or up in the tree.  This one I called Fuzzy.

owls 014 



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Neat. A daughter and two grandsons. You must live a busy life.
Hey Skelly! glad to see you, i have missed you! your new banner is great, thank you for sharing it!
I love these pictures. I am planning a trip to Texas in December. It's not THAT big, right? We could get together somewhere for coffee, don't you think?_r
Skeletnwmn, a wonderful collection of photos and I like the way you evenly alternate between the horizontal and vertical photos.
scanner -- busy? no -- I sometimes tackle the kids and force them to hang out with me.

rita - great to see you too, girl

Joanie: yes, Texas is pretty damn big but if you can make it to Texas , I'll drive anywhere (except the Panhandle & Dallas - yuck)
designanator: so glad you noticed -- and thanks
Lovely - you ought to do more photo-feature posts!
sweet. it's good to see you! your children are gorgeous.
love this and loved seeing your photo pop up on my page today. ;-)
so glad to see you about.
Mom -- funny you should mention that . . .

foolish -- how can you tell from that tiny little photo? When I get home tonight I'll put the actual photos in the post so check back

mimey -- it's weird how avatars become associated with someone, huh? when I see some people in person that I only see on facebook, it's like running into a celebrity or something. it's like, I know you, but who are you again?
chucky! I'm slogging through my friend. Slogging through.
Gorgeous . . . just gorgeous . . .
Beautiful photos...xox
owl -- I always think of you when the owl in my backyard shows up.

robin -- thank you dahling
gorgeous pics and a really nice arrangement: horiz/vert, outdoors/people/structure. the owlet is just perfect.
i'm an artist and even with glasses nothing gets past me. I'll check later for sure.
Love the pictures AND the explanations!
Skelly...I like that (rita Shibr)
I was noticing these pictures yesterday when I read your post. Great.
Good to see ya hanging around these parts dear.
Got plenty of nice pics to show. I like the baby owl.
Hope you are making it okay and keeping a roof...
Cool photos making a great banner! I'll meet you and Joan for coffee somewhere!
Oh I like these! Pretty family! Great owl!
Joan H - yes, Texas IS that big, and a lot of it looks very different. IE - not like the scenic picture. (Although vast tracts of Western Texas do indeed, look like that.)
I came back to see if what I saw was what I saw and it was...they are delicate and beautiful, your children.

so...what happened to your crazy dog?
Excellent pictures, all, though my favorites are the first (just great texture and nuanced color) and the statue. Good to see you again, skel!
Lovely, lovely, lovely dear woman. Thank you for this peek into your world.
are you sure that's an owl and not a muppet?