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APRIL 14, 2009 1:14PM

Ron Paul Says Obama Putting US on Road to Fascism

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Moments ago, Ron Paul indicated on CNN that Obama was putting the country on a road toward fascism. Paul is a popular sitting congressman. Coinciding with Tea Parties, a report by the Department of Homeland Security about threats from the radical right, and resolutions in the Texas legislature declaring state sovereignty; the GOP has essentially decided that if they can't win an election, they'll slowly use language to work out a coup (he he). Of course, the last time there was a multi-term GOP president that preceded a massive economic crisis (the Great Depression), the GOP also planned a coup. That was Prescott Bush, George W. Bush's grandfather, who tried to convince a general to take out Roosevelt (move over Reverend Wright, you can't keep up with the real radicals).

We thought socialism was the opposite of fascism...oh well. Paul did later clarify he meant "economic fascism"...whatever that means. He specifically cited Obama's involvement in the management of GM as an example of the US's path toward fascism. Such "economic fascism"usually involves an oligarchy which one could argue is what we had for the last 8 years with Bush and the energy industry (remember Cheney's secret Energy Task Force meetings).
We see some double standards here. For invoking words like fascism, sitting politicians on the left would have been dismantled (though the liberal blogosphere invoked the word often). No such efforts are put forward by the press at the moment. But speaking of economic fascism or powerful oligarchies...when oil companies were working with the White House to divide up Iraqi oil fields in an anticipated successful conclusion to the war, that wasn't economic fascism with the government and big business working in cahoots (at leat that's the convenient amnesia being displayed).
When the government is managing the unwind of GM and the deleveraging of the banking system to avoid systemic risk, that's socialism...or now, sorry...fascism. Someone, help us with the logic. You may disagree with the approach and maybe even the intentions, but to suggest that the administration has fascist tendancies requires a bit more proof. We're looking for illumination here. Again, can someone help us out? The press certainly is not...

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It's only confusing if you believe we didn't arrive at fascism a number of years ago.

Congressman Paul is a simply being a good party supporter by suggesting Obama is creating something which he in fact inherited.

The Republican party will need a lot more of this type of rhetoric by the time 2012 rolls around.
Mr. Paul, like all right wingnuts, seeks to redefine the word which defines them: fascism is government and capitalists making the rules to suit themselves, rather than the society at large.

So, he's right; but then, he's wrong. The Bailouts of the Goldman Gang is quintessential fascism; government coming to the aid of capitalists for their benefit. Getting involved in GM is socialism; government getting involved for the benefit of society.

One can argue, as I would, that the GM involvement is closer to enforced Social Darwinism, but it is not fascism.

Just so everyone knows, Mussolini invented both the word and its definition (I suppose that would follow). Most older dictionaries, before Reagan, will have an accurate definition. Not so sure about recent ones.
Ron Paul is hardly a spokesman for the Republican party. One that everything they could to keep him off balllots and out of debates. He is a constitutionalist that wants to bring us back to the state our forefathers envisioned rather than the all powerful all knowing nanny state progressives favor.

Will their be an American Union and one currency? Will all unions merge? Are the two parties giving away the farm to their Wall Street contributers while expanding the military police state?

We know the answer to the last two. Yes.
What's interesting is when Bush sr. bailed out the S&L disasters, created by people like Ronald Reagan, his Vice President, and Neil Bush, that was an all American thing to do. I wonder what the difference is now?
If your site is for all sides of the story, then why is every article you write critical of Republicans? How is that different than being your spin free zone? I would guess you tell the other side of the story as often as a conservative POV or writer gets an Editors pick here. Almost never.