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FEBRUARY 12, 2011 10:58PM

STORY 4 PHOTO (Tr ig's Open Call)

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Did I know Tr ig?

Hell yes! I knew Tr ig back when he was just a young pup of 50 or so. He worked in wood. Done fine work too! You ought’ta see some of those decks he built; weren’t nothing around that could compete back in them days!

Why, that ol’ Tr ig he once had a customer that so loved his work that he put up a rekky-men-dation on one’a them interwebby sites praisin’ him to the sky! Yup, yup, he done real fine work alrighty; real fine.

Well no. I don’t ‘xackly know what he looks like. I didn’t ackshully know him in person, y’unnerstan’. He used ta come on over t’Open Saloon purty often and write a bunch’a stuff. T’warn’t bad stuff, neither! That boy could handle a keyboard jest about as good as a hammer. O’course when he got likkered up some he’d kinda fergit which one he was using, y’know? He’d write up a durn pretty thing an’ put rails on it like it were a deck or sum’pin’. Or steps. He could build ya some tee-riff-ik steps, could ol’ Tr ig.

Or he’d build ya a super-duper deck an’ right there in the middle of the durn thang there’d be a story jus waitin’ t’be read. He kinda got mixed up some when he’d had a few.

Had a funny thing fer cats. Allus chasin’ Tinkercats. I never figured out if’n he wanted to do sumthin’ nasty wiff dem or was jus hungry. But then, he shouldn’t’a bin hungry cause he allus had a bunch’a gerbils for snackin’ on. Tinkycat always kept a jar o’ KY around jus’ in case, y’know what ah mean? (*wink, wink*).

Where is he at now? Why I don’t rightly know. Some feller came by here a while back an’ said that Tr ig had had an accident. Seems he fell off’n a roof he was workin’ on. Got right busted up he did; or, well…. bent outta shape anyway. Left us a photo…..

 Tr ig Post Accident You kin see that he jus ain't the same ol' Tr ig..... 


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Bent out of shape indeed! Looks like I fell off a high ladder onto a football, then got caught up in the board stretcher.
Funny stuff Pix, thanks for playing!
I was thinking of using that picture tomorrow but in a way different way...I may still we will see. Great story you wrote here! All bent out of shape :)
Whew, lots of unique punctuation and wordage. Very zippy. Loved it!
Ah see yer good at Trig'o'nometry too, Sky Pixie. Funny, fer a cat.
Tr ig,
You have a board stretcher too, eh?

I used to love it when we'd be subbing on a project and some newbie, who had taken a 3 week summer course in "construction" and come on the job with his $400 steel toe/sole boots, $80 leather tool belt, and $600 worth of tools his daddy bought him, got sent around to all the crews to borrow a "board stretcher". It took some of them all day to wise up!! Hee-hee!

Oh yeah. And they'd ALWAYS buy a white hard-hat! There were always plenty of guys around who had freshly spray-painted blue or green hard-hats.....

Go ahead and use it. My bit of trivia surely didn't wear it out!

I jus' makes 'em up z'I goes 'long....;-)

We tr igometric cats love triangle pussies .........
(merkins too)

I hear that brother o' his gets bent outta shape from time to time too.
The man is a carpenter genius even when he's bent out of shape!
Poor Trig,
rated with hugs
The accent was so great I almost had to read it out loud!
That poor poor tr ig, he seems worse than when know...HINT HINT HINT!! EEK!!!

So it WAS you who.....nudge, nudge, - wink, poor ol' Tr ig!

I thought it might have been you who changed him from trig to tr ig. I just knew that your interest in Picasso would have a bad end.....

I worked in maintenance at a saw mill in northern WI.
We used to send the newbies out lookin' fer thet thar lumber stretcher too.
Funny thet them thar newbies never fiound

Didja git back up, Tink or jes lay dere whinin?
Well cut oRf my nutz and call me a neautered tom - even I understood that, wot wot.

"FRed go and g,g,google (*wink, wink*) please Boy,and don't lick that whilst I type please - if I can't reach mine then you're not to do it."
Wow! I commend you for your story telling and typing skills!
Best Wishes,
Hello Sky :-)

You gave me several names to call you here but i love sky the most :-) Sky is beautifully blue and profound :-)

About my name here, you can call me Ruoshui and, yes, everyone else here can also call me by that name.

This name shang shan ruo shui comes from the book Lao zi, the book name is also the writer's name. He is one the greatest ancient Chinese philosopher.

Shang shan ruo shui means the best or the kindest people behave like water. Water benifits everything but never fight with them about who is better. Big waters (For example oceans ) can be the container of all the small rivers is because they are always in the lower place and so that they can tolerant and accept more. The world's softest things are nothing else but water but it can penetrate the hardest thing in the world,for example the constant water drops can penetrate the stone...So in this philosophy we think that the weak conquers the strong and the soft overbears the hard.

I LOVE this philosophy so i use it as my name here :-)

How i wish i could really comment on your this article but after i read it, i feel that i do not really understand enough to give you a comment. But, at least i wanna come here to answer your questions and i wanna say thank you so much...

If you are interested in Chinese culture, or, if you have questions, we can always talk more. Right now i must go because i have to sleep before 11:00pm :-)

Warm regards
Trıg revealed and more. Fun post here...
I had a ball reading it, pix. I didn't know you could do voices. A really well done voice at that.
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