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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 1:25AM

When Your Child Goes To War - Wish Him Death

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Parents weep to see their child come home, from an invasion of another's country, missing various body parts. Oh how they regret letting that child, that young man/woman child of theirs, go into the military. Oh how their pride, so great when they saw that child in uniform for the first time, is now washed away in their floods of tears.

And these damaged children? They are the lucky ones. Not the luckiest ones - those are dead - but luckier than the ones we don't talk about - ever!

Those are the ones, whole in body or not, who have left their minds in that far-off land. This is damage that horrifies beyond imagining. That is not readily visible. This is when your child is taken but not taken. The shell exists. The child they raised and loved so dearly is gone. Not there. The child's body remains to remind them again and again and again, every moment of every day and night, of the child that is not there..... but there. 

That body, that shell, carves great gaps in the souls of the parents as they hope, and hope, and hope. Hoping while knowing that the hope is futile eats one from the inside out. It destroys the very essence of one's being.

And it can never end - never, so long as that child's body is alive. And which parent can wish for it to not be alive? 

Aside from an ungrateful government that is made up of those who will always send out your children for the sake of a few more bucks or a bit more power to feed their egos. Then forget them upon their unfortunate return. If we are going to allow our children to be thus used then we'd better learn to wish for them, should they be sent to do the bidding of our masters, only death; for death to so many of them would be a kindness.

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:( True but still...:(

Yes, Tink, I know. We are supposed to hold parades, have marching bands, fly flags, listen to mealy-mouthed politicians hog the limelight, and prepare to send our second sons and daughters out to meet the same fate. Some call that patriotism. I call it horror compounded. Evil incarnate. The deliberate destruction of youthful lives for profit and arrogance and power.

Unless we begin to realize the true horror of idiotic wars of aggression and refuse our masters the right to enlist our children in their abominable quest for more, more, and ever more, this WILL continue.

Tens of thousands of fine decent, hard working people, look into the empty eyes of their children and see......... nothing. Their child is not in there anymore. Who knows what is..... who knows?
tough to think about but very true! Another Great Post As Usual!!

~Grey Treed
And so, throughout the ages, we have try to transform the horror you describe into the bearable.
Thankee muchly!

Y'know, if we, as a people, put half the effort into bringing an end to these atrocities that we do making the inevitable effects of war "bearable" we might just bring an end to this horror. It's time for us to really see the un-pretty aspects of war.

It's all too easy to let the fine uniforms, the flying flags, the stirring music, the bombastic speeches, and the flag-draped coffins fool us into finding a semblance of glory and honour in war. Our "leaders" do not want us to see the young men and women when blown into chunks of raw meat. They do not want us to look into the eyes of those mentally damaged by their wars against those with whom the average citizen on both sides would prefer to be friends.

We and our children are the ones who fight these wars - never our "leaders" and usually not their children either. There is an old, old saying: "Suppose they gave a war and nobody came". It's time to make that adage true.
I have always questioned the sanity of joining the armed forces to protect a country that will not support you when you're no further use to it.
No manner of parades to raise moral will fool anyone with an IQ in double figures. If you can't get a job elsewhere I can see it may be tempting and my business do use ex-forces personnel for that reason.
The emphasis is on 'use'.

Brits have a different attitude to the US so this may not translate as I
intend, but when an Agency refer to you as ''an asset'' you know you're screwed.
I rest my case for what it's worth. All hail or is it hale Mr.SkyPixeO for yanking the chains of the sleeping masses.

"Press sink please FRed(tm)."
Even the coldest agency honcho has difficulty dealing with the loss of some of his people. In order to manage they attempt to "transform the horror into the bearable), as Spike said. The people under his control become "assets" which can be saved, lost or sacrificed as though they were chessmen on a board.

This is done at all levels. The 'enemy' is never other human beings; they are "gooks" or "commies" or "rag-heads", etc.
I hate all the marching bands and parades. War is evil and nothing to be celebrated. How we treat our returning soldiers is a disgrace.
Point understood.Thanks.
This is jarring but I understand what you mean, Sky. Nothing else in the universe can do the atrocities Mankind imposes unto itself. We are our own worst enemy and destroyer.
I have had the honor of meeting and talking with some soldiers and their spouses participating with The Wounded Warriors Project. The lives these families once had are over. The future is horribly bleak. The spouses are quite open about what it is like to live in the aftermath of devastating injuries, physical and mental, to their loved ones. It is truly unforgivable what has been done.
Worthy post, Sky. It needs to be out there.
Excellent post. Yet but one example of older generations parasitizing their young. When that happens, there is very little hope for civilization or for humanity itself.
That last paragraph--powerful stuff--so well said.
Oooph! This is a painful punch in the gut. I can't believe all the outcry against Obama not getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan quick enough and now the Rebuplican candidates are talking about war with IRAN!! The insanity must stop!!! I agree with you that it is time to have a war and no one shows up.
I get what you're saying, but cannot convince myself to wish death on anybody. War is an atrocity, and there are no good ones.