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MARCH 24, 2012 1:41PM

Will There Be Another Trayvon Martin?

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This will be a short blog. 

I only have one question.......

"Is Zimmerman still permitted to carry a gun?" 



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good question difficult to answer, I think take away his gun, but I still do not want him to serve prison. Kids in the US are dangerous and there have been news about cherubs blowing up their schoolmates and I watched a movie in which a high school teenager shoots his classmate in the school washroom, considering all of that, I wd want everyone to ask the question Ande wants them to ponder over, how did it all lead to this? And how could that be stopped?
I wonder...

I do know he's in hiding now cause of death threats.

He might want to carry that gun, a true self defense now!!
will there be other travyor martin?

sadly he ans is yes. the only factor that wd change is that it wdnt be another Zimmermanwith a gun, it cd be something else unless we begin to ask the basic fundamental questions about what have we and the state done to bring ourselves to this state? although there are more poor people living in Kolkata than in the US, yet the crime rate is lower here, how come? what is the US govt doing wrong? why do you need people like Zimmerman carrying a gun in the first place?
Great minds think alike, and apparently at the same moment!
Only in my yard, if I had my say! (pink is you my friend)
Is he permitted: Yes. Should he be permitted: No

Of course if he gets convicted of a felony, he will not be allowed to have a gun.

There should be a law that specifically states that law-enforcement-wannbes can't have real guns-just toy guns. Face it, it's not that hard to become a cop. It it's your goal in life to become a police officer and you are kept out of the profession-there's a reason. Could be that someone thinks you are a little too anxious to shoot somebody.

Don't get me wrong. I love the cops. I know enough of them to know that guys like Zimmerman are a real pain in their ass.
[r] excellent question. the minimization of the danger of gun accessibility astonishes me. he was not "authorized" to carry a gun in his neighborhood watch role one would imagine! a friend of mine did it in NYC. no gun for her. mostly traffic duty for crowd control or strolling the neighborhood with eyes open to call anything suspicious there. someone so hopped up like Zimmerman it sounds like on his ego-starved role of being a vigilante for neighborhood safety and projecting danger from any available black person. talk about pre-emptive strikes. the proverbial "he hit me back" faux-self-defense excuse. was he high on drugs or alcohol or simply on the adrenalin of sustained irrational hate? libby
Wat if Zimmerman is innocent? We know he is not white, we know that MArtin was 6'3". If there was a confrontation could Martin have been the agressor? It seems as if many here would be disapointed if he actually turned out not to be a boogeyman.
The police have Zimmerman's gun, but he's the kind of loony who has more than one. He may be innocent of this charge but we may never know because it will never be heard in court unless he is arrested, charged and tried. I think it's pretty clear from the 911 tapes that he is guilty of stalking Martin and killing him deliberately. But that's just my arm chair opinion. Arrest Zimmerman and let's have some evidence presented at trial.
Yes he is still carrying a gun. Now, some people really do want to kill him. Not me. I want him in jail for life.
Answer: Probably yes for now.

Everyone should rest assured that Zimmerman will be prosecuted. The admitted facts (in his own words) and the plain language of the statute assure he is toast.

 Thank you for this perspective.

 This might also interest you. See Trayvon Martin: Defense a Pig-Sty Beneath a Racist Facade?
"OK FRed(tm) lets just sneak back onto OS whilst Mr.PixieO is having a nap with that pink knitted thing on his head and having a 'Snr Moment to say, YES."
There already is. Here name is Shaima Alawadi. She was beaten to death in El Cajon, CA last week with a tire iron because she's Iraqi.
I'm keepin my .44 warm for the Zimmerplutzes of the world. Heil this, mother...