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APRIL 12, 2012 4:04PM


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yuri  (Photo: Discovery News)


 Around the world more than 171 parties are in full swing as people celebrate the quick trip into space of  Yuri Gagarin of the USSR on April 12, 1961.

This was mankind's first venture into space and the courage of Yuri Gagarin who made that trip in a vehicle so primitive, is not in doubt. He almost didn't survive his landing either! The USSR chose dry land as the landing location, unlike the USA, which used ocean landing for many of its first space capsules.

Check out this video of some of the partying..... YURI  GAGARIN  DAY

Yup! A shot of vodka is definitely in order!



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Vodka for everyone!! Za Vas!
Is it that time of year AGAIN!??

~does happy dance around the May Capsule~
I guess Yuri won't be joining us because he is still deceased, but we will lift a glass in his memory. R
Vodka? Unbeknownst to me, I celebrated Yuri last night, in advance!
WHEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!The Vodka is flowing in the scanner household for Happy Guri Day. I jumped off the roof and broke my leg, but hell, it's Guri Day, what's a broke leg compared to that~WHEEWWWWW~Jello Shots~~Alright~Tink, stop it, you....,
[r] How cool, and how important to celebrate this Russian hero internationally instead of a nationalistic jingoism regarding him as a foreign "competitor"! best, libby
No vodka, so hats off to Yuri!
We were all very impressed by him. Cheers!
Commie, pinko, Hippies!! Just wait til those North Korean firecrackers start raining down on your party hijinks!! Bet you'll be sucking vodka out the other side of your mouths... oh and by the way, haven't you heard that there are over 80 card carrying commies in congress???
We will have to celebrate tonight!
Russia- I still want to nuke'em!
Thank you everybody for your comments. I've been up to my ass in alligators with moving from my old trailer into my new(er) one, so please forgive my lack of attention here.

I was about to be upset because I missed the party
BUT SINCE you didn't even stick around to host the thing-

Now, I'll just pretend I got here in a timely fashion and all the other guests drank the bottle of vodka I brought for you.
New(er) trailer? Don't you mean Capsule?
That deserves a vodka or three in it's own right.

"Press hard landing please FRed(tm)."
sky, did you check this out?