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MAY 22, 2012 9:41AM

A Poem For Scanner

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There is,
Almost unknown to us,
A sense of balance
About life.

The abuse we give our bodies
In our younger days,
Through alcohol and drugs,
Lies in wait.

Now, in our later years,
It gleefully raises its ugly head
And, snarling meanly,
It bites us back.

Our two choices,
Endure or die, 
Almost merge into one
As we pay now for earlier sins.

We despair as we realize that
We have no way out of this corner
And all options have disappeared
Into a fog of pain.

Yet, in moments or hours,
Days or weeks,
The sun shines again for us
However briefly.

And Life itself
Presents us with some reward;
The glory of a story published or 
A poem that touches the soul of others.

And that brief beauty
Is our invitation to continue.
It is not enough;
Yet, it is.....

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aging, hurting, life, poetry of pain

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Beautiful and perfect--that's sure how it is with me.
This is beautiful, Sky, and right on the money. We have been allowed to experience older age and the pain we suffer is a constant reminder that we are, in fact, alive. When the cavalry arrives in the form of baby birds or the noisy robins bathing in my patio fountain, we are reminded that we are indeed fortunate to be alive.

Nice post - enjoyed it.

(always the contrarian) I'd like to state, however, that I disagree with Gary (commenter above) about there being "no need for regrets". Yes, there is -- own it.

There's been plenty of times in my younger days that I worked overtime at my job or went to the gym at midnight while my peers were out partying. Rewards and aches/pains result from decisions we made (and continue to make).

Regrets naturally-follow those who chose one path, as you so eloquently show in the post above.
"that brief beauty
Is our invitation to continue.
It is not enough;
Yet, it is....."

for a space of time,yes it is enough to keep the inspiration
coming back. Inspiration, of course, is inspiring, breathing

Such as scanner
breathe life into a desolate cynical void some say
is inevitable....warriors and warrior-women against
enforced inevitability are my heros/heroines.

I am not old yet, but for most of my life i have been, pre

well done , sky, for good purpose!
When you're young you think good health will last forever. That's what being young is. With age comes the wisdom and pain. But still there are blessings!
A very thoughtful and poem and a warm gesture to a friend. As my wife always reminds me, life only goes in one direction so there is no point in regrets because you can't go back and change anything. R
Regrets? I've had a few (sorry, Frank) but I know I'll die never having to say "I wish I had done...."

Nice job, Sky.
Lovely. You are a good friend, indeed.
There's both wisdom and foolhardiness in the expression, "Some of my mistakes were so good I made them more than once."
The hardest thing in life is finding the balance between the two.
Great sentiment here Sky
This couldn't be more perfect.
Live or die......tis the only options!!!

Yet it is.....
A sweet gesture, skypixieO.
You nailed it Sky. I saw a thing where kids playing football smash into one another and even though only 1% make it to the pros, it breaks up a kids body and he doesn't feel it until he gets about 40. Then the arthritis and headaches from concussions never treated start happening. Me? I did the sports thing also, but I was also in some terrible car wrecks that only a drunk lives through. JoiseyRedick should understand that there are some very hardworking kids out there, going to Harvard or elsewhere who abuse there body in ways that they will only feel when they age. Of course, he was probably wrapped in plastic bubble his entire life. Great Job Sky and thank you~
Only two choices: endure or die. That says it all, sky. Thank you for this poignant reflection.
John, thank you!

Lezlie, yes. Although we are often unsure whether our "fortune" is good or not so good.

Some good points there, my friend. Our choices are always made in light of who we are and what our experiences have been "at the moment"; how could it be otherwise?

"Glorious finishes" are much over-rated, methinks. There is also much to be said for finishes of quiet contentment.

(See also my response to Joisey Shore, below)

Your point is well taken. Yet doing all the right things is no guarantee that the desired results will be forthcoming. The regrets I have, while of no use at all to me - "The pen writes; and having writ, moves on" - they serve to remind me of what I need to try to pass on to younger generations.

Thank you! I am so pleased that someone of your poetic skills would like this.

trilogy, thankee muchly!

ccdarling, so true!

Your wife is right; regret as we will, we cannot go back and change things. We can only express those regrets to a younger generation in hopes that they will learn from our errors.

They won't, of course, any more than we learned from the generations before us, but we will try anyway and in the trying give some comfort to ourselves.

I know exactly what you mean. There is no pain in the world that can equal the feeling that makes a person look back at his life and say, "I wish I had done......." for that is the pain of life badly lived and truly wasted. It is, unfortunately for them, most often said by those who have "done all the right things" and think themselves "righteous" and entitled by their "sacrifices" to have no regrets in their waning years.

just phyllis, thank you!

Out On A Limb,
Fear not; life balances it all out whether or not we try to do so....

Thank you for your kind words!

I'm working on a third option but so far it is not going well...;-)

A choice between nip and miss page 31 holds promise though!

Poor Woman,
As a grumpy old man, sweetness doesn't come easily; it's a lot easier to just kick ass and snarl in that peculiar manner of old men everywhere and everywhen.

You and I may die in mortal pain but Joisey will die in righteous pain; I wonder if he'll enjoy that more. How galling it must be for those superior creatures among us to know that "death is very democratic" ( a quote borrowed from a new friend) and cuts down the righteous as happily as it cuts down us sinners.

Yes. I hope that one day mankind will learn to have as much respect for those who choose when it is time to die as we have for those who choose to endure. Both are valid choices in their own time and a man loses no honour by making either.

Sky,an invitation to continue and to do our best..This coming from a man as our invitation to be is excellence.I loved your work and your loving feelings!!So many rates!!!Best wishes
Read and rated with thanks for the Scanner Man, Let the "Dude" find balance to defend himself against this "Oppression" so that he may "Abide."
I started to read this looking between then under the lines and re-read it a few times.
No greater praise can I give .
The post is good as are the comments urm, interesting and some profound.

"FRed(tm) google that last word please boy.Then go back all the way to the top and lick the /r thingy. No now you insane Siamese."
Yes, indeed!
This I'd a gift.
Love the last lines particularly. "It is nit enough/yet it is." Yes.
You surely touched me.
Strong words coming from someone who knows.
As I come across your poetry, I am deeply touched and rewarded for reading your art.