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MAY 31, 2012 12:02PM

We Knew A Thing Or Two In them Days!

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Dory Previn 
 This is a beautiful allegorical poem set to music by a fantastic, though little known, artist, Dory Previn. It was a favourite in coffee houses back in "the day."
Don't let the "allegorical" throw you. The "Mythical Kings and the Iguanas" referred to are what we would call "the 1% and the 99%".
Enjoy this for its content or just for Dory's lovely voice, either way it'll enrich your day. 
And one more.....

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This was blocked for me but I recall the lovely Dori Previn.
I went to YouTube and looked this up, Sky. I am glad I did, because I don't remember ever hearing this song before. Thanks for the introduction!
Linky don't work either but I do remember Andre and Dori
That's odd. That link works for me. I'm stuck now.
Anybody know how to fix this?
I was able to view here

(can't do the hot link... sawry)

Listening again now
Thanks Tr ig, but that is a later version by her. The original is MUCH better. I'll sent you an "e" with the link. It might work better then.
What happem to your link? Yeah, it worked and seemed to be
the studio version with bass and background vocals... yeah quite different but still gorgeous. What a cool song... "going home- such a ride"
Your take on her meaning as pertains to one percent v ninety nine?
No go. I guess she doesn't want Americans to view her song. :(
Glad you posted this. Always felt for Dory Previn.
Tr ig,
I deleted that link. It was also to a later version. It's the original I wanted to post. It is done in real coffee house style. Her later work was more commercial and nowhere nearly as good.
I pulled out my old vinyl album today when I found out that she had died in February.
My gosh, I don't know why that won't play for some people. It's not because you're American because some of the folks who can play it ARE American.

Beats me......
If you go to YouTube, be sure to play the version that has an identical cover to the one I posted. That is her original album and her best one.
Tr ig & Miguela,
Does the second video play for you?
The first one was blocked for me also and I'm in Germany. I could although listen to the second one, which was quite nice. I'd never heard of her before.
The first was blocked, but the second was great. Beautiful song~
Ok, let's try this again. LOL
I got a message saying, "this video contains content from EMI, who has blocked in your country because of copyrighted material.

I also went to you tube and got the same message with a mean red faced tv! If they get their way, soon we won't be able to watch any videos of concerts, music or stage performances. All because this country is copyright crazy! They ( Congress ) just voted on a bill that would do just that. I will be glad to live in a country where they believe you have the right to watch whatever you want to!
Which just gave me an idea for my next post. Now in the making! I was able to listen to the second song at least. I'm so tired of censorship in my country, under the guise of "copyrights"!
Which just gave me an idea for my next post. Now in the making! I was able to listen to the second song at least. I'm so tired of censorship in my country, under the guise of "copyrights"!

This is driving me nuts. Let's try one more time.
Click on this link.

Let me know what happens, please.
This is a somewhat similar version. It was the last song on that album and is very like the first song which is the one I posted. This version is mixed with another song titled "Going Home Is Such A Ride" that is added to the end of Mythical Kings & Iguanas.

I hope you can open this one......

Could it be due to the fact you are Canadian and some of us are from the U.S.?
The second one plays for me, but not the 1st.....
Wonderful. Thank you.
Reminds me of Richard Thompson's ditty, "Pharaoh."
Brilliant work.
How we miss those coffee house philosophers, Sky. The first one was blocked for me too, but it's OK, there's alway YouTube.
I am sorry that I could not go the video.
I would like to follow. Thank you.

When I was in college I spent a lot of my time in coffee houses and rathskellers. bars.. Seems that drinking and music go together.