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AUGUST 25, 2012 7:26AM

Reviving The Dead - Republican Style

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N E W S _ F L A S H !!
Washington, DC, 2012: The GOP today announced that a Tea Party member has found a way to revive the dead. A list of candidates for revival is being considered by the GOP leadership who see an opportunity to bring back a great leader of the past to lead them to victory in November.
It is rumoured that the Tea Party is insisting that Adolph Hitler be the candidate chosen. The GOP apparently has no real objection to this, saying, "It's OK with us, as long as he understands that  in order to lead today's Republicans, he can no longer be such a nice guy." 

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A bit over the top but I love the punch line.
Hitler's love for military action would get him votes. But he also raised enough taxes to pay the budget -- a no-no for "true conservatives!
Wouldn't there be some minor problems regarding his not being born in the USA?
Oh- stupid me- he's white- it's a non issue.
Heck, ya can Photoshop up a birth certificate really easy!! :D
Screw Hitler, let's steal the technology and revive Jerry Garcia, and Marilyn Monroe.
How nice of you to want to revive the intelligencia of Amerikan society! That'll take care of the 'circuses' - but what about the 'bread'? As was said by a wiser man than me:

"Go, lemmings, go!"
does anyone up there in the 51st state write bout their own politics?....
Why write about the tail when we can write about the dog it's attached to? Besides, the politics of our 11th province are zanier than those up here, by far!

hahaha........well,i'm votin for the first dude that repeals taxes..............on alcohol and terbaccy....
If everyone had your good sense, Tink would be a shoo in!
Trumped (to use a somewhat-appropriate word) by Lewis Black's suggestion that Ronald Reagan be exhumed and sworn in as the next President. Black had a principle behind it; the only way to face down crazy terrorists is to be more crazy.

"Hah? You guys like killing yourselves to kill us?" we could say. "We just elected a dead guy to be President. And not only that, he tells us that the forty-seven virgins are all fat and ugly!" (Again, paraphrased from Black.)
""......the only way to face down crazy terrorists is to be more crazy.""

Yup! At least that's what the Taliban figures. I think they're beginning to understand that you can't get more crazy than 'Merikhan politicians....!
It's too bad there's no Republicans (really to speak of) in Chicago or they could resurrect all the democrat voters :-D