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NOVEMBER 2, 2012 3:00AM

Navigate A Frozen OS More Quickly...

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When you come on line and open your OS page, open a second tab and bring up your OS page in that tab too. 

Then click on a blog you want to go to. While waiting for that to come up, click on the second tab and then chose the next blog you'll want to read. Go back to the first tab that has your first choice now up.

While reading and commenting on that blog, your second choice will come up on the second tab. Once finished with the first tab, click on "View blog" to return that tab to your page.

Then go read the second blog that is waiting for you on your other tab. Keep an eye on the first tab so you'll know when you own page has come back up, then switch over to it to pick another blog to read. Switch back to the blog you were reading and continue with that while that tab brings up your next blog to read. 

Keep alternating between tabs to always have another blog waiting for you to read - or to write, when you finish one blog.   

This keeps you changing blogs as fast as you could do if the site were working properly.  

Also, if you comment on a blog, then, when you hit "Pubish" you get an "errors" page, just ignore it. Your comment WILL appear on the blog you wanted it to be on. On the errors page just click on your own blog again. It helps to keep a link to your own blog page in your bookmarks bar. 

Good luck! ;-)


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Yes! You got it right. I also go between other sites and this site. Always keeping a couple windows open as OS spins its web. It is a sad state of affairs but I haven't missed a day of posting in two years and I sure love to read folks in OS. Other sites work so quickly but there is something about OS that has a special quality I can't quite put into words. Home. maybe.
Thanks zanelle!
Your comment got me to wondering about something. I just now opened up eight tabs and clicked on one blog for each tab. The first one came up while I was setting up the rest. By the time I'd finished reading that first one ALL the rest were up; each on its own tab. Now that is pure luxury!

I take it a bit further, Sky.
I am doing all you suggest on Firefox, Google Chrome,
and Internet Explorer simultaneously.
On certain days, one or the other of them is more responsive.
It varies.
I am , alas, developing vertigo watching all the spinning.
I wonder:
do you have any suggestions on how a fellow might

Nary a one. I use a MacBook Pro with its Safari browser. I've never had any trouble at all getting my PMs - after I've waited long enough for the Inbox page to open, of course!

Are you having trouble opening your "Inbox" page? Or does that Inbox open up just fine but you can't get your messages to open up when you click on them?

If the problem is that you can't get your Inbox page to open, have you tried going to one of the other places in the "More" section and trying to access your Inbox from there? I have found that, when OS is particularly slow, after I've read someone's blog and I want to return to my page, I can often get there faster and with less "error' pages by clicking on New Post, which usually opens up fairly quickly, then clicking on "View Blog" from the New Post page instead of from the blog I was reading.

Sometimes the long way around is the short way home.... y'know?

Sky, that sounds so utterly convoluted a scheme,
I bet it will work!

As for the long way around being the short way home: i am putting that on my list of possible headstone epithets.
It's only one click more. Let me know if it works! If it does I'll get a message off to scanner and a few others who've mentioned that they too can't get their PMs.

Er..... did you mean to say "headstone epitaphs?" Or maybe, like me, you'll have epithets for an epitaph!

I do that too. While posting the comment, I am almost through with the next post. Great idea Sky~
Very clever sky. I've done the two tabs bit on occasion but never systematically. Of course, doesn't that double my claim on OS's system resources? And if everyone does it... I realize it's the sort of workaround in face of the Internet's technically worst site.
i always get those two words confused, sky,
despite my standing as a world class pseudo-intellectual!
epitaph. epithet.
i usually cover up my linguistic incompetence by saying,
"i was being creative with the language".
anyway, none of that stuff worked. i just gotta keep reloading
til my luck changes.
i suspect that at this point, a goddess is at work.
Intervening for me.
Yes, OS has made me an utter mythological pagan.
I am assuming that you can't get your "Inbox" to open and NOT that it will open but you can't get your PMs to open (I had asked about that but you didn't enlighten me).

Sooooo....... are you up for a bit of "trial-n-error"?

First lets check that your OS page is sending the right URL to OS's computer to reach your Inbox. My OS page, when I click on "Inbox", gives me this URL.....

........check it against what your URL bar has in it. If anything is missing, add it in. If anything else is in the bar, take it out.

Next, you could try, after clicking Inbox, while waiting for it to (not) come up, click on the "refresh" button at the right end of your URL bar.

Next, try deleting the URL message that comes up when you click Inbox and type in the address manually, then hit "enter" (on a PC or "return" on a mac).

Next, try entering that URL addy manually from your OS page, without hitting "Inbox" first.

Next, try entering that URL addy manually from the OS front page.

Next, try opening a number of tabs. Get your OS page up on all of them, then hit "Inbox" on all of them.

Next, take Jake out behind the barn and administer proper punishment to his nether regions until he agrees to fix this problem.... Yes, you may borrow my cane.

Good advice except for the time out I get when Mozilla identifies the delay as a disconnection... regardless of the "work arounds" we try Open Salon continues to degenerate as an accessible site. It's become nearly impossible to insert pics, much less video. I just quit while trying to publish my latest post... *Note: I gave up on trying to import pics to this post because Open Salon was just crawling... if you want to see the post in all it's glory check it out at Our Salon:

Heaven help the poor non-member schmuck who can't sign in. I've directed family and friends to my posts over at Our Salon.

One last "try". Open up Edit Account (under the More tab), then open "Profile". Where it says "Display name", erase that name and then type it in again exactly as it was before.
i got my pms after heroic effort, sky, using many of those
intuitively. cuz i know the crazier/more convoluted life gets,
the savvier i gotta get.

expect the unexpected.
like: all these beautiful anchorwomen on the cable news channels
in the daytime, then
night falls and men take over. weird.

jake needs to be what the frat boys call "initiated".
we shove him in a trunk, drive him to an undisclosed location.
give him a top of the line computer to naviagate.
if he can get on, then
we shall be schooled.
if not, he shall be shamed.
uh, i dunno, smack his knee GENTLY , man, when ya shove
him in the trunk.

If you don't SHARE with us just how you got your PMs, I know about six people who are going to join up and come over there and tan your butt for you!

This is genius.

Sheer genius.
If the server is dealing with loads badly then opening up multiple tabs, each calling the server adds additional queries and thus loads to the server.
I've tried using a dual window approach before, using either Safari or Chrome, Sky. It only helps some of the time.
For instance, today, while you guys have been having good fortune using your multi-tab capabilities, I've been kicked off the system altogether, requiring me to log back in a total of 3 times thus far.
It works, but for how many of us at one time, I'm wondering?
It also became impossible to finish editing my latest post for publication.
It begs answers to questions Open will not supply, such as why things have to be so wobbly here in the first place.
Jake may be a nice enough guy, but I doubt he can go over enough heads at Salon Corp to make any changes necessary to allow us to blog freely while handling the spam influx.
Peace, dear sir....
R for valor
my secret is, alas, reload , reload, refresh refresh til
a nice little note comes up . theni gotta respond to it, aarg.
i like my hide as it is... i aint gonna get it tanned, noway.

anyway...i uploaded this new sinister avatar!
fits my mood.
Poor Woman, traveller, etc.,

OS's system can easily handle all of us opening multiple tabs. Where its system gets overloaded is when it is used by a number of different spammer/hackers to each broadcast sports events to tens of thousands of watchers all at one time. I doubt that OS has more than a few hundred members on-line at any given time.

I also suspect that not only OS is at fault in some cases. I suspect that because it always seems to be the same members who have the greatest difficulties, while others only experience a few problems. We all, for instance, experience the slowness and the error notices. But few of us experience getting told to log in - enter our name and password - repeatedly.

I'm no expert but when certain people - but not all people - repeatedly have the same problem, I doubt that it is OS's fault entirely. I have wondered if the trouble OS suffers has caused a it of scrambling it its stored information. Could your information that OS's computer has - the info that you computer sends out for OS's computer to recognize you - have been damaged in the OS recognition files, do yo think?

That is why I suggested to James that he re-enter his log-in name.

It may also have to do with your ISP signal strength. To check that quickly and easily without downloading a signal strength checking program/gadget, you can open up a video on YouTube and while that video is playing put your pointer on it and right-click. A small window will open up with various choices. Select "Speed Test" and click on it. The video will stop playing and the speed test thingie (tech term that) will open up. You'll have no trouble using it, it is very simple to use.

If your speed isn't up to where it ought to be that might be the cause of some of your problems. There isn't much you can do about that except to raise hell with your internet provider and see if they will improve their service. I was told that their signal can erode for their customers when they have too many subscribers for their equipment to handle. I was also told by a man who had worked for Telus that Telus won't invest in better equipment for an area until they'd had a certain number of complaints about slow speeds and other difficulties. I don't know if that's true but it makes sense. Why spend millions of dollars to upgrade equipment that people aren't complaining about?

Lastly, how up to date is your equipment? Only you know that.

Best of luck to you all!

If James doesn't share how he got his PMs, the lynch mob will meet on Sunday night to pay him a visit!! Bring rope.....

AND reload again.
and refresh too!

on all servers, in many spinning rectangles.

i am dizzy from it all.
that is why i spewed HERESY tonight.
damn sc yatic damn damn nerve. ouchy ouch!

I see that James posted his method while I was typing up my last comment. I guess that means we can't have a lynching party after all (*sigh*.... we never get to have ANY fun!)

oh we can still lynch someone.
maybe jmac? the guy keeps cheating death, he says.
at least tar his hide.
I'm sure this will be really helpful on the days I can actually get into the OS site. Where I live in New Plymouth still runs on ultra slow broadband. The ultra fast connection is slowly making its way up the hill, but they seem to have stopped four blocks from my house.
I have been fiddling around with this likewise,and the error is a nuisance unless it gets the messages sent anyway.In order not to lose the message,I copy it before sending,but sometimes I forget to do this and in that case the mails are lost,though not too often.
Rated. Thanks for this -- it confirms my impression that it takes really elaborate workarounds to make reading OS a moderately pleasant experience.

Do you have any tips for saving sanity while posting? I made my first post in eons today, and just about pulled my hair out. Every step of every little edit -- uploading a photo, trying to change the font, looking at a preview -- involved a wait of indeterminate length. I spent just as long getting the thing posted as I did writing, and by the time I finished I was swearing I'd never post on OS again.
That works for me! You can hold him down, Kosh can tar him, and I'll handle the feather detail!

Dr. Bramhall,
Where I am we have the choice of "dial-up", "high speed", and "ultra-high speed" service.

Dial-up is OK if you want to send one e-mail a week.

"High speed" is the slowest broadband speed there is.

"Ultra-high speed" is available - for a price.

My combined phone - just a phone; no extras like call waiting, or answering service - and my "high-speed" internet runs me a tad over $100.00 per month. Getting Ultra-high speed internet would add about $50.00 to that, soooooo.........

I have gotten the error message on everything except when posting a new blog. I have never has a comment or a PM disappear when I get that message.

The only problem I had with posting a photo or video is that sometimes they don't show up on my page when I post them. I've found that if I hit the "refresh" button at the right end of the URL bar, my photo or video usually comes up. On the very rare occasion that it still doesn't come up then clicking on "Edit blog", going there then immediately clicking on "update" to come back to my blog page, does the trick.

I wonder how many people think their photo or video is not there when it is - just not visible until 'refresh' is clicked.

Thanks,Sky,I will try to use some of your tricks.
Rated for your inventions
Sky, my 'puter is only a few years old, and has DDR3. It is the same one I started here with. Nothing 's changed. Today was the very first day when I noticed I had to repeatedly sign in. Also, today's speed and error message issues were worse than before, perhaps as it's a Friday.
I doubt it's anything at my end. I'm not doing anything differently than before. And my ISp is a good one. It streams with ease. In fact, I have had no trouble uploading to here from Youtube, and posting pics isn't at issue, either.
Just grindingly slow speeds along with error messages.
Hope that can shed some light.

Salmon en croute?
Isn't that strange. OS has been no more slow for me than it usually is.

Remember that OS is supposed to have on file you computer's identity code. If your computer is working right it sends that code to OS's computer when you log in and possibly every time you click to change pages or blogs. If the code at OS is corrupt, then the code your computer sends might not be fully or easily recognized by that corrupt code.

That is why I suggested that you open "Edit Account", then re-enter your OS password and name. Then open up "Profile" and re-enter your OS name where it says "Display Name".

This would send all fresh information to the OS computer so that if any of the present info is corrupted you'd replace that corrupt code with fresh code.

Just a "guesswork" thought. I have no way of checking whether this is accurate.

If it is taking a long time, stopping and refreshing helps...sometimes you gotta do it a few times before it finally connects quickly (which seems to be the main issue...not enough throughput to the servers), because once you connect, the speed at which the site operates is actually acceptable.
Most of us are NOT finding that the site operates at anything that warrants the word "speed" being used. We are getting multiple "error" notices, it takes up to 60 seconds to bring up a blog page, insert a comment, etc.

I'd love to know how your are getting the site to work any better than that!

w-ever these OS backyard mechanics are doing,it's the worst ever for my end,can hardly get on,an when i do,nuthin but world will be ended/saved when x/y is elected.oh well,Xbox still works fine,good nuff....
I believe Wordsworth said it best, Sky:
Yon foaming flood seems motionless as ice;
Its dizzy turbulence eludes the eye,
Frozen by distance."

Address to Kilchurn Castle.
Then again, perhaps Milton put it better?
From beds of raging fire to starve in ice
Their soft ethereal warmth, and there to pine
Immovable, infix’d, and frozen round,
Periods of time; thence hurried back to fire.

Paradise Lost. Book ii. Line 592.
I dunno. All i know is that it is Sunday, my goddamn leg
is alternately numb and shooting sparks of pain
due to my sciatica
and i am motionless as OS.
I love this! And I'm glad I'm not the only multi-tabber! Hopefully things will get better around here, though...someday....