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NOVEMBER 3, 2012 3:50PM

Open Salon: Better After Nov. 6th?

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Does anyone else find the strange coincidence that Open Salon, an acknowledged hotbed of progressives of all stripes, has offered so much more trouble to users/members for the last couple of months; i.e. all during the run-up to the election?
Could the powers-that-be have finally twigged to the influence that the internet can have on how people vote?
Just wondering

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Brilliant supposition.
Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
Q: Who owns Salon Media Group?
Yeah, but the democrat pac groups brewed up FrankenSandy, so it all balances out
@trig: Yeah..them commy pinko evil Dems sure do know how to brew a storm by loving freedom........
When I clicked the "Most Recent" tab on the Open Salon cover page last night, it suddenly seemed clear why the site is bogged down nearly all the time lately. Nearly all of the posts are commercials for a single product, posted under a long list of obviously bogus names. Somebody has put work into a spambot that can create new accounts and post stuff in torrents.

Now, whether they actually have a hope of selling the stuff they post, or they are simply trying to gum up Open Salon so that it's virtually unusable, that's another question.
That's why I have sent most of the hot topics to FB.
I hope it helpes readers to start thinking in a mature and independent way.
Good guess,Sky.
Time for the Pirate Wimmin to motivate forces against the evil spambot crew! AAARRRRR! where is Zumalicious when we need her?
A Republican spambot.....

Think about it.
I think they use cheap gum and bailing wire to hold everything together. I told Jake, use Double Mint Gum. You get two, two, two fixes in one~
Brilliant deductions, Sky. We could have altered the election. sigh.
Not the powers that be, rather the Islamo-fascist, neo-colonial, socialist Spambots!!!
I don't believe that; I don't believe political explanations (abt anything) w.o at least some evidence beyond speculation born of frustration and an inclination to sleep w one's nite-lite on.
Well, if you don't have the ability to "Just wonder..." and categorize everything into what you believe and what you disbelieve, perhaps it's best to disbelieve....
I hear Romney sleeps with his night light on, clutching his rubber duckie..........
(His wife calls the duck "Pookie.")
I would not put it past them; we are pretty liberal around here, after all. I just hope they don't continue the punishment when Obama wins. R
Poor Woman,

Heck, my wife used to call ME Pookie!

Maybe I need to check myself..... perhaps I'M REALLY A RUBBER DUCKIE!

Widdle pookums.......
Try switching to Our Salon. Lorianne isn't one of Them.

The last major obstacle to me to using that site was the lack of a Favorites feature. There's a new feature that works sort of like Favorites - if you click on the right word (which will be self-evident) at the bottom of their blog page, you will get an e-mail every time they post. Not whenever they comment, whenever they produce a new post.