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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
NOVEMBER 6, 2012 1:12AM

They're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! (Suuuuure they are....)

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The political parties and individual politicians can be as different as night and day - or as Punch and Judy - but when they are controlled by the very same class  - the elite - they WILL follow essentially the same over-all program by dancing to the same puppet-masters' tune. Whether made of blue bricks or red bricks the structure built will be to the same final design.

Whether the Democrats merely pass laws that will allow the Republicans to establish a fascist oligarchy, while not actually doing that themselves, does NOT mean that they are against establishing such an oligarchy, just that they'll play the role of enabler rather than introducing it themselves. 

The NDAA insert, the continued use of Gitmo, the continuance of the Patriot Act, the arming of America's police forces with weapons of war - drones and tanks and more - and the failure to prosecute anyone for the criminal fraud perpetrated by major financial interests, that caused the recent economic meltdown, is a clear indication that the Democrats are NOT following traditional Democrat philosophy but have been ordered to advance a hard right set of policies AND ARE DOING SO without hesitation.

Surely no one is fooled by the Democrats introducing Obamacare and other social programs. It is pretty clear that the next time the Republicans get into power - likely 2016 - all the concessions to humanitarian ideas will be reversed by them. In fact they've openly said that they will do so.

And remember..... all those "special powers" given to the military, the cops, and the president WILL STILL BE IN PLACE when the Republicans next get control of the government. The naive idea that the Democrats and the Republicans are working toward different goals from different perspectives completely ignores what we see them actually doing. 

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Hi in the Sky!

You will wear out many pens and keyboards trying to alter the mindset of the 'Sheeple.'

You are right, of course.
Hi in the Sky!

You will wear out many pens and keyboards trying to alter the mindset of the 'Sheeple.'

You are right, of course. Rated.