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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 5:10PM

____Feeling Low? Need Some Hugs?____ (Want A Nice Cuddle?)

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Here's what happened with me:
I opened up New Post as usual, but DID NOT type in a title.
Then I clicked on the wee tree. A loooooong wait finally the little window opened up the upload thingie. I selected the photo then clicked "Upload". The window went blank. Another long wait, then the photo appeared in that window but NO insert button!
So I dragged the photo over to my New Post site and dropped it there. It stayed!
I highlighted it and clicked on the HTML button. When that opened I adjusted the width to 480 pixels, and closed the HTML window by clicking UPDATE.
Then - with still no title typed in - I clicked PUBLISH.
A warning came up to tell me that I had forgotten to put in a title, but also my photo, in full size came up.
I then typed in the title and did the text above the photo and put n the link below it in the usual way.
You see the results above.
Hope this helps you insert photos .........Sky
You can change the size of any photo in edit mode just by clicking on the image, placing the cursor on a corner tab right click and hold, then pulling or pushing that corner until you get to the size you little heart desires. No title no nothing, slam dunk. Then update the post.
That doesn't always work. I, for example, cannot stretch a photo. It might be OS's quirkiness or the fact that I use a mac; I don't know. I find it simplicity itself to just alter the number of pixels of width inn the HTML code. That ALWAYS works and gives you the exact size you want up to 485 pixels (full width on OS)

I could use one, brother!

Yeah! Me too! She looks extraordinarily competent too, don't you think?!