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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
NOVEMBER 16, 2012 3:58PM

Hate The System? Want To Change It? Here's How!

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There's worse systems out there!!
Easier said than done, but if enough folks start to invest time and money in sustainable energy and go off the grid, I think things might evolve in a positive way. Might not be a new economy but it certainly would be different. R&R ;-)
I just got a copy of my town's ordinances. I wonder how they are set up for something like this.
I heard that in Spain, as part of the protest, they decided NOT to buy anything. Brilliant. Tell the grocer down the street you're just not buying right now. That's the solution?!
[r] sky, lambert at correntewire has a great platform in only 12 words:

1. Medicare for All

2. End the Wars

3. Tax the Rich

4. A Jobs Guarantee

Of course, my Green friend Jill Stein was fully committed to all four.

best, libby
until you get democracy, you have nothing.

when you have citizen initiative, you can act. till then, just talk.
Worse than what?!

That's only a rather small part of it. Having a wholly sustainable energy system that is operated by 'for profit' corporations that charge an arm and a leg for energy is of little benefit to the population.

Everything - and I MEAN everything - that is required by the majority of the population ought to be owned by that population so that it can be run for the benefit of the population and for no other reason. See also my response to libby, below.

It would be nice if towns, villages, cities, etc., were set up for this; but they aren't. All these co-operative ventures were put together by ordinary people - not governments. Government only gets involved once people get it going.

I'd be interested to hear where you heard that? Also in hearing just what "anything" comprises. Does that include food, medicine, transportation, water, electricity, sewage & garbage disposal, and other necessities?

Once again you have it exactly right. The problem, of course, is that people have been conditioned to think that they CAN'T govern themselves, and MUST delegate the job of doing so to "authorities" even when those same authorities have been shown, over and over, to use the authority vested in them to their own personal advantage instead of to the benefit of the people whom they ostensibly serve.

People have been brain-washed into absolute belief that "electing" one of those whose candidacy has been anointed by the powers behind the scene, is "democracy." I think I'll begin using the term "participatory democracy" to distinguish the kind that has all citizens involved in it from the kind where the citizens are only allowed to chose a representative from among those the political parties put forward; not one of whom has any interest in serving the needs of those who elect him.

More band-aids!

Let's look at that "great platform" for a minute.....

1) You have Medicare for All right now. All you lack is the money to pay the horrendous cost of it. What you need is affordable Medical care for All - preferably at no cost to the individual for each treatment but as a social service available to all. This means a publicly owned and operated Health service.

But let's not kid the troops here, there is no such thing as "free" medical care. Medical care is expensive! Somebody has to pay for it. You either do that individually or co-operatively. We, in Canada are thought to have 'free' medical care. Have you looked at the taxes we pay to cover the cost of it?

Our 'tax freedom day' is June 26th of each year right now. That means that every dime we earn from January 1st to June 26th equals all the taxes we pay for the year. Do you think you could convince the average American to pay 50% of his income in taxes?

2) America cannot end the wars and have the government not fall. There are no jobs in America as it is. What do you think would happen if a couple of hundred thousand young, healthy men and women came home expecting to find a job? Not 'average' men and women but trained, disciplined, warriors? You'd have a bloody ORGANIZED revolution in a week, not just some rabble shouting in the streets and calling itself OCCUPY. .

And then nobody would have jobs - except the 'job' of raw survival. 80% of the population would die during the first two winters if the infrastructure upon which everyone depends is brought down.

3) Taxing ANYONE is ultimately a losing game so long as the banks have control of the money. If the government took back control of the money no taxes would be necessary. The government would introduce new money to pay for its needs and the banks would be reduced to being what they essentially ought to be; mere guardians of people's money and bookkeepers. No bank ought to be allowed to lend more than it has in assets. No bank ought to be in charge of creating the money the society needs. This is for the society to do. And to control.

4) Jobs: He has it wrong. People don't need jobs. What people need is income. In our wage-slave economic system, jobs are almost the only way that average people can earn an income. But the super rich don't have "jobs". They collect huge fortunes from owing shares in corporations.

Those corporations are able to provide those large dividends for their share-holders because of the workers who do all the work for less pay than that work is really worth and who buy the goods and services provided by the corporations.

Now, if a small segment of our society can get their income from owning shares instead of working as wage-slaves, why on earth can't everybody?!

Shouldn't everybody own shares in profitable corporations? Aren't WE the ones who create that wealth? Aren't WE valuable parts of the system in which that wealth is created? Why are we only given enough to stay alive to work another day? Where the fuck is OUR share of the wealth we create?

Y'know Libby, if we all shared equitably in the wealth, created by our society, we'd not need all these "social services" that are in place to help the needy - there'd BE no needy. EVERYONE would have an income based upon the success of our society's corporations.

And all we need to do is end the inheritance of great un-earned wealth by the progeny of the wealthy share owners. All those shares should be put into a pool when their owners die, and shared up among the children born into the society. Every child would - from birth - be a share owner. The shares and the money they earn should be kept until the child reaches age 20. Then EVERY child gets his birthright - that left to him by ALL the people who came before him.

With that inheritance he can then prepare himself for any life that he choses. Educate himself in anything. Follow an interest in fine arts - dance, theatre, painting, writing - all those things that so enrich the lives of everyone. Be a carpenter or auto-mechanic, anything he wishes.

No longer would some young people who have a desire, and the ability, to go into medicine, for instance, be left punching a time clock in some grubby factory, afraid to lose their job lest they not be able to make the rent on a miserable, cheap apartment.

The society wouldn't need all sorts of government agencies that try to make the employer treat his workers fairly and work in safe conditions. Nobody would be broke. The employer would have no leverage. Every doggone person working there could easily and happily walk out the door if conditions weren't tops. Walk out the door and suffer no penalty!

And that, my dear Libby, would be the end of wage-slavery. Employees would become valued members of the company with a voice equal to that of management.

Well, enough of this for now. How do you like it so far?

They say we became fully human around the time of the last ice age, sky.
When environmental changes made it necessary for us to use our clever primate brains to make advances in the culture we had at the time, which may very well have continued for hundreds of thousands of years without the impetus. The challenge.

I fear we are not going to change in any big way---though incrementally there will always be memes thrown into the future, before their time---until the climate shifts again. Hints and portents of what it’ll be like are piling up…and when the Age of Environmental Apocalypse comes, I can only hope it is not too late to upend our political prejudices, which , hardly sacred, are simply expedient for their times.
I don't know what is meant by "fully human". Mankind is, as with all living things, subject to continual evolutionary change. If you check out the stats you'll find that the average American is now about 4 inches taller than the pilgrims who first came here.

If you're waiting for an environmental apocalypse, don't hold your breath. The planet has been warming up for about 17,000 years in this cycle (it's done this about 5 to 7 times already since it formed) and I expect it'll continue to do so in its usual fits and starts for quite some time. We'll adapt. Or we won't. Who knows?

Of course thats if our looming social/economic crisis doesn't do us in first. That could take out about 80% of us North Americans in the first two winters.

I don't hold out much hope of us wising up much. If enough of us die perhaps we'll do things differently. But again...... don't hold your breath.