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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
NOVEMBER 26, 2012 12:39AM


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Each person must walk His own path in life.

Some walk with the many;

Some walk with the few;

Some walk alone.


I do not disrespect those

Who walk in the company of many,

Nor those who walk with the few.

Yet my own path has ever been

To walk alone.


To tread no path where others tread.

To lead not, nor to be led.

To let no person say me nay;

To say nay to no other.

I walk the path that’s not.


The price I pay is loneliness

And it is paid full willing.

I would not have it otherwise;

It is my food, my air, my very life,

To walk alone.....but walk!

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Well said. How to be oneself among others, independent yet at one, to seek community but abhor conformity -- it's an often lonely path as you say but the only one worth taking.
Our paths are very similar. Therefore you have company.

"If thou wouldst get a friend, prove him first and not be too hasty to credit him " - Ecclesiasticus

Wonderful! I am a firm believer in solitude - and walking. I know some prefer the road "not taken." I prefer to make the "taken" road my own. /R
I'm not sure if I chose it or if it was chosen for me, but here's me waving from my path.