Eschew Obfuscation - Espouse Elucidation

Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
NOVEMBER 28, 2012 4:05PM


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We Is Friends copy copy



 Me and You is friends

You smileI smile…

You hurtI hurt…

You cryI cry…

You boycott Open Salon

I gonna miss your blogs and comments.

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:( We is friends!! I no boycott Salon, no boycott Our, still both places, but Salon gets my donkey posts! They the best!! :D
Lovely pic, Sky. I'm still around too :-)
Still log on here whenever I can, Sky. But it's just so damned frustrating. Only a handful of good bloggers like you and Tink are still around. Who needs the aggro of incessant IT problems?
Hi sky! I'm here too.
Posting and commenting on lorianne's nifty Our Salon is a pleasure and I'd recommend it to anyone.

BUT boycotting Open Salon is just mean spitefulness. I will forever think less of those who have participated in the boycott of OS. It isn't necessary and it serves no purpose. Other than to encourage a bunch of sheeple to get together and do what any one of them could have done on his own at any time since Our was set up.

As I did. As a good few others did. Without any boycott. Without holding hands and following a wanna-be leader of dubious ability to lead himself, let alone others....

I'm proud to have you folks comment on my blogs. I love gutsy people and ya gotta admit that bloggin and commenting on OS is not for the weak of fortitude!

I agree with your position. Children will be children.

I have been experimenting with Facebook for a few month now.

The posting, commenting and notification of comments is nearly instantaneous. Perhaps, Open Salon could learn from Facebook.

Hi, Sky. Interestingly, my last post, Sally & Max, only got two people to notice it on Our Salon, yet has 12 rates here with 7 people commenting. I'm never going to break records, but this does make me think.
Hey you! Have been off OS for what seems like eons, ok it has been eons but life has it's priorities. I didn't know there was a "boycott" going on although the front page could have been an indication when I signed on. To serve what purpose? And it will change OS because.......they can't live without us?
Problem is one (or at least I) can't get into Open Salon much of the time.
Understood Con. I was having the same issues before as well. But....common sense tells me that if there was a "feasible" fix, be it based on coding or finances, it would be initiated. I can't see why OS would still be available for usage if they had intentions of closing the door or intentionally aggravating it's core writers.
I think we all need this picture just now. Especially ... just now ...

See Jake's recent message.....

If you're not part of the herd it doesn't notice you - if you are, nobody else does......



I go in through SALON. That (usually) works.


Not mine. Sent to me by a friend. Only last two lines of caption is mine.


Right again!

Glad you liked it!
@ ThroughMyEyes if I may, Sky : OS has no regard for writers, core or otherwise. It exists for advertising. That we could use it has been great, I think.
Right up to the point where it becomes unusable.
The pretence of Jake calling himself an Editor has been particularly galling, but one I was willing to overlook in order to stay in touch with friends here.
His latest missive reads to me pretty much like one who has given up the pretence, even.
Eventually even the advertisers will see it's money down the drain.
My ad today on this page ( in Australia ) is for iTunes. These aren't stupid people. Eventually they will leave, and Open Salon will close.

I like that Lorianne's policy is NO advertising, just membership support, and it seems to work.
OS, despite constraints of capital, expertise, attempts by spammers to use it for their own purposes, and other factors of which we know nothing, continues to survive. It has, in the last two weeks, even managed to improve somewhat.

I have to laugh at those who think Jake should keep us up on what management is doing to combat those organized spammers. Do they think that the spammers can't read?! Put it all up here for US to read means the spammers would know what to expect. Somehow I can't think that would be the brightest move Jake could make.

I have every confidence that OS will recover and go on as before. And if not? Well lorianne has prepared a terrific lifeboat for anyone who cares to go there.

Oh, and the site that Our Salon is built on is vastly different from Open Salon's. Comparing the two is like comparing prime bud with oak leaves...... ;-)
Sky, if I had your confidence I'd be an investor.

But I don't, and I can't.

3 years of posts are all these folk are going to get from me, and at about half a million hits I reckon they've done pretty well.
No more posts, but I'll be around to read, and to comment.

I hope the others feel likewise, eventually. There is still good stuff here.
We can get oak leaves? Awesome!! :D
Oh. Well. I suppose that if you look at it that "they got something" from "you".......

I always felt that I got a place to rant and rave and blather on about anything that interested me..........

Not to mention getting to befriend some VERY interesting people. And read some terrific writing - most of which was not by "published" authors - but by regular folk like "Spike The Chicken" and "Scanner" and "Zuma," and "Tr ig", and "Tink", and "Dr. Bramhall", and "Libby", and "Ted" to name just a few out of dozens.

I just cant get in a snit because they weren't wise enough to avoid getting hit by a massive spam producing organization.

Best to you......;-)