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NOVEMBER 30, 2012 7:46PM

Friday Thoughts

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Friday Kitten


All the "great concerns" of my younger years have been dealt with... or not, depending on how life unfolded. I have learned that strawberries will be sweet and lemons sour whether I attend them or not. Also that my own most strenuous efforts cannot hold back a tide nor empty a sea.

  My ego has suffered as my place in the universe became clear and the sun & moon have continued in their orbits without asking my leave. As a "Master of The Universe" I am a total failure; but now I am old enough to know that it is better this way.

I saw the sun rise this morning...

I saw the moon rise this evening...

I have, at day's end, a sip of fine cognac for my coffee.

I have enjoyed my bowl of rice...

I have life...

I have a few valued friends...

It is enough.

Now, in my 71st year, I am content.





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Every day you awake is a good day.....rated, my friend!!!
You said it, good buddy!
Good thoughts. Perhaps, the universe is unfolding as it was meant to be.

Thoughts for holding ...
You have grasped the essence of life.